Understanding the Occult Power’s Great Plan better. This post is tying several threads of other recent articles/radio shows of mine together with the Zohar & unmasking some secrets. The Zohar is a book which evidence shows was written in the 13th century. (Many of its followers want to believe it is more ancient.) The Zohar is important, for instance, super secret orders like the Knights of the Morning use the Zohar.

CHRIST SPOKE ABOUT THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. The Zohar is important for occultists, Gnostics, Freemasons & much of Judaism. It is also important for the Illuminati as we will see. The website gnosticteachings dot org was correct when it stated, “The Sepher ha Zohar is written in Hebrew & very little of it has been translated into English.” However, what I do know of what it says is disturbing enough. To start with, the Zohar believes the Bible was written in code. These secret meanings are called “Sod”. For instance, “Eve” in Genesis is held to be a code word for Adam’s genitalia fluid. (In a similar vein, a Masonic book I have claims when the Bible says “Christ”, it means genitalia fluid.) The Zohar claims that this kind of coding not only applies to the Hebrew Scriptures, but also the Christian N.T. “The four gospels cannot be understood if one does not study alchemy and kabbalah.” I had a Freemason try to explain to me how Biblical New Testament verses were actually occult codes.

MASONIC AUTHORITIES stress that the Kabbalah & its Zohar are foundational to Masonic philosophy. “Zohar” means “light” or “brilliance of light”, and Freemasons often talk about the “light”. Masonic leadership has referred to Freemasonry as “the Religion of the Great Light”.(A) The Illuminati leadership become Freemasons, use the Masonic Lodge systems to transmit orders & messages, and have verbally & in writing stated that the coming world religion will be Freemasonry. Well, if we peel the onion layer back, what they mean is that the core of Freemasonry, i.e. the Zohar, will be part of the new World religion. The Zohar does indeed see a future New World Order, AND the Zohar states that the 7 Noahide Laws of the Talmud should be applied at the end of the age to the entire world. One time while I was in prison, a Christian chaplain & Jewish chaplain both came to my cell window together, & both suggested I follow the 7 Noahide laws. In 1991, Congress passed the Noahide laws, which upset some knowledgeable Christians because they knew it prescribed the guillotine for offenders,(B) which brought to mind REV 20:4 describing end time Christian martyrs being beheaded.

THE ZOHAR & END TIMES. In terms of the end times, the Zohar has some interesting beliefs. It believes gentiles & the unchosen need to be exterminated.(C) Only “Israel” (its definition of Israel) are fully human, the rest of humanity are beasts.(D) It also teaches that the Temple which was built by Solomon was not built according to the true plans! And that it needs to be built differently for the coming New Order. In fact, Freemasonry teaches exactly like the Zohar about the Temple of Solomon needing to be rebuilt—but rebuilt according to the true plans. Freemasonry has as one of its goals, the rebuilding of that Temple. The Illuminati are Gnostics, & they study the Zohar. The Zohar in turn, along with the Kabbalah is Gnostic at its core. The Zohar has the “knowledge of the equilibrium” which is what the Illuminati strive to master—that balance which is “above duality”. Meanwhile, the profane masses are given dualities (or at times more): thesis-antithesis…Republican-Democrat…Conservative-Liberal-New Democrat…etc. The Word of God is neither conservative or liberal, neither right nor left. This may shock some people but Christ was not a Republican (nor Democrat).

THE ZOHAR’S SEX MAGIC. In a recent radio show, I spoke about Aleister Crowley, a Satanist & leader of several Masonic Rites who made sexual magic better known to the occult world. Yet, many readers may be unaware that sexual magic is part of the Zohar. Crowley was both a Freemason & an Occultist. Both groups base activity upon the Kabbalah, which in turn in its final distilled form is the Zohar. The Zohar views sexual magic as the first meal of the Shabbat (Saturn). People who are familiar with the final outworkings of Kabbalah have described it as “satanic”. The Zohar believes God was bi-sexual, so these recent moves to break down the division between male & female is in line with its philosophy. True Kabbalists become occult magicians, & perform such things as necromancy (summoning the spirits of the dead) & theurgy (summoning fallen angels & genii).

HOW WIDE & DEEP IS THE ZOHAR’S INFLUENCE? Israel has a triad of intelligence agencies: Shin Bet (aka ISA, & Shabak), Aman, and Mossad. Americans are most familiar with Mossad, although Shin Bet, which is similar to the U.K.’s MI-5, is from what I am told more powerful. At any rate, there is a code word that begins with Zohar that will take your computer down it is so sensitive…interesting. I’ve wondered about the surname of the author Bar-Zohar who wrote Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Mossad.

FINAL THOUGHTS. The Illuminati have a complete idea of what they want the World Religion to be. No doubt ideas from the Zohar & Kabbalah incl. magic will be disseminated. One of the concepts promoted by the Zohar is willpower…desire…which is what magic is defined as, and what Hitler believed in. This post has been a look at a book, the Zohar, that will influence how things are to be done in the future by the PTSNB.

(A) For example, Scottish Rite’s official magazine The New Age, 9/1950, p. 551. (B) Sanh. 57A, Talmud –Sukkah 52a (C) Zohar I, 25b. (D) Zohar I, 46b-47a



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