To the people who came here it was called “the New World”. To those already here it was home. For most of us, it was the land that produced us, our homeland. But the concept of it being a “new world”, a place of dreams & hopes never died. That is why people from all over the globe continue to pour across our borders, so that it might also be their home. What does America mean for the immigrant? The first Europeans to visit the New World took both VD & potatoes back with them. In life we have to take the good with the bad. Many of the first ones simply left their bones here to bleach, for them it meant death. But they kept coming. This is not a post of answers, but thoughts to chew on or spit out.

I’ve been in many foreign lands. Travel to other lands is a blessing, either one sees ways to improve one’s homeland, or one sees that one’s homeland is much better, & one appreciates home even more. For me, both have happened while overseas. Some foreigners have loved me on sight for my American-ness, others have instantly hated me. While America certainly has a variety of people & lifestyles, when one has travelled to other countries and come back, one realizes there is an American culture. Is there an overall “soul” or “spirit” to America? I think a composite soul/spirit does exist to represent America. There may be many ways to describe it. One aspect is that it is a confident independent spirit, a can-do spirit. That was the spirit that my pioneer ancestors & their neighbors had who were farmers. But over my lifetime it seems to have gotten darker. The deeply rooted distrust of authority continues in some fashion, but the World Order has managed to manipulate the general population to “rebel” in the direction they steer them.

A WORLD WHERE MEN DEGENERATE. Many years have passed since 1770, when Abbe Guillaume Raynal wrote his 4 volume masterpiece about America for European readers. His long titled book described the history, economics, morality, anthropology & politics of the New World…and it was not flattering. It was highly critical of the New World. Slavery had almost died out in Europe, when unfortunately in Raynal’s view, it got revived in the New World. In his analysis, the New World had brought out the worst of the Europeans; they had carried death, disease & destruction to peaceful natives, and had instituted exploitive govts. & churches. In his scholarly opinion, put forth as fact, the Europeans that lived in the New World were but a sickly pale comparison to those back in Europe. The European race had degenerated in the New World. His negative views set the foundations for negative European opinions about America ever since. Americans are still viewed as illiterate degenerates by many educated Europeans—at least that is the opinion that some have sincerely expressed to my face.

LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. But something changed Raynal’s opinion for the better…the American Revolution & the men who created a new nation conceived in liberty. A number of Europeans who saw America first hand during our revolution & witnessed the new nation Americans created went back to Europe and wrote books full of praise. Friedrich von Gentz, Johann Schöpf & Christoph Ebeling (of Hamburg) were 3 German writers who praised the new United States. The French aristocrat Condorcet wrote that America represented progress for the world.

There is no question that the American Revolution helped inspire the French Revolution. And the French revolution in turn inspired the creation of the first two political “parties” in the new USA: the anti-Federalists (pro-French revolution) & the Federalists (anti-revolution, pro-strong govt.). The French decided to take their revolution the whole way, and their revolution polarized Americans. Illuminati inspired literary clubs sprung up in America, and those who were behind the French revolution called their clubs “Jacobin” clubs & “Democratic societies”. Those who were repelled by the chaos & violence of the French revolution were called in the Boston-Salem area the British Junto. I mention this, because here we see the genesis of our 2-party system…and even from the start the voter is given an evil either way. You could be an anti-Federalist which meant agreeing with the excesses of the French revolution…or you could be a Federalist (called “British agents” by their opposition) and support big govt. & big business. If one knows that the Illum. created the French Revolution…do you see the choices??… Choice A-the Illuminati inspired “democratic” revolution, OR Choice B–the elite’s big govt. & big business. (In modern times, the choice was communist revolution vs. capitalism.) In many instances, the upper class went Federalist, & the lower class went anti-Federalist. It was a choice between 2 evils. And the template has carried forward. Those two groups were politically fighting it out when our Constitution was proposed & voted on.

BILL OF RIGHTS. If the Federalists led by men like Alexander Hamilton had had their way, we would have simply gone directly to a powerful dictatorial big govt. with a central bank. But the anti-Federalists objected to the Constitution that the Federalists had drawn up. Their 5 major concerns were: 1. There was no Bill of Rights guaranteeing the freedoms Americans had fought for, 2. The creation of a strong central national govt. would eventually lead to tyranny & dictatorship, 3. The proposed Constitution favored the elite (i.e. the aristocracy, which our revolution was to have removed from power), 4. The new Constitution would lead to greater taxation, 5. A standing military would cause many negatives that were contrary to the ideals of the nation. Scholars can now look back and see their objections were 99% prophetic. Fortunately, the Federalists compromised and tacked on a Bill of Rights!! The compromises created local-state-national jurisdictions of power and other separations of power. In the end, the Americans managed to create a good workable Constitution.

BABYLON THE GREAT? It is popular for Americans, isolated from really knowing how the rest of the world operates to brand their nation “Babylon the Great”. Our news reports on Jimmy Swaggart & Jim Jones…and we (& much of the rest of the world) never learn of all the Swaggarts and Jones that do equally off color things in other nations. Think for a moment…you don’t see people being beheaded in America…you don’t see millions of people dying from a natural disaster…etc. Cutting to the Biblical chase, its description of Babylon the Great…the Mystery Religions that have spawned the Catholic idols and Freemasonry…is the continuation of the Mystery Religions, which is the Illuminati. The heart of evil in the world is not America. A close look at the description of Babylon the Great should convince people it is not the USA, as so many believe.

AMERICA HAS MADE MANY POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE WORLD. America has sent out more missionaries than anywhere else. Having studied WW 2 in great detail, I have concluded that America’s contribution in the war tipped the scales for an Allied victory against Hitler. Russia did most of the fighting, but they did it with a great deal of critical material help from America. Russia’s greatest victory during the war—seldom getting much attention—was the complete destruction of Hitler’s Army Group Center in 1944. But in examining reports from that German defeat—it was clear to me that the deciding factor that weakened the Wehrmacht’s Army Group Ctr. in ’44 was most of the Luftwaffe had been taken west to fight Amer. & Brit. bombers. The Luftwaffe’s ground support had severely mauled previous Russian offensives. Most informed people understand that life under the subjection of the Nazis was a terror. Americans were proud of their victory. It’s sad to realize our leaders helped supply Hitler before & during the war. And the Bush family made money off the concentration camps. But let us place the blame for such perfidy where it belongs—on the Illuminati. Three generations of Bushes have been Skull & Boners.

TAKING THE GOOD WITH THE BAD. People are not perfect. America is obviously not perfect. What can each of us do to make it a better place?? It is easy to criticize & complain, but perhaps harder to do constructive things. Each American is a part of the whole. I personally know of a number of Americans who have stepped out and made significant positive contributions. I challenge each of us to do a significant noble deed. May you be blessed my friend, & find the strength to add your contribution to this great land.


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