The UNSEEN HAND in U.S. history 18 MAY 2014

This post builds upon my previous books to present some interesting new details of history.

PRE-CONSTITUTION U.S. PRESIDENTS. My high school students will remember me teaching about the U.S. Presidents we had under the Articles of Confederation, & how Geo. Washington was actually our second 1st president. Actually it is even more involved than that. The first Continental Congress met 9/4/1774 and elected a President of their Congress. On July 4th, 1776, the United States declared its birth as an independent nation. Three more men were selected as President of U.S. Congress after 7/4’1776 but before the USA came under the Articles of Confederation. These 5 presidents were each the head of the American govt. but not what we would call President “of the United States”. Once we got a legal structure to our American govt. 2 Presidents of the U.S. were selected, but it was the third one, John Hanson, who is credited with being the first “President of the United States”. The next presidents were called the “President of the United States”, but their powers under the Articles of Confederation were different than the powers under the future Constitution. Incl. Hanson, we had 9 presidents under the Articles of Confederation, Geo. Washington’s first term was the last one. As is known by some, Robert Livingston, Grand Master of the NY Lodges, with a Masonic Bible which had a letter of authorization from the Illuminati inside, swore Washington in as President. This was prior to Washington, D.C. becoming our capital. It was President John Hanson, who was influenced to commission the art work for the Great Seal’s “all-seeing eye in the pyramid”. Pres. Arthur St. Clair (6th or 7th U.S. president…depending on if you count Hanson’s non-consecutive terms as one or two) was a brother-in-law to the Van Duyn Illuminati family.

Those who are familiar with my Be Wise As Serpents book (1991), are aware that on pg. 652 (Chap. 3.4) I have a map of colonial America showing the numerous Masonic lodges. The American Revolution was a Masonic affair, which I touch on from pg. 649-654. In my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book (’95), I continue providing details, for instance on pg. 418 the key role the Dutch island of Statia (now St. Eustatius) played in the Amer. Revolution. (By the way, the British in 1780 totally destroyed the island for the key role it had played.) On pg. 15, I discuss how the first Illuminati Lodge, the Lodge of Wisdom, came in at Portsmouth, VA in 1786 and was exposed in 1799. By the time it was exposed there were at least 16 other Illum. lodges, incl. one in NYC. Prior to this time, the Illuminati had worked through Illuminati masonic lodges, & the Masonic lodge system in general. This is why my 1991 map of colonial lodges was important, as well as my details about the Boston Tea Party being a Masonic event. Manly P. Hall (Grand Master in both Freemasonry & the Illum.) provides lots of accurate details about Freemasonry & the creation of the U.S.A. in several of his books, this is why I have not re-stated what he wrote these last 25 yrs. although upon reflection it might have been useful for those not familiar w/ his works. (I try to plow new ground.)

1787, while Thomas Jefferson was in Paris as the U.S. envoy, José Joaquim da Maya, a Brazilian student at Montpelier requested help from the U.S. for independence & to overthrow slavery. The Illuminati was in favor of such a revolution, and a Van Duyn sat in on this meeting. In 1794 Jefferson sent a brief report about Brazil to Pres. Geo. Washington. Jefferson later recalled these communications in his retirement at Monticello, declaring his desire “. . . to see no emperors or kings in our hemisphere & that Brazil as well as Mexico will homologize with us.” He prophesied, w/ insider foreknowledge, that Mex. & Canada would one day merge w/ the U.S. Further, before the dissolution of the Minas Conspiracy, several Brazilians contacted Thomas Jefferson (then the U.S. minister to France) in Paris,. In a letter to Secretary of State John Jay, Jefferson described the situation in Brazil, its natural resources, & how the Brazilian people wanted a rebellion for independence. It would be Freemasons who would lead the revolutions of Latin America, destroying the power of the Catholic church & Spain. Going back to Jefferson’s most famous “work”, the Decl. of Ind., you will note in the original draft that the words “nature’s god” have no capitalization on god. Jefferson was not appealing in the document to the Christian God, which would have been spelled w/ a capital G.

JFK WAS NOT THE FIRST. The Harrison family out of England appears in 2 of my genealogy charts in Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Carter Henry Harrison, Sr. (1825-1893) was a mmbr. of the Illum.’s Scroll & Key (Yale brotherhood fraternity like the Order of Skull & Bones). He was also a mmber. of the elite Harrison family that gave us Pres. William Harrison. Carter’s parents were Carter Harrison II & Caroline Russell. Carter Henry Harrison, Sr., like JFK, upset the Illum. and was assassinated before his term as Chicago’s mayor was finished. In the same general time period (6/24/1894), Marie François Sadi Carnot (1837-1894), the fourth president of the 3rd French Republic also ran afoul of the Illuminati, & was assassinated by an anarchist named Sante Geronimo Caserio. This kind of anarchist was a split off of the communists (which were another Illuminati creation). Tsar Alex. II of Russia was killed in 1882 by anarchists under orders from the Illuminati, & an attempt was made Kaiser Wilhelm in 1878. These anarchists functioned as their Bureau does today. The anarchist philosophy made them the ideal lone assassin.

(Having discussed today both the nation of Ukraine & anarchy, it would be appropriate to mention that when the Communist Revolution began, a Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Makhno organized the Free Territory of Ukraine & the Ukrainian Anarchist Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army. Emma Goldman, an anarchist theorist, praised Makhno as a revolutionist. His revolution was defeated by the Bolsheviks’ revolution which was, as you know, funded by the Illuminati.) More later. Have a good day my friend.


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