This post is to bring our understanding about the European Union (EU) in line with reality.

EUROPE IS A DEMOCRACY. Wrong. Europe appears like a democracy, although even in its appearance it is a long ways from the democratic façade of the USA. We hear about a European Parliament, but they simply talk, they do not initiate legislation or watch over things. The EU’s Council of Ministers have more power, but they themselves have to submit a plan of action to the Illuminati for approval before it can be acted upon. On the surface, France & Germany are the core of the EU, but deeper than that is the Illuminati, including all the old money & aristocracy that belong to it. Most of the lower level decisions are done by unelected civil servants; the EU has far fewer positions than the U.S. up for election. Local governments have little power compared to the U.S. There are no separate votes for a prime minister or a member of parliament…the voter is merely allowed to vote for a party. There is no primary election.

THE PURPOSE OF G-20 (20 important economies) WAS TO BRING THE BRIC COUNTRIES INTO GLOBAL PLANNING. Wrong. The actual reason was to reduce the economic power of the U.S. and strengthen the power of the EU. The U.S.A. has had in recent times about 20% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product, and about 33% of the GDP of the G-20 nations. When G-20 makes economic decisions, the U.S. gets one vote, Europe gets 5. On top of that, Europe got everyone to have the IMF take on the role as advisor to G-20. The EU decides who is the head of the IMF. This gives the Europeans global domination over the economic decisions. It was Barack Obama who shamelessly ratified this arrangement. Now the IMF & G-20 (directed by Europeans) function as a upper level board of directors for the global economy.

EUROPE HAS NO JURISDICTION IN THE U.S.A. Not true. While Obama was President, & Hillary Clinton was our Secretary of State they quietly got the U.S. to sign lots of treaties that change everything. The U.S. is now obligated to global (& pro EU) policies. For instance, one half of American royalties from offshore oil & gas no longer go to the U.S., but are required to go to the U.N. which will decide how it is spent. Meanwhile we are required to share all of America’s offshore drilling technology with the entire globe. Nice treaty eh? One treaty banned corporal punishment in our homes & schools. Another forces the U.S. govt. to make zoning laws to restrict vehicles and to encourage people to move from rural areas to congested big cities. The International Criminal Court based on the European System of law has extended its power over Americans. In 2011, Bush was to be a key speaker in Switz. but he realized he would likely be arrested for authorizing torture, so he cancelled the trip.

AMER. BANKING & MARKETS ARE GOVERNED HERE. Wrong. The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) regulates the world’s markets incl. ours. They issue global guidelines. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision governs banking regulators. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) located in Basel, Switz. is the heart of the global banking system. The Federal Reserve is part of BIS and has 2 directors on the BIS board, which in turn gives advice to the Fed. BIS was the father of the Euro. BIS is the bank for all the central banks. The bank for the bankers. The parent bank for the European Central Bank was…you guessed it BIS.

So what we have learned is that America is without true sovereignty. Our elite have placed us under the control of the European Stringpullers. The EU in turn is run by the Illuminati stringpullers, and only appears on the surface to be a democracy. I have been saying for decades that we had a global govt. already. Now other informed people are noticing it too.


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