This is a short post to point people in the right direction, & is not intended to detail, explain or document how our weather is being modified by the PTSNB. I prefer the term “weather modification”, because the info I have received for several decades shows that existing preconditions are being manipulated into disasters; natural disasters are not created from scratch. A number of people asked me if the superstorm Typhoon Yolanda (aka Haiyan in the U.S.) was manmade. Because I am only one person w/ limited time & resources, I have not had the time to document that it was man-made. I have found someone who for the last 3 years has dedicated himself to watching storms, and documenting how radar pulses that form geographically in radar boxes (obviously boxes of radar are man-made) precede these large storms like Katrina, and the tsunami that hit Japan causing Fukashima. He presents evidence that Typhoon Yolanda, which hit the Philippines recently & is the strongest on record was in part created by the PTSNB. His name is Michael Janick (who uses the Internet–incl. fb/twitter/youtube—in the name of Dutchsinse). If you are interested in evidence that these big storms like Yolanda (w/ its record breaking 235 mph winds) are created, I suggest Dutchsinse’s material. I have not had the time to personally see all his material in a comprehensive way, what I have seen looks good enough to pass his name on. (And of course he has his detractors, some of whom make themselves into jealous raving idiots & discredit themselves.) He has spent time gathering evidence from the World System itself about weather modification.

While many want to call weather modification a “conspiracy theory”, that is just silly. There are plenty of statements & proof that our govt. & others have extensive weather modification abilities. There is a weather modification board set up by PL-94-490 in the 1970’s for the Fed govt. who are hired to do just –modify the weather. The law that created that agency is public knowledge. William Cohen, as Sec. of Def., publicly warned that other nations (like Russia & China) have military abilities to modify the weather. The patent for HAARP (patent #4,686,605), specifically in the patent document itself, states that it is for weather modification. Other installations similar to HAARP have also been built around the world incl. at Tromso, Norway, Vasilsurk in Russia, and Arecibo in Puerto Rico. HAARP also connects to other secret installations. The U.S. govt. has used weather modification in warfare, for instance, Operation Popeye during the Vietnam War when the U.S. was able to extend the monsoon season by an entire month to impede the North Vietnamese.

Dutchsinse states that 72 hours prior to the storm of Typhoon Yolanda forming there were radar pulses that modified weather to the north having a chain reaction of influence leading up to Yolanda’s formation. Weather seems to some a mystery, and it is not well taught in the schools. Weather is basically a function of two phenomena—1. the fact that the earth is to a degree a spherical ball which causes it to absorb the sun’s rays differently therefore the surface heats up unevenly, 2. The earth rotates under it gaseous atmosphere, which makes the air look like a wind moving from west to east. Weather is basically that mechanism where the heat from the uneven heating of the glove is rearranged & spread by nature’s complex system of heat carriers, such as hurricanes. My research energy has also been unevenly applied, & I have left it up to others to watch & document weather modification. Geo-engineered earthquakes, where moderate ones are boosted up by man, are also taking place. I did do a study on this early in the ‘90’s & was able to predict how they would boost one in California. There is no doubt in my mind that the weather is being modified, and has been for over 20 years, in a way to harm our economy & to create disasters & the accompanying feeling that Armageddon is about here.


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