A reality check on America’s Hope. This message is about the state of our liberties in America and the supremacy of tyranny. The core of the American dream was hope, yet the man who died to give us liberty…Yahshua ha Messiach…known as Christ, gave us a hope that transcends civil liberties. In spite of America’s unconstitutional gangster rule, in spite of the overwhelming surveillance of everything we do, in spite of a World that threatens all we value, the victory that Christ won, and the liberty he offers us, can still shine in spite of this darkness.

HITLER IN MEIN KAMPF ON CONTROL: “The first ingredient for success is constant and regular employment of violence.”

THEY DON’T GET IT. I have concluded that most Americans don’t realize that we are passed the point where we can return to the Constitution. People, America is a police state. The controllers have gone pt. by pt. & repeated exactly what Hitler did. Many Germans back then lived in denial of reality. The only thing lacking today is a dynamic leader as popular as Hitler. The decision makers in America have copied his moves in a hundred (if not more) ways, even copying the basic helmet shape and putting our police in black uniforms like the SS. Here are a few examples: the campaign to restrict & outlaw public smoking was copied item by item from the Nazis, the privatization of prisons for profit copied from the Nazis, militarized trigger-happy police who can shoot citizens with impunity (over 1100 citizens per yr. are shot to death by American cops—compared to none are killed by Japanese police), gun control laws were even translated word for word from Nazi laws, “community-oriented-policing” (creating a snitch culture) matches how the Nazis got the citizens to watch & turn each other in, the “Explorers” program teaching American youth how to be future law enforcement matches the para-military indoctrination of the Hitler Youth, the prevalent social ostracism of those who don’t go along with the program matches Nazi Germany, & the attacks on Christian values also mimics Nazi Germany. Police (who in reality are now simply mercenaries for our elite masters) pull people over & strip search them in public (along this line a victim told me his story) and have carried out public body cavity searches of, for instance, a woman suspected of littering. The police have the power to humiliate, & the citizen has no dignity that will be respected. When a car muffler backfired, mistakenly thinking it was gunshots, the police riddled the occupants of the car with bullets killing the two inside. Hundreds of these kinds of mistakes happen every year, & the officers do it with impunity. There are 80,000 SWAT team raids per yr. These raids (I experienced one myself) are nothing short of military raids. Mine included snipers in the woods, helicopters, and black uniformed-black helmeted police with M-16s & grenades.

NOW WHY DID I JUST MENTION A FEW NEGATIVE EXAMPLES? I mentioned these because I am still meeting Americans who think they can stand on their Constitutional rights, can still stand up to the system with their natural rights, common law rights, due process rights, God-given rights, etc. Law enforcement could care less about your rights. Police represent violence. Everyday encounters with our common police are dangerous. They have a shoot-to-kill mind set, and an attitude that everyone is the enemy—it’s us against them…which is a military mindset rather than the old time attitude of the officer of the peace who saw himself as a servant of the community to maintain peace. Problematic, is the attitude of various non-compliant awake individuals who believe that if they quote certain sentences that detail their rights, that the police officer is going to recognize that the system is wrong and allow the non-compliant person to go on their merry way. Even in the early ‘90’s I saw people arrested (w/out cause at times) because they thought they could spout their rights & the police would back off. I personally heard the police mock the Constitution back then, & it is progressively worse now. If you resist the police, they interpret that as a threat, and they will neutralize that threat. And yes, there are still seminars & speakers that will teach you how to assert your rights. I try to explain to people that if you hesitate when an officer gives an order you will often get charged with resisting arrest. We are not talking about a people with rights, we are talking about a master-slave relationship, where the master sees potential slave revolts to his police state & may shoot first & ask questions later—if questions are asked. Likely, the officer will just say, “I felt threatened.”

MILITARY EQUIPMENT. When the govt. gave permission to the U.S. military to gift police dept.s military equipment, police dept.s, big & small, across the nation got tanks, drones, body armor, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, vehicles that are protected against mines & bombs (20-ton MRAP vehicles), etc. It is planned to have 30,000 drones flying over America by 2020.(A) If you consider that a city like L.A. has 10,000 cops, you realize that America has small standing armies scattered across the nation. If you further take into consideration that a number of govt. documents label “extremists” who reject government authority as “terrorists”…you see the paranoid psychotic acts of a police state.

WHAT’S THIS MEAN? Obviously, all this will cramp our style. And we impulsively want to yell, “Watch out! Danger!” to those still asleep. Or perhaps our minds scream, “Help Lord!” Who wants to watch the American dream become a nightmare? Who wants to go through the agony that the people of Germany went through with the Nazis?? Unfortunately, most Americans are following the state, just like the Germans followed the state in the late ‘30’s & early 40’s. It never ceases to amaze me what I hear common people say…obviously the mass mind control/propaganda has worked its wonders. First, it means that the basic premise of the American dream…that progress is inevitable…is false. That does not mean that we will be told that we are going backwards. Like Communist USSR, we will be fed bogus data to make us believe we are doing great. And yes, they did the same lies in Nazi Germany…although in the case of Nazi Germany, there was more substance to the lies. The next lie is that we can overthrow this police state with violence. I keep telling people that the prime movers trying to get a rebellion going are the controllers themselves. If individuals don’t purge hatred from their hearts, they will be purged in the future battlefields across America. But here is what stands out to me…

TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A PURPOSE. Each of us faces the threat of believing lies. “The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; Who can understand it?”(B) The lies of the World go way beyond making the employment rate look better. They extend all the way to how we treat our Creator. We need to guard ourselves from the lies a person might tell himself. The Christian can still serve God whether he is in chains & imprisoned. We can be mirrors that reflect the glory of the Lord.(C) The short Bible book Philemon, just before Hebrews, concerns a Christian slave who went back to his owner. In the short book, Paul himself, refers to himself as “a prisoner of Jesus Christ”. We are light-bearers of God’s love to the world, whether we are slaves or free. Granted, it would be better that we were free. We are called to have servant hearts—it bothers us to become slaves—esp. slaves of an ungodly system—but no matter where they take us, we are God’s royalty. “But to the saints that are in the earth, and to the excellent, in whom is all my delight.” Or as another translator puts it: “As for the saints who are in the earth, They are the majestic ones in whom is all my delight.”(D) Nothing the World does can separate us from the love & admiration of God.(ROM 8:38) The Psalms & other places are full of Godly people crying out to their Creator for help. “In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple…”(E)

REFERENCE (A) Kellogg, Sarah, “Drones, Coming to the Skies Near You,” DC Bar Journal (Aug. 2012). (B) JER 17:9 (C) 2 COR 3:18 (D) PS 16:3 (E) PS 18:6


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