Because Tolkien’s “trilogy” of Lord of the Rings (LofR) books have been a best seller all over the world, and so much of our society is built upon myth and fairy tales, it is interesting to show some relationships between Tolkien & the Illuminati. Now bear in mind, Tolkien himself was not a member of the Illuminati, even though he obviously is aware of the meaning of some of their symbols; also he was an expert in old languages & old European myths. He stated that the Lord of the Rings tale related to about 4000 B.C. He also said that the character Aragorn was like Charlemagne. Aragorn’s betrothal to Elf Princess Arwen is reminiscent of Charlemagne’s betrothal to the “elf” Princess Frastada. Tolkien had studied the Volsunga Saga in detail (a copy of which he bought in 1914, & which obviously provided some of the dualism in LofR). Also of major inspiration for the books was the legend of King Solomon’s magic rings which are used in the occult to summon rings. Concentric rings also relate to Kabbalism. Orks in the story are subject to mind control similar to m.c. victims today. The point from these examples is that the LofR trilogy does indeed relate to real events, people & actual myths.

John Todd said that Tolkien had asked the Rothschilds if he could incorporate their story into the LofR, and it does appear to be the case…the 5 sons of Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) were called the 5 wizards. Likewise the LofR has 5 wizards, one of which (Gandolf) seems to be Nathan Rothschild. Three of the wizards are prominent (like James & Nathan), two insignificant (as Karl of the orig. 5 sons). The middle name of these 5 Rothschild brothers was Mayer…in LofR the 5 wizards are Maiars, a very close resemblance. Gandolf, who has power by magick, is called the “white & shining” one, similar to how Nathan did such a good job for his bloodline, for instance, taking control over the Bank of England.

Of course the LofR is full of all kinds of magic and occultism…dwarfs & elfin, councils & hierarchies, Keeper of items, a sorcerer king, towers, silent watchers, magical rings, trees & rocks that talk, endless cycles of renewal, the letter k assoc. w/ evil, and lots of gnostic dualism. The books are full of snakes, wolves, bats & spiders which are assoc. with evil. Elfin magic which is actually a powerful magick used in the occult occurs in Tolkien’s books. The Elves in Tolkien’s books are not cute little things, but rather large and more powerful than ordinary mortals. This relates to the elite bloodlines, who have used stories about elves to preserve their secret histories.

John Todd is not the only one who connects Tolkien’s LofR with the Illum. Laurance Gardner in one of his books goes into many details and symbols that the Illuminati’s Holy Grail family have used for centuries, which got incorporated into Tolkien’s LofR’s trilogy. Rings & the Grail are to some degree synonymous, so the story of the rings is also the story of the Holy Grail bloodline (main Illuminati bloodline’s history of themselves). I had hoped to go into these parallels, but note that the little time I have had to write this post is over. I will close with a few items that are worth quoting.

From Fellowship of the Ring, chap. 2 (Ist book of Trilogy)…

“One Ring to rule them all,

One Ring to find them,

One Ring to bring them all,

And in the darkness bind them.”

Aragorn says (II, 36, 43), “The doom of choice…there are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse even though the end may be dark.”

Summary. This has been a brief look at The Lord of the Rings. There are other elements in the LofRs trilogy that relate to the Illuminati, and many things that relate to the pagan myths of Europe, but I have had to keep this brief due to time restraints. Also of interest to this topic is the role that fantasy plays in our society. Fairy tales are reality to some children. Some people actually intentionally read books like Tolkien’s to gain intelligence and wisdom. By the way, John Ronald Renel Tolkien was British, his father had worked for the Bank of Africa, and his good friend C.S. Lewis had strongly supported him and encouraged him for years to get the Lord of the Rings books finished. What I find significant, is that such English literature, which has such a major influence on our students, has as its foundation myths from the occult and Illuminati history woven into it.


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