Highlighting some crazy things “they” have done—at first, I thought these things were so bizarre perhaps they’d have a silver lining of humor—upon reflection, naa, they’re not so funny, more like disgusting.

NORWAY & THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION, What do they have in common? Several projects! In 1972, a consortium of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Population Council, the World Bank, the U.S. Nat. Inst. Of Health, the U.N.’s WHO (World Health Org.) began a secret project to create an abortion vaccine that could be given w/ tetanus shots. The govt. of Norway donated $41 million to the project. The project completed, in the ‘90’s, WHO began vaccinating women of child bearing age (15 to 45) in Nicaragua, Mex. & the Phil. for tetanus. A Catholic organization in Mexico, suspicious that men were not given the shots, had the vaccines tested…they were laced w/ hGC which prevents women from maintaining a pregnancy. Again we see Norway’s govt. hooked up with the Rockefeller Foundation in the doomsday Svalbard Global Seed Vault (a doomsday seed bank). The seed bank is located on Norway’s remote near-artic Spitsbergen Island in the Barents Sea. 3 million different varieties of seeds from the entire world have been collected & vaulted –hidden behind 1 meter thick reinforced concrete walls w/ blast proof doors. Along w/ Norway & the Rock. Found., Bill Gate’s Foundation gave $30 million, & the 4 large GMO agribusinesses are involved also. These agribusinesses have been working hard to control the world food production…so what’s up with this extreme & extensive seed bank?? 2 of those agribusinesses (DuPont & Syngenta) were involved w/ creating the GMO corn that has spermicide genetically inserted into the corn. Let’s restate this very clearly—if you are a man & you eat this GMO corn you will be sterile. (Perhaps you remember my previous post on this…it explains why I don’t eat corn products…a difficult goal today in Amer. where corn is quietly inserted into most everything.) They are putting so much into our foods to sterilize us…another example…health freaks love bottled water, not realizing that the bottles’ plastic contains BPA which impairs reproductive organs. (More like health for these companies’ profits.)

All these projects to sterilize us…wow, reminds me of another bizarre project, the Georgia Guidestones (aka Amer.’s Stonehenge) located near Elberton, GA. The massive stones have 10 commandments repeatedly written in 8 living languages which tell us: 1. Keep the earth’s population to half a billion, 2. Genetically improve humans, 3. Use a one-world language 4. Rule religions w/ reason…10. Leave room for nature. The money to build this immense project came from secret donors.

While they don’t want us to have kids, they do enjoy making bucks off of us. If they collect blood or body parts, they sometimes will then patent your genes! Sounds outrageous, but they are taking patents out on people’s genetic material. By the way, that spermicide inserted into corn was done by research paid by the U.S. govt.’s Dept. of Ag., which also funded Monsanto’s Terminator seeds. These seeds commit suicide after being used for one crop—which makes people even more dependent on Monsanto’s seeds than the hybrids which do poorly when reused, but can still be reused. So they are controlling plant reproduction too. They are definitely of the Kingdom of Death.

One final bizarre thing…the fate of anti-nuke activist Karen Silkwood, who on her way to expose a fuel-rod-processing plant was killed (likely murdered) in an accident. After the autopsy, who sneaked off with her brain? The nuclear research people to use it for nuclear research. Life is stranger than fiction for sure.


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