The New World Order in Asia 12 SEP 2013

The New World Order in Asia. Asia & Australia are playing increasing roles, so the goal of this post is provide insights into Asia’s roles.
Unofficial capital of Asia is Singapore, where East & West join, where English & Chinese are both official languages, & where the Lee (Li elite bloodline) maintains control. Singapore is a 27 mi. by 14 mi. 226 square mile city-state modeled on Switz., a highly modern economically opportunistic state that stays diplomatically neutral. It is one of the Illuminati’s current day financial centers, which include London, NYC, Shanghai, Dubai & Hong Kong. After 9/11, money left NYC, & London grew. As an indication that businessmen like to travel between these centers to Singapore, there are non-stop direct flights from London, NYC, L.A., & Johannesburg to Singapore’s Changi Airport. The flight from Newark, NYC is a 19 hour non-stop flight—the longest commercial flight in the world.
Since independence in ’59 from the U.K., the Li family has run the country; first by Lee Kaan Yew up to 1990, when he placed his deputy Goh Chok Tong as his prime minister while he stayed his advisor, until 2004 when his oldest son Lee Hsien Loong took over as prime minister & he cont. as senior advisor. Additionally, a secret fraternity-like society was created, the Pyramid Club, which meets at No. 2 Goodward Park, Orchard Road, in the main shopping district, which carries out the decision making for the finer details of running the tiny nation. Its members are 300 Singapore nationals along with 150 assoc. members drawn from the foreign elite in Singapore.
Exploitation of Asian peoples has ties to Singapore’s history which began in 1819 when the British East India Co. began creating a major, strategically-located, tax-free port on the great natural harbor there. By the way, the Br. East India Co. created the two companies that settled Jamestown & Plymouth, MS. After being chartered in 1600, the Br. East India Co. worked to est. good relations w/ Indian princes & businessmen. (Bear in mind the Br. East India Co. shareholders were elite families, some w/ ties back to another maritime city-state Venice.) The Indian elite made profits & stood by as the British exploited the common people. Early on, Veerjee Vora, an Indian banker, was the largest creditor of the Br. East India Co. The same dynamic goes on today. Disney, a vital part of the Illum. mind control & a major promoter of their agendas by films & songs, uses child slave labor in Asia to produce low-cost Disney products. In China, workers in a Disney factory (Chi Wah Toy) breathed toxic levels of benzene, 3 died, 20 survived after hospitalization. Workers, often children, have permanent damage to their bodies due to primitive unsafe work conditions. For instance, kids have lost their hands eaten by chemical solvents, so Disney could make profits. To get into Red China, Disney had to negotiate a secret agreement to promote Red China in Amer., an example of that is their “Wonders of China” film exhibit at EPCOT.
Singapore today reflects the British creation of “native divisions”: in the Indian section you see Hindu temples, the Hindu Festival of Lights & curry houses; in the Moslem sect. you see the Sultan mosque & Ramadan; in Chinatown the Dragon Boat Festival, and interestingly a huge carving from a 1000 yr. old juniper of the coming future Lord Maitreya in the Hundred Dragons Hall. Universal Theaters has recreated ancient Egypt in their theme park at Sentosa. The nation is a cashless society using the Singapore dollar. Law enforcement is strict: US$ 1,000 fine for smoking in public, or for being a repeat jaywalker. And you will be fined for not flushing your public toilet. Info is tightly controlled, for instance, satellite dishes are banned, & radio & t.v. are produced by the state-controlled Mediacorp.
Singapore has secretly agreed to back the BRICS bank, which Russia & China have created to provide an alternative to the Western dominated global banking system. The heart of the BRICS agreement is really to create a true world government. One of its purposes is to dethrone the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, which will destroy a lot of the value of the U.S. dollar. Who won’t want to jump ship & quit using U.S. dollars when their value collapses!!?


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