This post shall provide some facts, some relatively little known & others secret, about the World Market System, economic chaos & new World reserve currency. [By the way in the coming months, I myself may end up reposting old fb posts from 2 yrs. ago since there are many new followers, & present plans are to transition to taking care of my parents.] My writings have focused more on the religious, educational, & health care systems, rather than the World’s Market system, which truly belongs to them. As 401(k)s, pensions, & are people’s lives are now intimately tied to the Market system, this post is appropriate.

In talks, I have described the World Market system, & in fb posts I have discussed BRIC group’s efforts to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, incl. the creation of China-SE Asia’s new Red Plum currency. I am not into fear mongering, but am here to soberly tell you the facts…the U.S. dollar is on its deathbed like a terminally ill cancer patient. Not only is it terminally ill, but it has BRIC in the shadows wanting to speed up its death. The destinies of nations are in the balance.

On 9-11 we saw several physical financial towers fall, likewise, one day we will shockingly see Wall St. collapse financially. (Of course, global markets will be hurt also.) The U.S. President will use the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 to confiscate all foreign owned gold in the U.S. & convert it to U.S. ownership. All exports of gold from the U.S. will be prohibited. Now you see why the Germans are removing their gold stored in the U.S. back to Germany. Also the president per the IEECA will all close all the markets, in order to give the U.S. time to develop a solution. If the U.S. can confiscate enough foreign gold they may be able to recreate a new U.S. dollar, say perhaps 1 new dollar (backed by all the confiscated gold)= 10 old dollars. Alternatives to the U.S. dollar as the World’s reserve currency are the Euro, the secret Chinese-Asian Red Plum, & the IMF’s SDRs. The IMF calculates it would take 5 yrs. to develop SDR’s into a world currency, & the U.S. has voting power in the IMF to stop that development, which leaves us with the Euro (which already makes up perhaps 26% of the world’s reserves) & the secret new currency that BRIC wants to unveil. China is secretly using SAFE to buy gold globally. When China announces its new currency, Russia may support it by not accepting dollars for payment for oil & gas. In 1/1/09, Russia cut off gas to the Ukraine which then resulted in eastern Europe being cut off. It has already shown its willingness to use gas as an eco weapon. In Sept. ’10, China halted all rare earth mineral shipments to Japan which are necessary for electronic manufacturing & which basically only China has. Japan fought back w/ a short currency war & in a month they made peace. The BRIC countries might place their gold on deposit in Switz. to create their new hard currency. The first country that backs their currency (w/ things like gold) will have the only currency which people globally will trust & want to use.

Bernanke, head of the Fed (this post will shorten Federal Reserve to “the Fed”), has tried 3 things to keep the dollar alive: QEs, keeping interest rates at 0, & using spin doctors to create a fear of inflation. He has had lots of befuddled thinking incl. thinking gold helped cause the Great Depression. His policies of QE inflation created victims globally as food & energy prices were inflated in many countries. QEs caused stock bubbles in Brazil. His policies meant starvation for many overseas, & he has been out of touch w/ the common person both here & overseas. He will soon be replaced by Yellen, a 67 yr. old, intelligent woman who has been part of the Fed, who received her marching orders on Jan. 29th from the Illuminati in a secret mtg. in Frankfurt, Ger. She won’t be following Bernanke’s failed ideas, but will be changing policies at the Fed. The EU will have more of a say in Amer., & even though Amer. is bankrupt, Europe has its problems also, and the two economic powers need each other. Yellen is fully aware of the dollar’s mortality. And she has faced criticism in Europe before like in Basel in 2010 over the Fed’s bond buying.

The SEC has not done its job regulating Wall St. & the Fed is also quite amazing. The Fed. R. Bk. of NY allowed Citigroup’s excesses that caused the Panic of 2008, one of the world’s all time financial disasters. Citigroup had been in scandals in ’03. Also in ’08, the Fed bailed out the same banks that its creators (for instance, Frank Vanderlip & Charles Norton) at Jekyll Is. had owned. Instead of concern for the world, or Amer. taxpayers, they were concerned for the corrupt financial elite. Wall St.’s (& the Fed’s) actions the last few decades are best described as gambling. Wall St. leaders like Ralph Cioffi, Richard Fuld, Tom Maheras & John Thain (Merrill Lynch CEO) were greedy wild gamblers; this type were taken out by the 2008 crash. In contrast with these gamblers, Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, has earned the confidence of the Rothschild & Van Duyn Illum. families by his detailed work to determine investment risk called “hedging systems” & he participated in Yellen’s Frankfurt mtg. BlackRock is the world’s largest investment management firm HQed in Manhattan, NYC. From what I can gather, the top Illum. families did not want the Panic of 2008’s damage to the Market. However, you can see some of the elite families playing a role, for instance, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, married into the Kennedy family, promoted the housing bubble. He, by the way, became HUD Secretary in ’97. Our bankers, brokers, & traders have been out of control gamblers. Don’t be fooled by the image of banks being large centers of capital that are too wealthy to collapse; it’s all image.

FOREKNOWLEDGE. No one can always completely predict the future…yet clear back in Joseph’s day (c. 1706 B.C.) in Egypt there was a financial wild card scenario when “money failed”. GEN 47:15. One of the top investors in the 80’s, Teddy Forstmann, personally warned the top CEO’s of the large investment firms (who also happened to be personal friends) of the dangers that led to the Panic of 2008. Pharaoh listened to Joseph, but Wall St. ostracized Forstmann for warning them. This post is not predicting, only stating the facts & likely things to follow from those facts. For a doctor to say a patient has terminal cancer is simply honesty. Will the patient be cremated, or buried or leave a legacy?


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