TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL: info & ideas on occult infant programming. This post is an attempt to add some helpful ideas for therapists who deal with trauma based mind control. It will deal with what is done to the child prior to splitting its mind. Of course, any accurate knowledge of child development is going to be used for evil purposes by the programmers, for instance the knowledge of those sensitive periods when the child can be imprinted from its environment. While the public is left with inadequate competing incomplete outdated theories on child development, they move forward on proven ideas. For over 20 years, I have advocated that both psychology & our understanding of the spirit world were both important to deal with the Illum. total m.c., but that both areas were limited in their understanding. It’s like two kids each having $3 & not wanting to talk to each other, when they need $10 to buy a basketball to play. One example of where we may be falling short is the failure to realize how occult covenants may actually, at their root, go back many generations. The actual root of the problem may not be with the survivor, but may be something generational. (More on this later.) It may be a better approach to view the spiritual work as a healing, rather than casting out strongholds. (The latter being popular w/ some Christians.)

CHILDREN TAKE TIME. One positive lesson we can glean from the occult programmers is how much time & energy they expend to program these young m.c. slaves. Something of value naturally costs, and for those of us who love the Lord, we realize how very precious these bundles of joy are, they are wonderful gifts from God. PS 127:3 One of the ways that time is expended on the children being programmed are their assessments, which occur on a regular basis PRIOR to splitting the mind. The programmers are looking for predispositions & talents prior to splitting & programming. My books (“The Illum. Formula Used…” & its sequel Deeper Insights) detail the PAS (Personality Assessment System) widely used by the programmers, as well as EEGs & evoked response tests, such as VERS (Visually Evolved Responses). Additionally, it’s believed that they use Cognitive, Motor Development, Verbal & Attachment assessments, with standard scales. From observations of an ex-programmer, one or more early assessments may be on a scale of 1 to 10.

DOWNLOADING TO THE INFANT. Breastfeeding which is such a shared bonding experience, and also links the bonding w/ tension relief for the infant, may also be used for downloading generational material. (You may recall Crowley’s Moon Child book, and how fetuses are demonized by the Moon Child ceremonies…the point is that, those who have been working with generational evil spirits may have discovered methods that are unknown to the rest of us…& perhaps using breastfeeding may be one of these devices.) In general, breastfeeding helps a child sort out who its primary caregiver is. After about 6 wks. the child will give preferential treatment to its mother (or other primary caregiver). After 6-8 months, the infant will show separation anxiety. Let’s discuss the possible transmission of generational covenants & spirits while breastfeeding takes place. This also opens up the possibility that memories may be generationally transmitted too. Non-Christians commonly believe in past lives, but some of these memories may simply be images passed from another generation.

The nursing child’s eyes follow the mother’s. Each eye is linked with a hemisphere. Left eye is linked to the right brain, which is spatial images, geometric shapes & negative emotions like distress. The right eye is linked with the left hemisphere which is analytical & sequential thinking such as putting words together in speech (& connected to good emotions like joy). The right brain is holistic & integrative. There is a great deal of manipulation of the hemispheres in programming and split brain programming where an alter is linked with only one hemisphere. The specialization of the hemispheres is also related to handedness. The ten % who are lefthanded often share language between the two hemispheres in contrast to right handed persons. It is believed that the position of the fetus—in general turned towards the left—promotes the preference for the right side of the body. Twins who lay in opposite orientation in the womb more frequently are opposite handed from one another than ordinary siblings. Real & false twins are used a lot by the programmers. Anyway, the spiritual images that go into the right brain are going to be difficult to identify later. The logic of programming can be worked around in the left hemisphere. The right brain programming may take spiritual healing (deliverance). The patterns of the programming are vulnerable to the Holy Spirit, because programming has rigid defenses that follow patterns.

It was easy for me to comprehend that after the split-causing traumas, alters would naturally have fears. However, it should be added, that any child who does not get valued w/ no strings attached (i.e. unconditional motherly love) will develop distrust & fear. This suggests that unconditional love will positively benefit deeper alters who were never exposed to such unconditional love. Indeed my experience confirms that such an accepting love does therapeutically mitigate fear. Some young alters are denied expression, such as hunger, and this kind of denial in any child leads to it being passive and dependent. Ignoring needs, causes an alter’s thinking to be confused and disconnected from their body, as well as seeing themselves as bad. Getting in touch with reality, such as the body, breaks down the programming. Over the years, I have told people if the alters can just live in everyday reality…that in itself will break down the programming…not all of it…but it will help that alter of the surviving slave.

This has been a short article with some ideas about the mind control as it pertains to infants. The foundation to a person begins young…with such things as self understanding, emotional communication, managing one’s feelings, how to have intimate relationships, and moral reasoning. The problems we see in adult survivals of trauma base mind control often not only go back to their infancy, but even beyond to the generations before them.


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