Joy & hope nourish us & bring out the best. Strength & energy come from joy. It is like sunshine to plants, & oxygen to lungs. Joy is an aspect of God’s Spirit, and is connected to both acappella & instrumental music.

The great ancient philosophers & sages taught how profoundly beneficial music is, and modern science w/ MRIs and other tests have validated the power of wholesome music to greatly improve the brain. They also show that modern “music” (noise) is destructive to life, as helpful as listening to a jack hammer. Plato was right when he said, “Music encodes ethical qualities [like Joy] in the human…” Not to mention all the improvements it makes to the physical brain, such as: growing & improving the corpus callosum (the connector between the left & right brains), enhanced social skills, coordination & spatial reasoning skills, math and other benefits (such as endorphin production).

The joy of the Lord is felt in the African-Amer. slave spirituals as well as the old folk songs of Europe, both sets of songs sung by people close to God’s creation, who turned their work as serfs & slaves into joy by singing! Singing joyful songs will bring almost anyone out of a funk. Here is a small sampling of the joyful lyrics of these Spirituals sung by the joyful voices of African-Amer. as they worked & worshipped: *”I will overcome, Down in my heart, I do believe, I will overcome someday…Jesus take me by the hand…” 
*”Ever since He freed my soul; I look at the world and the world looks new…Don’t be weary, traveler, Come along home to Jesus…”
*”Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, Glory Hallelujah!” [from despair to a shout of joy!]
*Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham, Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham…” What gave us joy as a child? Sitting on mom’s lap held to her breast. This joy is coupled w/ the joy of heaven…great imagery.

The World System has convinced most Americans that singing can only be done by the idols of the World’s music industry. Old timers will also tell us that the joy is gone from our modern music. The new is the noise of things like White Zombie music and Hard Metal. They have fooled people to think that old is bad, and new is automatically better. J. Todd warned about the Illum.’s demonic agenda w/ Rock. LaRouche, referring to the type of music by bands like Grateful Dead, wrote, “Rock is essentially a revival of the ancient Dionysiac Bacchic ritual.” Others, like myself, have exposed that modern rock bands like the Beattles were creations from the PTSNB…creations from Tavistock & SR Inst. for Illum. agendas. Now schools are cutting back on music programs.

Another source of joy, God’s Word, has been stolen from an entire generation of public school children. Godliness is profitable for joy. Knowledge is overrated, and godly character underrated. Men of mighty spirits (like Christ) had joy in spite of their hardships. Cheap substitutions for joy abound: cheap amusement is not joy, tinsel & glitter are not joy, drugs are not joy…neither are unrestricted freedom and being rich. The garbage collector of a rich man is far more likely to have joy than the multimillionaire whose garbage he hauls away. The World’s selfish rat race destroys joy. Christ’s teachings, such as giving to others, bring joy. If we want more joy, then we need to see the hand of God in our lives…so observe better, and then make music. Sing my friend. Don’t let them steal your freedom to sing your heart out with joy!!!! Hallelujah!

God’s creation was clearly made for His & our joy. What God does, makes Him joyful (PS 104:31). A beautiful sunset, the fragrance of flowers, a birdsong, the sight of a whale, & thousands of other things are points of joy. A simple cottage or dwelling in the forest can be joy. After a hard deprogramming session, we treated ourselves to the joy of viewing marine life, esp. the large graceful jellyfish which are several feet wide & look like pulsating parachutes. Their bell-shaped bodies have lace-like tentacles, and transparent skin which glows with bioluminescent pinks, creams, blues, beiges & whites. What a joy to watch.

America is the land of canned laughter, where children are raised in artificial environments, with artificial food & artificial educations & artificial freedoms. They are given crams & exams, but little joy. When we are insensitive to what God has done & is now doing we ignore the joy set before us. Do we want to have more joy in our lives? Let’s quit carelessly stomping on all the flowers & mushrooms, trampling pearls into mud, and ruining our beautiful land. Let us get out of our self-centeredness, and see what God has done for us. I’m not suggesting we dance around a pile of misery and pretend it’s gold. I am suggesting that God’s joy is everywhere, and we should stop and see His merciful hand in our lives. When a Gulag guard asked an abused inmate where his God was, the inmate looked at the prison yard which was dirt except for one flower. Pointing at the flower, he said, “See Him over there. There He is.” Even in the darkest of times, signs of His joyful presence remain.

Don’t let them steal your joy! And may God Almighty bless you and put a drop of eternity into your cup so it overflows with joy. Make music in your heart & lungs. Our chorus of joy will radiate out from one person to another. Hallelujah!!


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