THINGS TO WATCH about China. Nothing in the future is written in stone; on the other hand some things don’t take lots of foresight, just common sense will show you what is coming. Our recent presidents, whether Republican or Democrat, have worked hand in hand with the Red Chinese, selling important military hardware and secrets to them. China is into expansionism and wants a “greater China”. It reminds me of Hitler, remember how Western banks and leaders helped him expand? You may remember that last November, Red China began issuing millions of passports with a map showing disputed territories with their neighbors as already belonging to China. Most of China’s neighbors are being bullied with new land claims by China: Japan over Senkaku Is., Philippines over Scarborough Shoals, Taiwan over a number of things incl. some small islands, Vietnam over the Paracel and Spratley Islands, India over parts of Jammu and Kashmir provinces, and with the Tibetans over their brutal occupation of their country. Remember, all Hitler wanted in the beginning was to unify German territories, the Rheinland, Sudetenland, Austria, Memel, Danzig…you know the rest of the story. My bank close to my place is basically for Chinese clients, half the bank employees are fluent in Chinese, and it is obvious from all the Chinese who bank there that they don’t think of English as something to learn, as many of them lack English skills. These are adults, elderly and families, not students. Portland has had Chinese immigrants since 1850, but these are new arrivals. Portland, my home city, is a sister city with Suzhou, China and we sport an authentic Chinese gardens and dragon boat races. Watch the Red China conflict with Taiwan. Even though Taiwan has a pro-Red Chinese president (Ma), most of the Taiwanese do not want to be part of Red China. Red China keeps pressing to get Taiwan. China has entered into trade agreements with its neighbors, and except for Japan, they can bully their way with these smaller nations. King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand has provided Thailand with stable leadership since 1946. I anticipate he will die this year, and that will destabilize Thailand. (It boggles my mind to try to comprehend that Thailand has 700,000 prostitutes and is a sex-change capital.) North Korea continues to provide a conflict waiting to happen as they openly threaten others. Another similarity, the German people before WW2 felt they had been repressed and held down, therefore their expansionism was justified. The Chinese have the same attitude! Are you catching my drift?


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