THE NOVUS ORDO, THE ILLUMINATI & FREEMASONRY. This post is a collection of thoughts on the New World Ordo and the semi-secret Masonic Rites, and the super-secret (until recently) Illuminati. Its purpose is to provide the reader with a fresh brief view of an old topic.

2 PARTY HEGELIAN DIALECTICS GIVE US ILLUMINATI POLICY LIKE OPEN BORDERS. In 2007, a surprisingly good description of the Illuminati was published by a member of the O.T.O & Freemasonry who had been researching the Illuminati for years, I quote: “The utopian collectivism of the Illuminati and later devotees of the French Revolution, and their incessant desire to ‘improve’ mankind that we may become better-fitted subjects for their management goals, is alive and well today on ‘both sides of the aisle.’ Hillary Clinton or George Soros could as easily be writing these prescriptions as Adam Weishaupt or Karl Marx. George W. Bush’s embrace of big-government ‘compassionate conservatism’ is arguably the Christian socialism preached by the Illuminati, as his immigration policy proposals of 2006 could have been taken straight from the ‘open borders’ page of the Illuminati playbook.”(A) Wow, that this secret society insider speaks so accurately about Illuminati members Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Geo. W. Bush is most impressive. Obama continues the Illuminati’s open border policy.

2 RELIGIOUS POWERS HEGELIAN DIALECTICS GIVE US ILLUMINATI POLICY. I have continually tried to explain that the Grand Lodge in London sends Illum. orders to both Freemasonry and the Popes & Jesuits. (Because I have explained this, some SDA mmbrs have falsely slandered me as being a Jesuit agent.) The SDA church has promoted a false dialectic that it is God’s sole organization & the rest of the world is run by the Jesuits, and that the Illum. is merely a plaything of the Jesuits. The hierarchy of the SDA church has their own scandalous past connected to the PTSNB. There are many examples that expose the real state of affairs…I will pick one from history! But first some interesting background info…

Waite’s New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry states (p. xciii), “Holy Ground.—In the catholic sense wheresoever the work of God is performed, there is holy ground. The Art of Freemasonry is performed to the Glory of God, for which reason the Lodge is to be accounted Holy Ground.” He later explains that the Masonic all-seeing eye is the “chief deity of [ancient] Egypt”. He states that Freemasonry is the Mysteries that were practiced by those who built the Tower of Babel.(p. 23) Babel was a Masonic enterprise.(p.61) His Encyclopedia explains that the higher degrees are secretly led by rarely appearing angels (p. 28-29), and he states that this fact would shock the lower degrees. The encyclopedia mentions a masonic lodge La Parfaite Union founded at Mons, Belgium 6/24/1721 as being the oldest lodge on the European continent. He mentions 3 other old masonic lodges in the Belgium area. Interestingly, the Illuminati have been centered in the Belgium and London areas, as well as Scotland. One rarely thinks of Belgium as being an early Masonic stronghold.

AN EXAMPLE OF THE DIALECTIC. In 1848, Constantino Brumidi was an Italian fresco artist in Rome who had painted for the pope. That was the year that the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon III… a Freemason, took power in France. The first thing Freemason Napoleon III (1808-1873) did once in control, without asking anyone’s advice, was to order his French troops that had previously assisted the partial unification of Italy, & Illum. kingpin Mazzini’s Young Italy goals, to protect the pope! (Later Illum. kingpin Mazzini, also a Freemason & leader at the first Communist Internationale, got to see the pope’s power totally subjected to Freemasonry on the great Masonic date 9/20/1870.) At the same time Napoleon III moved to protect the pope, he also ordered the pope to introduce liberal reforms, which the pope did. He further assisted the Pope by preventing the new Italian govt. from annexing the pope’s papal states. The Illum. kingpin Alphonse de Rothschild, head of the French Rothschilds, shared his mistress with Napoleon III. Napoleon III’s wife, Eugénie de Montijo, worked for the Rothschilds, and another woman that he had lived with who raised his 2 children was the wealthy heiress Harriet Howard. Illuminati financial institutions Societe Generale & Credit Mobilier financed Napoleon’s ventures. Napoleon had received higher education in Bavaria, & his family had a villa in Rome.

Now back to Brumidi, about whom the story goes, wanted out of Rome in 1849 because of the French troops there. He is a Catholic fresco painter, and he comes to America prior to our Civil War and is hired to do artwork in the Capitol building, incl. a fresco in the dome of the capitol building named the Apothesosis of George Washington (painted in 1865). And he did other artwork throughout the capitol building. The Apothesosis deifies the Freemason George Washington, in line with the growing cult status that Freemasons were then publicly assigning him in their publicity drives. He is draped in royal purple, a rainbow arch at his feet. He has 2 goddesses on each side, and 13 maidens in a circle. Other pagan gods such as Vulcan and Ceres are also placed into the fresco. Here is a Catholic artist deifying a Freemason with pagan goddesses. If people will pay close attention, there are lots of anomalies in this history. I call them red flags that things are not the simple dialectic that we are fed. There are deeper realities.

HOW THE NOVUS ORDO RULERS WILL THINK . The thinking patterns of the elite in the past will continue when they have full visible control of their Novus Ordo Seclorum. Hitler provides an example (there are many other similar ones). Hitler was fascinated with building a majestic capital that would be monumental with colossal buildings that would be the world’s most impressive. In the event, although his genius architect Albert Speer designed them, the second world war prevented their erection. His inner body guards, in line with several prior German occultic cults (Thule Gesellshaft, Vril Soc., German Masonic groups, etc.) created a Nazi mystery religion. Give the people a good mystery religion and curious godless intellects will eat it up. The ancient secrets will again be used. If one looks at the youth & teenage sections of public libraries they are full of occult mystery novels…vampires, zombies, witches and so forth….rows and rows of mental junk food. Parents are already trained to think someone else should raise their child: early head start, schools, babysitters, and so forth. The govt. has legally considered itself the children’s guardian and final owner. So the end destination of this thinking is to simply have the govt. produce & raise children (beyond even the Hitler youth concept). All around the world pyramids are being built, and buildings w/ obviously occult themes. So not only will the new capital be impressive, it will mix in occult themes to the architecture. We see that trend all over America.

(A) Wasserman, James. Introduction in Secret Societies: Illuminati, Freemasons and the French Revolution. Lake Worth, FL: Ibis Press, 2007.



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