In part one, we learned how the Cutha Priests of the infernal Lord of Hell called Nergal (Satan) were given the land of Israel by the Assyrians when they removed the 10 tribes of Israel. The Cutha priests (descendants of Cush) became the Samaritan people, who in turn were the people who produced the father of Gnosticism (& all the subsequent Gnostic groups), the magician Simon Magus.

About 1,000 yrs. after Simon Magus, these same Cutha descendants were part of the genetic stock (they’d mixed some) as well as the inspiration for a new Gnostic movement in the Lebanon-Syria region. Hakim, 6th Fatimite Caliph, who was a tyrant similar to Hitler, Stalin & Pol Pot began to reign in Egypt for 25 yrs. He created the Grand Lodge of Cairo known in Arabic as Dar ul Hikmat (House of Knowledge) in 1004 A.D. with a Gnostic initiate system. He believed he’d had intercourse w/ god and become an incarnation of divinity. When he announced these ideas in Cairo at a mosque, the people were outraged, & his right hand man Darazi fled to Lebanon, where the descendants of Cutha lived. In 1016 A.D. Darazi introduced these people to Hakim’s prideful claims, which they accepted.

THE START OF A GNOSTIC SECRET SOCIETY. By combining Hakim’s claims to Gnosticism & Philosophy & creating this into a system of initiation, a secret society, the Druze religion was started. They called it Unitarianism… in Arabic they are “al-Mawahhidin” (the Unitarians). Members are allowed to make a fake outward confession of whatever religion is dominant in the area. The highest initiated are the Akils, the lower level initiates are Jahels, and the non-initiated (the profanes) are called Blacks. The secrets of their secret society are not allowed to be revealed to the Blacks (profanes). They secretly do blood sacrifices of goats. It is said that they keep an image of a calf & do phallic/female sexual organ worship. Thursday evening & Friday’s daylight is their Sabbat. The Grand Lodge of Cairo’s 9 degrees were condensed into 3, but it seems somehow they keep the nine, because at the 7th degree they are taught dualism, and at the 9th the “truths” of the gnostic cult. The Druses now number 1 million w/ members in Syria, Lebanon, Israel & Jordan. There are also 125,000 of them in Venezuela, and something like 43,000 in the U.S. Their gnostic beliefs are syncretic, and in these times, they await for their founder’s return at the end of a period of tribulation, when Hakim will conquer the world & rule it.

KNIGHTS TEMPLARS, MASONS & THE ILLUMINATI. Hakim’s Grand Lodge of Cairo not only est. the Druze secret society, they also created the Hashishiyn (known as the Assassins) and the Roshaniya. Sufism had been created earlier by the same flow of energy. There is a flow of energy from these groups into the Alumbrados (early Spanish Illuminati) who created the Jesuits. When the Knights Templars (assoc. w/ the Illum.’s holy bloodline) were in Palestine, it is reported that they were in contact with both the Assassins & the Druzes. Sufism came into Scotland in the 1300’s. The Knights Templar came to Scotland in 1308 after the persecution started by Pope Clement V & King Philippe. Albert Pike says in his discussion of the liturgy for the Scottish Rite’s 22nd degree that it comes from the secret knowledge of the Druses. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry relates the Druse’s genetics back to the Cuthites & Kurdish Yezidis & Mardi Arabs, as well as on p. 247 saying the Templars had relations with the Druses. A surviving split off of the Assassins went east towards India, are called Nizari, and have as their leader the world famous (& very rich billionaire & Freemason) Aga Khan. Currently, we have the 4th Aga Khan alive, whose sect also awaits the return of the Mahdi. There is no question that these historical Gnostic-Satanic groups incl. the Assassins have been studied by the modern Illuminati.

QARMATIANS. Another Shi’I group that were a mystical syncretic group nominally viewed as Islamic were the Qarmatians who are now extinct. In 899 A.D. they est. a religious “utopia” that used tens of thousands of slaves. Besides being violent in a revolutionary way, they were vegetarians. In 930 A.D. their armies sacked Mecca & Medina and ran off with the Muslims’ Kabah Black Stone which they ransomed back to the leaders of mainstream Islam. In 927, they threatened to take the Islamic capital Baghdad, and extracted tribute from its caliph. They enjoyed killing tens of thousands of Hajj pilgrims on their annual trip to Mecca. Most of this mystical group died out within a century, and it is thought that a few may have survived in the Qatif area into the 1330’s. So they have become merely a historical sidenote.

MODERN ISLAMIC LEADERS. In 1899, the Egyptian Boutros Pasha signed the treaty setting up Egypt as a British colony. He was both in the Grand Lodge of London’s Freemasonry as well as a Grand Orient Freemason. He was Egypt’s foreign minister, and in 1908 became Egypt’s Prime Minister, and was assassinated in 1910. Years later, his grandson Boutros-Ghali (also tied to Br. & Fr. Freemasonry), after being Egypt’s deputy prime minister, went on to become the U.N.’s Secretary General. While he headed up the U.N., a population reduction conference for the U.N. was held in Cairo, and he personally supported Illum. agendas worldwide in places like Bosnia & Croatia, South Africa & Rwanda. In Rwanda, he allowed over a half million people to die…which is great if you are trying to aid the Illum.’s policy of genociding useless eaters. I can’t help remembering the words of the U.K.’s Prince Philip (quoted in Aug. 1988 by the German press) “In the event I am reborn, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” Illum. mmbr. Henry Kissinger in a NSC document in 1974 said that the U.S. had a strategic interest in population reduction, & that population growth is a threat to the U.S. Considering that Satan is described as coming to “kill & destroy”, we can see that his followers continue his goal. The Order of Nine Angles ONA Satanic group that I mentioned yesterday has an affiliated group in Egypt, and they regularly in all their meetings (at “temples”) sacrifice a human by beheading. They perform a Black Mass. The official literature of the ONA openly says they practice human sacrifice & pedophilia. (They don’t mention that they do Illum. total trauma-based mind control—which might not help recruitment.) According to a cult member wanting out…Bin Laden, and some other Muslims have participated in their satanic meetings. Like the Druses, the ONA’s official policy is that “A Satanist is a chameleon—someone who adapts and blends into their surroundings.”


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