Diamond boys & girls are t.b. mind controlled slaves that service top military brass & sign “contracts” to “serve their country”. The main way they “serve their country” is sexually servicing these perverted officers. They are flown out of Air Force bases, for instance, Diamond Kids fly out of so. Calif’s March ARB (what was the Strategic Air Command Base during the Cold War) and Edwards AFB (home of the Air Force Test Ctr.). They are drugged, programmed & lied in order to cloud their dissociative minds about these trips. The alters are told they are taken by saucers & spaceships, & their sense of time is distorted during the trips.

ALIENS & THE AIR FORCE. U.S. Air Force bases are used a lot for the trauma-base mind control, incl. some of the bases have hi-tech programming equipment. The Air Force was assigned to deal with the subjects of Flying Saucers & aliens…in part because the UFO phenomena was a cover for their own secret anti-gravity craft. Someone in DARPA got the brilliant idea that normal people (who are instinctively afraid of reptiles) would become frozen in fear if the World Order did a social engineering project to convince people to think the elite are all reptillians. The Diamond Kids are programmed to see some of their handlers as shape-shifting reptillians. I discovered in working with the mind-control, and with many people with “alien” experiences, that by & large most of the “alien” aspects were faked. But, there did seem to be a chilling thread of reality to a small part of it. The full & exact reality behind all this alien stuff is beyond me knowing for certain, but one thing…most of it is faked or what Christians would call demonic spirits.

DEMONIC SPIRITS. A large part of the programming is just old fashioned witchcraft. All the old elements of high level occultism are masterfully integrated into the mind control of the poor child victim. For instance, using crystal balls on the slave. Allow me to discuss the value of crystal balls…Solomon when he flipped into being the world’s star Satanist summoned 72 powerful demons & placed them in a special bottle. These powerful demons incl. Ashtaroth, Asmodeus, Bel and princes of the cardinal points Corson, Goap, & Zimimay. These are invoked by using a circle & triangle. Modern magicians use this triangle called the Triangle of Art inside the magic circle to summon demons. They place a Crystal Ball in the center of the Triangle of Art and write Jehovah on the triangle’s three sides. Demon possession is part of the mind control for the Diamond children. Back up programs are called “Ghost curses” or “Ghost rods”. Remember, there were territorial demons described in the Bible, so the same kind of thing appears in the programming experiences of the m.c. slaves. Speaking of triangles…

MILITARY PROGRAM STRUCTURES. One of the sciences of the MPD m.c. programming is how to create structures upon which the alters (& mental fragments) can be built into systems transforming brokenness into a usable human robot. While they are being traumatized they are referred to as “Diamonds in the Rough”. The Diamond Kids have military type MPD programming, and will have internal structures based on geometric shapes & math: lines, angles, degrees, triangles, squares, circles and stars. My Solemetric structure shown on pg. 196 of the Formula book is an example of this. Let’s say the child sees something that looks like two pieces of pepperoni pizza pt. to pt. These then can be reframed as an hour glass. The pt. is this…structures within the overall pattern can be manipulated and reframed into other items. Like a transformer toy, things can transform.

Originally, emeralds represented the slave working with drugs, the rubies meant prostitution, and the diamonds meant high level sexual use—i.e. taking care of the leaders, like generals or senators. But there are some additional meanings to the use of diamonds with the Diamond kids! The diamonds are sold or used for games. People are able to buy a diamond at an auction. People are also able to play games where they mine the diamond rather than buy it. Of course the diamond is a sexual alter…and the programmers are still using the same kind of sexual programming & terminology that was being used when I wrote those 3 books on the trauma-based m.c. in the mid-90’s. For instance, a Red-Diamond Queen will be a teenage alter who has a file of 12 child alters under her to help her. Typically, in the older systems, which I would assume continues, there will be 13 queens, each having 12 child alter helpers. The entire sexual level then consists of 169 alters. They give these Queens standard Wizard of Oz remove-the-heart programming, so they think they have no heart.

MY BOOKS ARE NOT OUT OF DATE…DISCUSSING SOME OTHER FEATURES. Many of the items discussed in the Formula & its sequel Deeper Insights will also still apply to today’s new generation of Diamond Kid sexual slaves. They will have dehumanized Gatekeeper alters (often with mask programming). They will have certain alters feeling rejected as homeless orphans. They will have Shadow Alters & Protector alters. They will have internal computers, clocks, a world clock & hour glasses. They will use a bookmark feature for a previous handler to be able to get re-access. This feature may be how they are able to sell the diamonds…the buyer is given some special unique access to his diamond. One Diamond Child alter job title not mentioned in my books is the caretaker alter which is a “key holder”. I believe I mentioned keys in the books, but not the title key holder (aka “caretaker”). This matches the first Matrix movie (which is part programming) where they have to visit the Key maker. One can also anticipate the children have solar systems, boxes, firewalls and castles. Some of the same programming methods…such as using auditoriums on Air Force bases with mats with floor patterns to build internal worlds apparently are still being used. Clone programming…albeit upgraded…is still being used. Delta programming assoc. with umbrellas is still being used. Also anticipate a symbolic language…like the Intergalactic symbols on pg. 248 of my Formula book to be used. What catches my attention is that the mind control programming of the teenagers today has lots of resemblances to what was being done in the ‘90s…so the information in my books is not out of date.


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