“THE KING’S HEART IS IN THE HAND OF THE LORD…” PRV 21:1. Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego lived to see the pagan King of the World’s then Superpower (Nebuchadnezzar) praise God & decree that no one could speak against Him.

The date is 8/18/2008 and the future leader of the World & the Illuminati (then 45 yrs. old) has a heart attack, a 14-day coma, & a life changing Near Death Experience. Next year, the old guard of the Illuminati pass the leadership baton to him at Gstad, Switz. He then spends the next two years consolidating power within the Illuminati in order to enforce his vision, his ideals & principles.

As his absolute control solidified, he gathered leaders who had been loyal to his father, and who would accept his philosophy, and help him weed out the sick perversions and evil pervading the large Illuminati ranks. This explains why many of the affiliated fraternal organization have been dropped, and some dismantled! Because the Collins family was so deeply into witchcraft—their occult power had been attractive to the Illuminati Bloodlines at one point—they were no longer welcome within the Illuminati. They were told to take their dark powers somewhere else. Powerful occult groups like the OTO and Order of the Golden Dawn have been dismantled. The Committee of 300 which has met for so many years in Europe was stripped of its power. More of the story can be told later.

The Illuminati agenda was revised, & this new world leader, William Cornelius Van Duyn, became a force for good, further fulfilling the Scripture: “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil…for he is the minister of God to thee for good.” ROM 13:3,4 Lord willing, if you shall read my report on Mr. Van Duyn, you will see this man is no anti-Christ. Of course, he is also not a Christian. His philosophy fits in perfectly w/ historical theistic Gnosticism, & is appropriate for the Illuminati goal to have the Masonic religion become the world’s religion. Meanwhile, the large religious bodies of the World, as I have previously exposed, are directed from orders coming from the United Grand Lodge in England. What is exciting is that he has been dismantling the old satanic power structure & replacing it with a much more benign power structure. We can continue to pray that this process continue. As you can imagine, he is taking a lot of heat as he melts down this old satanic power structure.

The Prophet Daniel displayed spiritually mature attitudes of respect towards his King’s eunich advisor, and then later respect to the Superpower king himself. As the Word says, “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.” PRV 16:7

Life is full of surprises. I requested handwriting samples of the head of the Illuminati with the purpose of providing you an unbiased report on the World’s king. I am also to be provided some other things, which at this time I will allow to be surprises, and when available I will also post. In a dramatic gesture of openness & goodwill towards us common folk, Mr. Van Duyn has provided the requested samples. This post then, is a forerunner to an amazing upcoming report on an amazing man. I appreciate his toleration. Many of my readers will remember how we Christians have expected to see guillotines used; I, for one, am grateful that such toleration now exists at the top of the pyramid, for it should work its way downward.

One final and important point…my face book page is like my house. Respect me and my guests when you are in my house. When I have a guest in my house, he or she is to be treated with respect. During the upcoming symbolic guest appearance of the head of the World System/head of the Illuminati on my fb page, I expect all readers to show respect. Disrespectful comments will be blocked ASAP. By the way, it is not necessary to tell Mr. Van Duyn your viewpoints, he is well informed already, & is well informed of the problems we face in these turbulent times. I have seen some of the proposals he has generated to try to resolve some of these issues. He has extended to me the freedom to write what I want. I can post what I write about him as long as the content meets prior approval. This is a very fair condition. As in life in general, with freedom comes a degree of responsibility. This, my friend, is what you have to look forward to on here!


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