Touched when the Spirit Moves 5 JUN 2013

Touched when the Spirit Moves. (Also I will be scarce the rest of June.)

Every now & then an alarmed brother or sister in Christ asks me why they don’t experience miracles on a frequent basis, if at all. I reassure them that generally speaking, this is not cause for alarm, for the Spirit goes & moves as He wants; the Spirit of God is not a vending machine that we put in a demand & receive our wish. Many people rarely experience miracles.

Yet, today may be the day that it happens. There was a man who went to the Pool of Bethesda looking for a miracle. The pool was the Biblical equivalent to Lourdes which receives 3 million pilgrims per year. The “Sheep” pool is still there in Jerusalem, and had colonnades on 4 sides and a stairway in the corner. (By the way this trapezoidal pool is also thought by some to have had other names like ISA 8:6: Pool of Siloah & Pool of Siloam). And one day the angel did stir the water, but the man could not make it to the pool & again missed his miracle,…yet that day Yahoshua gave the man the miracle he had patiently waited for.

There is a tradition that says that the miracles of the Pool began with Immanuel’s birth nearby in Bethlehem. Zechariah 13:1 has a messianic prophecy, “In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and uncleanness.” At any rate, this disabled man w/ atrophied limbs (whose story is in John 5) needed a friend because the Angel of the Lord would come and stir the water & the first one in the pool would be healed. And it may be that you are needing a friend, and some helper will randomly show up to bless your life too. The Angel may do a random stirring of waters in your life too. Various people have shared their stories to me of what must have been an angel rescuing them.

We also can place ourselves in the position of being an angel, like Christ did. Once on a hot summer day, I stopped on the highway where an elderly couple were stranded in the heat with a new car. I walked up to them & asked, “What’s wrong?” He said, “The car just stopped.” I said, “Pop the hood….Turn the key!” It started right up. From their perspective I was angel who had touched their car and miraculously fixed it. He said, “You’re an angel aren’t you?” “No,” I replied. But later I reflected & realized, perhaps I was indeed God’s instrument, and in that sense had indeed been used by Him, simply because I made myself available! I did nothing but make myself available for the Spirit. And if I can be used, so can you!! In fact, many of you are being used by Him in noteworthy ways!

Some of you have reflected that my posts were inspired. I have certainly also felt that way, for at times I feel an inspiration hit me to share something that day, and am amazed what comes forth. And so I realize that my next few words will make some of you sad…I will be very busy for the rest of this month, and don’t expect to post anymore messages for this month. Starting in July, I will make myself available for radio interviews. I already have half a dozen requests or more, so if you want me on your radio show, get with me towards the end of June & let’s see if we can arrange a compatible appointment. The Lord watch over you while we are absent from one another.

I don’t expect to be online much the rest of this month, so have patience with me if you send me a message or email. I appreciate all the prayers that people give on my behalf, for I deal with the same issues that everyone else deals with, which is actually good, because heavenly Father wanted me to be able to empathize with those I communicate with. We are in this together. My love to all of you, stay healthy and don’t let the world rob you of your joy.


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