This post is how there may be announcements soon that would destroy the world’s trust in the U.S. govt. (I wasn’t going to write posts for 2 weeks…I have more to do than I can get done, yet sometimes life is what happens when you have other plans, so here I am writing another post… because I serve the Light of the World, and I need to give you my friends a heads up on the possibility that the financial trust in America may be broken soon, which would speed up the dollar collapse. )

Many of my friends probably have known, like myself, that Ft. Knox has been empty of gold, & that the Fed has been secretly selling America’s gold reserves for years. We have known why the Fed would not allow audits of its gold reserves…there was none. Even before I began exposing the World System in 1990 by writing I was aware of this, and the problem since then has only gotten worse. But the world has been accepting our govt.’s lies. Our dollar is built upon the “full faith & credit of the U.S. govt.” Recently, the Treasury Dept. in one of its publications addressed the issue that if trust in America was ruined “the value of the dollar could plummet….[leading to] a crisis.” Ron Paul tried to get legislation passed to audit the Fed, and its gold holdings. The truth has been covered up, so the world could be lied to. That is no surprise to many of us, but it will be to financial markets & governments around the world.

I reported in a past post how several countries, esp. Germany, were pulling all their gold out of America. I explained that this was to keep it from being confiscated if the dollar collapsed. However, I did not mention that the Germans were told that they could only get a fraction of their gold returned slowly, and the little gold they got returned was not their original gold. What happened? Our govt. has been selling and exporting large amounts of gold, incl. gold that was left in our safe keeping. A govt. report titled FT900 provides figures on what our govt. is exporting which was 217 tons of gold last year. Other govt. reports show our govt. went from gold reserves of over 20,000 tons (WW 2 era) to 8,133 tons. The 8,133 tons has been the false figure that has been printed repeatedly for 3 decades, as if the quantity of gold has remained fixed at that amount, which it hasn’t. If one looks at America’s gold production & gold consumption, and then the FT900 figures on govt. gold sales, it is obvious our govt. has been selling all the gold in their hands while pretending to have reserves. So where is that gold going?

China for starters. On 4/24/’09 China announced it has 1,054 tons of gold in reserve. Financial experts now calculate that it has over 5,000 tons…and it is quite possible that it will announce how much it has, to gain financial credibility. And this, along with other things, will help people realize that our govt. has sold China gold…yes, exported massive amounts of gold. And then they will see that the U.S. govt. has been lying on their statistics. (Yes, I realize most of you are yawning at that “revelation”—most of you realize that unemployment stats, war casualties and many other govt. stats are doctored. But many in the world have continued to have faith in the U.S. govt. That trust is going down the toilet, and as it does it will help drag down the dollar.) Who cares? It would not be a serious problem, if the U.S. economy were healthy. But it is extremely fragile, and so it is a big deal that all this may hit the public as a scandal. Our govt. is vulnerable to such a scandal & crisis of confidence worldwide.

The Word tells us about a time when the World will have problems with “merchandise of gold”. It also teaches that even more important than gold is wisdom, “Receive my instruction..and knowledge rather than choice gold. For wisdom is better than rubies…” PRV 8:11 Silver & gold have I none…but I can give you this warning that this kind of revelation about the Feds lying about their gold reserves could accelerate the collapse of the dollar. There won’t be much faith left in the U.S. govt.


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