This post is a follow up article to my 6/30/14 article on Milutin Milankovitch and Milankovitch Cycles. In contrast with the lies, spins & disinfo that Al Gore, Obama & his weather advisors & the mass media spread, Milankovitch gave the world precise accurate mathematical formulas based on real science concerning weather. His formulas for predicting climate changes actually show the sun starting a natural cycle this year (2014) to decrease its energy output. This is a 206 yr. cycle. A previous similar cold spell began in 1615 & lasted to 1745…the effects tapering off to 1850. Already this yr. the cold weather has arrived as his scientific formulas have predicted: Russia & the Alps had premature deep snows. This was great for the European ski resorts which have opened up early.

THE CREATION OF WEATHER. My West Point plebe class on how weather is created was for me the most fascinating of all my fourth classman classes. I wish the entire subject were taught better in high school & college classes, because the weather has such a profound daily impact on our lives, & most people simply think the process is mysterious. The foundation to weather patterns is the heating of the globe & the fact that this heating is uneven due to such things as the shape and tilt of the globe. The rotation of the earth also plays a major role in the way winds & storms move. The motion of the earth’s water & air are a function of the distribution of heat as well as some other factors. The distance of the earth from the sun during its elliptical orbit and the magnitude of energy that the sun puts out (which changes according to cycles) also play a role.

INSTEAD OF GLOBAL PREPARATION WE GET GLOBALONEY. Because of the interplay between various elements, it is possible for excessive heat in one place to make another place colder…so the possibility of such an event happening exists…BUT the recent statements by the Obama administration that the recent cold weather has been generated by global warming are bogus spins. The spin doctors still can’t let loose of their lies about global warming. However, the next few yrs. will reveal the lack of truthfulness to their statements. Unfortunately, now is the time for people to start preparing for colder weather. Greenhouses & other things can be used to mitigate the problems that will develop. The controlled media has been announcing a “polar vortex” as if this is something new…however, the rotational motion of the globe around the pole is nothing new. Ocean & land mass temps are lowering. Knowledgeable scientists are predicting perhaps the next 35 yrs. will be cold weather, with an immediate 11 yr. weak solar energy cycle. An additional mitigating factor is the increase in volcanic activity, which is spewing ash & will also cool overall global temperatures. Prepare for a mini-Ice Age. Prepare for increased winter road closures & power outages. I recently saw on the news that a trucker survived in upper NY being stranded in snow for 40 hrs. without food & water. He obviously was not well prepared. In the long run, as the globe goes into this mini-Ice Age, one can expect migrations of people away from the areas getting colder. The U.S. is already absorbing perhaps 2 million illegal aliens per yr.

FURTHER PROBLEMS. Problems with the environment & climate changes are unfortunately manipulated by the PTSNB who have agendas. We also need to be aware of pseudo help from environmental groups connected to the elite who pretend to be fake grassroots groups wanting to protect us. I would label them “astroturf” groups—not grassroots because they are linked to elite run corporations who don’t mind lining up with the elite’s agendas, such as depopulation, making profits for the elite, etc. Globally mankind is facing some difficulties…and one will be food production. The colder weather could shorten growing seasons by perhaps one or two months. There is speculation that chemtrails are a secret attempt to help keep the climate warmer. My thoughts on this are as follows: the elements in the chemtrails are not for keeping the climate warm, nor could chemtrails make much difference considering the dynamics causing global cooling. If the elite were concerned about this mini-IceAge there are numerous things they should be doing—spraying us with damaging chemtrails is not one of them.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I have been asked to be a speaker at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia in April 10-12, 2015, which has as its theme “solutions”. My goal is to prepare a talk on how we can do things globally to have a sustainable lifestyle in view of the problems humanity faces. I am preparing another fb post along this line as I focus more in this direction. There are numerous scriptures which teach us to respect nature & to help our fellow man who is in need. God gave us a beautiful world, and the ability to thrive in it, if we will raise ourselves morally to the task. Unfortunately, many have believed a false gospel of consumption, that one will be happier if one consumes & wastes more resources. Christ never supported excessive consumption. We need some radical adjustments to our moral character in order to thrive during the upcoming challenges of the next years. I would of course want each person to discover Christ, & the changes He works in the hearts of men.

Humanity needs to work together, rather than against each other. We waste so much in conflicts already. With these things in mind, I will be speaking to the Free Your Mind Conference this upcoming year. It is not a Christian event…it is short sighted to think that workable solutions can implemented by only Christians, we all need to pull together…with that in mind, I am able to pass on the Conference’s request for donations to all of you which I will place immediately in the thread. If you are in eastern United States & want to piggy back off of this April conference to have me as a speaker…then please contact me and take advantage of my presence on the east coast. Be blessed my friend.


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