The SYSTEM vs. SYRIA 29 AUG 2013

Insiders have wanted to destabilize Syria for years, & they have these last few years. Adding insult to injury, Syria has become the brunt of the System’s Mass media comedians who have the public thinking Syrians are stupid. Syria is: a nation that has played a central role in civilization since very ancient times, is confident of their heritage, & know their identity & culture better than Americans know their own.
The role Syria is playing is the rogue independent nation that is not going along with the New World Order. Instead of a Rothschild-controlled central bank like the U.K. & U.S. have, Syria’s central bank is owned by Syria. Instead of debt to the IMF like normal countries, Syria is debt free. Note how independent nations, which received regime switches in Arab Spring (the mid-east revolts that overthrew govt.s in Tunisia, Libya & Egypt) got these World Order controls quickly: for instance, Libya got their Rothschild central bank, & Egypt borrowed big from the IMF. Syria has outlawed GMO food. When the USA took over Iraq, they forced their farmers to swap their seeds for Mansanto GMO seed. Mainstream Syrians know about the NWO conspiracy & openly talk about it, in contrast to here. For instance, it was widely known how Bush & his presidential opponent Kerry were both members of the Order of Skull & Bones. They have intentionally kept out all the World’s powerful corporations, & kept their economy to themselves. They have definitely kept their freedom from the world. Now that is changing.
Until recently, Syrians of many different groups & religions got along great. Syrians don’t ask each other what religion are you, as it is considered impolite. They have a history of toleration, but now the country is beginning to come apart at the seams, and may end unstable like Iraq after King Bush’s invasion. President Assad’s regime was secular, was tolerant, and stable. They were not tolerant of Zionism, & still continue not to recognize Israel, a nation totally run by the NWO. The Palestinian refugees in Syria are in general pleased with Assad & their treatment over the years. The Kurds in northern Syria are in revolt and have occupied towns near the border of Turkey. Turkey & Saudi Arabia, both aligned with the U.S., have greatly assisted the revolt in many ways. Syria claimed one of Turkey’s warplanes violated their airspace, & they shot it down. Turkey has provided a refuge for the military & civilian headquarters for the rebels. Turkey has provided space for NATO forces on the Syrian border, incl. Patriot missiles. The value of this help can’t be overestimated. The sanctuaries that Turkey is providing ensure that the counter-attack against the rebels can’t succeed because Syria can’t get at the root (the leadership) of the revolt.
Obama (as well as France & the U.K.) drew a red line in the sand & said Syria is in trouble if they use chemical weapons. The Obama admin. claims Assad’s admin. has used chemical weapons. Syria & Russia have claimed it was the rebels who used them. Russia just blocked U.N. action against Syria. Back on 13 June, the Russian Foreign Minister said, “the accusations of Damascus using chemical weapons put forth by the USA are not backed by credible facts.” The day before the supposed chem. attacks happened the videos of the alleged events were loaded up to the Internet, in the fashion of recent scams & false flags. The U.N. team who went in could not determine which side had used them. The Obama admin. has hardly been neutral in this civil war…they have supplied vast amounts of aid to the rebels, and at one pt. announced giving $123 million in aid to the rebels.
The World Order is using the US military as the world’s policeman, but its plans are delusional as they bear no relationship to the resources the US military has at hand. So the effect is to wear out those who have enlisted as well as wear out our limited equipment. There is a big mismatch between military needs & resources, therefore America is using up their limited military strength playing global (bad) cop. A new fleet carrier comes w/ a $10 billion price tag, a B-2 stealth bomber about $1 billion. Wasting Amer.’s military muscle to intimidate the Ba’ath govt., is not making America stronger. The shortage of military personnel, exacerbated by the overuse of military persons, is happening because of how our military has been forced to treat its men & women to keep their force levels good enough to fight in Iraq & Afghanistan. The overall benefit is to the World Order who want to reduce the strength of America. At some point, America will be forced to draft (conscript young people) to meet their commitments; & there is no way left to prevent women from being drafted after about 150,000 served in Iraq & Afghan., many of them in combat. Feminists have wanted full equality, and they will get it by serving in combat. So the World’s social engineering via wars will continue.
So the beat goes on….lies…spins…denials…sound bites of propaganda…and more wars & rumors of wars.


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