THE UNSEEN HAND “POLISHES STONES”: a post about the Illuminati’s program to become leaner & meaner, downsizing itself along with humanity. This report will also be accompanied by thoughts on the implications for America & America’s solutions.

Not only is the Illuminati working on downsizing the world’s population by at least 2.5 billion eaters (many of whom are neglectfully killing themselves by avoidable “soft deaths” like diabetes & cancer), but they are also pruning their own organization, removing dead weight like the Bush family & 300 Illuminati organizations like the Order of the Skull & Bones. If they will prune their own people—reflect for a moment what that implies for the rest of us! (And by the way, some observers like myself, may have already spotted this pruning process, which began in recent years.)

Let’s look at one example of this process, (& then later its implications for Americans, & what we as Americans might do). The NSA has been used by the Illuminati as a tool to manipulate & ruin America’s economy. A recent interesting twist to using the NSA against us, was for the Illuminati to expose the NSA thru its whistleblower Snowden. The good news is that Snowden’s new info is empowering people. The bad news is that these leaks about the NSA (which is identified w/ the USA) has destroyed America’s credibility, & already lots of contracts with American companies have been cancelled globally. The process is to further ruin Amer. economically. The stringpullers at the NSA have not been American corporations, but Illuminati kingpins, just as they run the Federal Reserve, not for America, but for the elite. Therefore, the NSA Snowden scandal, which is framed as America running amok, & which is ruining Amer.’s credibility is a controlled spin. The NSA is simply a tool of the Illuminati. Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt for instance, that the NSA listened to the German Chancellor’s cellphone, and that GE in the early 90’s received industrial spy info on the German company Enercon’s variable speed WT for wind turbines, which stolen info GE used. But look at the real process, the US went from 30% of the global GNP in 2000 to 19% in 2012. The World’s elite have abandoned America, & Snowden’s revelations are part of that process.

So America is part of the dead weight being pruned by the Illuminati elite. There are many signs of America going down the toilet. Our govt. is not there for us. World govt. is not there for us. If our govt. were there for us, they would do things to stop the bad effects of the NSA’s activities. Instead of protecting us, the NSA is being used to help take us down, w/ the blessings of our corrupt politicians. Let’s step back & look at this situation. The foundation to our problems & their solutions have been w/ us since the beginning of Amer.’s settlement. Both the Kingdom of Death, & the Kingdom of Life have run their agendas. The World hierarchy from the beginning viewed America merely as a corporate plantation to exploit & to use for experimentation. The elite (in Europe) still condescendingly view America this way, just as serfs have characteristically always been viewed by their masters. But the individuals who escaped the Old World in Europe & Asia viewed America in a different light, that of hope, of opportunity, & of liberty. It was a chance to develop their talents, serve God, and become competent as a person. So God Almighty also ran His agenda in the New World…early on there was William Penn’s holy experiment, a new kind of free nation was conceived in “liberty”, Americans saw Amer.’s mission to bless the world, which they saw themselves doing by saving Europe in WW I & WW 2, and sending out more missionaries than any other nation. Immigrants left the rigid structures of the Old World, to come to a land of the living, where people were innovative, forward looking, restless, mobile, competent, & free to grab opportunities. Over time, groups of Americans developed whose talents are not matched anywhere. The farm people I grew up with are self-sufficient & competent in a way that can’t be found elsewhere. Of course, the destruction of the Amer. family farmer has been an ongoing program of the elite for decades. Meanwhile, the U.S. military has quietly targeted young men from rural middle Amer. for recruitment in order to keep their modern military machinery running smoothly.

America’s people have many kinds of character. There is still a remnant with strong positive character traits. These are the people the elite do not acknowledge. They are scorned by our controlled media. But these virtuous people are the backbone of America. If America is to carry on, if America is to overcome its problems, it will have to rely upon itself…and the self-reliance & competence of those people with outstanding character. Govt. handouts will not save us. I repeat, sucking on the tits of govt. welfare will not save us. We must be competent & creative & hopeful (3 virtues that God’s Holy Spirit provides). Americans do not of necessity have to go down the toilet, but they have already started to experience being part of the Illuminati’s pruning process.


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