Using the Internet to advocate for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Do you have a passion for justice?? The power you can have from the Internet is so powerful it can flip your apathy to action. The purpose of this post is twofold, first to provide a venue for readers to share e-tactics on the thread, and secondly to increase our awareness of how we can use cyber tools to advocate for righteous goals. In this information age, we can prevent the PTSNB from stifling us from the truth, while hindering the e-mechanisms that they use to manipulate & control.

VICTORIES. You have already seen how the Internet has awakened a vast army of individuals this last decade. A student began the Free Burma Coalition website. His efforts ended up w/ international corporations cutting back on their investments in Burma & the U.S. State Dept. paying more attention to the human rights abuses. Another example is Jonah Peretti’s battle with Nike over their Asian slave labor. In 2001, Nike advertised personalizable shoes, so Jonah online asked for his to be customized with the word “sweatshop”. Nike refused to personalize (label) the shoes with that word, so an email exchange began. Jonah asked for their criteria for rejection, and it came back with things like no profanity. But “sweatshop” met none of their criteria for rejection. Finally, Jonah went public with the email debate. The email correspondence spread worldwide quickly in hours. Nike had a PR nightmare overnight.

ANOTHER VICTORY IN BURMA. I quote from the site Internet Activism (Wikipedia) which has an entire article on this subject: “One of the most recognizable…success stories of digital activism is from the movement that occurred in Burma. The Facebook group “Support the Monk’s Protest in Burma” was one of the few outlets for the activists. As Burma has been living under military rule since 1962, citizens, journalists, and activists have been murdered and threatened. This activity went by unnoticed by the rest of the world until ‘antigovernment protests erupted once again but this time it was significantly harder to prevent acts of witness bearing because a small group of Burmese sent photos and videos from inside Burma to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) via File Transfer Protocol, a standard network protocol used to exchange files over the Internet.’ Through this act, thousands of people ‘became aware of the protests.’ People joined the “Support the Monk’s Protest in Burma” Facebook group, which helped “to widely distribute documentary images, videos, and photos all across the Web.”

E-TACTICS. It can start with learning how search engines work & finding high traffic key words to help your web site get more visibility. Convergence locations for protests can be placed on the Internet. The net is in part designed for networking, and it does a great job. (But take note, experience has shown that face-to-face meetings build more trust which is also essential.) The April, 16th WTO Wash. D.C. protest was organized . To protest the WTO, their web servers were overwhelmed & fake web sites were designed to redirect people. The www was hijacked w/ www dot Then in Nov. ’99 the WTO servers were hacked & disabled. More benign methods are simply networking people together with information (in other words reclaiming the media for the awake community) and letters of protest (which can be fill in the blank emails or snail mail). Emails are quick & free, but they don’t have the impact that snail mail still has. Internet protests need no hierarchy & they spread at Internet speed. An example of a group that began in ’98 fighting toxins (and is still in the battle) is the Scorecard group. They began as & now their home page A collective identity is not needed for collective Internet action for change. However, speaking of identity…if my friend Drew Lamb is reading… it occurred to me that your Republic of Jefferson could provide people w/ online application/approval for citizenship, passports & national ID. Not all Americans live inside our borders, why should Jeffersonians?…I am sure many people would want to become citizens when they understand the concepts of the Republic. Create a virtual country!

GOVT. E-TACTICS. As you know, those in the Awake community get hit by trolls, spam & computer crashes. I know from insider reports these things are part of the program against us. Because corporations were gathering so much info on people by the Internet Clinton enacted a Federal program to create an encryption chip—the craziness of Clinton’s law was he gave the job to the NSA to create the Clipper Encryption Chip…obviously making the Clipper Chip worthless for anyone worldwide to want to use for privacy!! During the Kosovo conflict, an Amer. smart cruise missile hit the Chinese embassy. The denials by the U.S., which were unbelievable to thinking humans, caused the Chinese govt. to launch a cyber attack on U.S. govt. web sites. They placed worms which went through the govt.’s computers emplacing anti-Amer. messages. They also attacked sites to take them down; over 330 govt. websites got seriously hit.

DO IT URSELF. If you are a gay Jewish Black who wants to join the KKK, and they won’t let you into their meetings, you can go to online KKK chats and monitor their discussions.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Some of my readers are already doing You Tubes, podcasts, & other tools of the Internet. You know firsthand how quick, global and interactive it is. We have a resource that greatly empowers the common person—even if you are disabled and wheelchair bound. Everyone feel welcome to contribute links or tips on the thread below to help us use this great resource while we still can!!


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