TRUTH WINS: Which side are we on? Truth is not the enemy, so this post will give us some practice confronting reality. So it deals with a reality we’d rather deny by gathering some thoughts on an unpleasant probability: hunger in America, & starvation globally for the underclass. The global trend is already here as shantytowns spread; and the elite increasingly see the underclass masses as superfluous people. War & sickness enhance starvation…People in the intel community predict the likelihood of a nuke exchange in the next decade, and our military (thanks to places like Ft. Detrick has stockpiled countless agents that can/will unleash diseases on entire populations.

SCARCITY IS SCARY, but DEJECTION IS NOT THE SOLUTION. There is hope in the Almighty, & the wisdom He provides. The prophet Amos’s times parallel our own. There was a famine in the land for God’s word, for righteousness & love of the truth. This spiritual famine resulted in physical famine. But God’s judgment was to bring His people to where they could again be blessed. He says they will again “plant vineyards, & drink the wine thereof; they shall also make gardens, & eat the fruit of them.” AMOS 9:14 America has made their belly their god. The U.S. military has even discussed deploying to insure that the third world gives us a steady flow of resources. Still this Belly god is going to be humbled.

PAST TRUTHS. Famines have often been the result of policies, for instance, the English exported vast amounts of food from Ireland, when they had their terrible “Potato Famine”. Likewise in ‘32-33, when Ukrainians began to agitate for independence from Russia, Stalin crushed the rebellion by exporting vast quantities of food from the Ukraine & killing 5 million Ukrainians by starvation. Likewise, we are going to see policies in place that result in starvation for groups. Futurist John M. Gowdy wrote something that caught my full attention, “One lesson to be learned from history of past civilization is that political pressure from elites bent on preserving their power at all cost will inevitably result in perpetuating unsustainable systems until it is too late, that is, until environmental degradation leads to social disintegration.” I say it a different way, “Evil contains the seed of its own destruction.”

LIVING THE TRUTH. There are uncommon edibles that can be used. I love making recipes/salads with Dandelions. (Certain ones are fun to eat.) If we go to Famine Foods Web Site we learn about such edible things as: Jap. Maple leaves, Forsythia leaves made w/ oil & salt. The Amish communities have been thriving during our present economic downturn. They actually practice some key things that could be part of the solution to these upcoming times of starvation. (I refer to them because I recognize the benefits of some things that they do…I’m not promoting any religious denomination over another one.) American households are not productive & self-reliant like they could be by: gardening, cooking from scratch, sewing, canning, creating homemade entertainment, raising hens and having community. Heritage seeds are vital. While the scarcity of food will be a global problem, the answer will be local. Neighborhoods & communities need more cooperation: creating volunteer mechanisms, helping each other out, and getting rid of our dependence upon big brother govt. Care of the kids, sharing community tools, and many other ideas could help blunt the severity of the coming famine. The upcoming stresses, on the other hand, could cause social disintegration, every man for himself. Speaking of the self, the Amish have an identity, and a value of self. Our society, with growing numbers of programmed DIDs, pluralistic society, indoctrination in the schools against both fixed beliefs & having a self-identity has our culture seriously crippled if/when a crisis hits. A person with a good fixed sense of identity, especially one in Christ, will deal with these days of famine better.

This has been my reflections upon the looming days of famine when our dollar crashes, and how we could pull together to lessen the difficulties.


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