This post is the worldwide outcoming of the man behind the curtain, Mr. William Cornelius Van Duyn (bn. 1963). He is a leader of unusual accomplishment, outgoing & friendly; his close associates are loyal and love to be with him. He dislikes racism & criminal activity. The list of criminal bankers who have departed us is evidence of his dislike of criminals, esp. the banksters who have been above the law. He came from a privileged world, but is a progressive liberal who hopes to make people’s lives better. He is concerned about the youth because they are the future and would like to find solutions for helping the next generation. (That is those who care about themselves. And I can testify there are still some outstanding young people.) His approach is unique compared to previous similar leaders, but philosophically has some resemblance to the ideas of Adam Weishaupt. So the modern Illuminati has returned to philosophy & ditched the satanic witchcraft. (The world is still left w/ plenty of unaffiliated covens.)

As an aside, Mr. Van Duyn’s ancestor, Jan Cornelis Van Duyn married Nanette Weishaupt (1790-1853), whose mother Anna Maria Sausenhofer Weishaupt has her ashes and gravestone near Nanette’s. Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830) had a large family (in contrast w/ the Internet which says he had no children)…he had 3 sons who became officers: Eduard (Oberstleutnant), Ernst (Generalleutnant der Artillerie), Karl (General), as well as Alfred von Weishaupt, and Wilhelm. Adam Weishaupt was a German philosopher who prolifically wrote at least 17 major philosophical works, something not well known in this country.

The following analysis is based solely on the handwriting using scientific based analysis to get an unbiased view of someone’s character. The handwriting samples I used would generate the same analysis no matter who gave them to me. If something is not mentioned, it usually means it was not there in the handwriting to attract attention. An analysis is technically a snapshot of the mind’s thinking at the time of the writing sample. It has general validity because people do not generally change their personalities, but are the same from day to day. [Comments not based on the handwriting are in brackets.]

THE WAY MR. VAN DUYN INSPIRES. He enjoys being around others, sharing in their joys & sorrows, & making make new friends. Boredom is not part of his life; he’s a picture of enthusiasm. He enjoys life, & never seems to lose his childlike curiosity for things around him. It is rare for him not to start the day with a lively mood. Unless circumstances are overly dismal, he sings his way thru life. He’s generous & people oriented, & trusts those near him. He’s a genuine person.

THE WAY HE SOLVES PROBLEMS. He desires change. He is not afraid to face problems & try to resolve them. He moves from job to job, & task to task w/ ease. He is easily inspired to start new plans & projects. With his boundless energy, he often carries others along with him. He generally sets reachable goals. He places all personal freedoms before safety of self & property. For him, the only security is the freedom to express his feelings & abilities. And yet he is a team player & objective in listening to other’s opinions, and is not narrow minded. On the flip side, his agile mind can communicate easily. Should things not work out as planned, he can flexibly switch to another plan of action. He’s innovative, & adapts to new situations w/out losing his equilibrium.

THE WAY MR. VAN DUYN THINKS. He enjoys life, and lifts people’s spirits. He is not motivated by the kind of security that social standards normally have in place. He views this as a type of confinement rather than a source of protection. [Given the privileges of his status, security issues are taken care of. But he himself is content with a humble life. He has friends who don’t have a clue about who he really is.] Nor is he concerned with financial security. [The Van Duyn fortune is reportedly a mere $115 billion, the Rothschild’s $156 billion, give, I’m sure, a few dollars either way. With a portfolio of $50 billion, he bought shares in CBS, Time Warner, Comcast, Walt Disney, Facebook, Twitter, and other names you may recognize.] He resists being bound by structures. For instance, his home is his castle, but the building is not. Home to Mr. Van Duyn is himself & the people he allows to intimately visit him. [I am reminded that he recently had world leaders over incl. Lord Charles Jacobus Rothschild & Lady and Barak & Michele Obama.] He has a tender compassionate heart; indeed his heart rules over his head. [I am reminded of him talking to people in the street in casual clothes hearing their problems w/out them suspecting who they were talking to…and financing medical teams to help people in need, & setting up a soup kitchen, and all this done anonymously.] His love for people is invariably returned. At times, his sudden changes in emotion startles people who don’t realize he is simply responding to those around him. In fact, his warm nature can switch to spontaneous anger. [He is the boss with his subordinates. Or as his aide said, “He rules.”] But there are no signs of violence. He appreciates abstract ideas, & is fascinated by both little & big things. His ideas & interests are diversified. His knowledge base is practical rather than in-depth, so he depends upon the opinions of others, although at times he’ll prefer to investigate for himself. He likes to keep himself busy & his calendar full. He has a wholesome adjustment to life.

THE WAY HE LEADS. He is quick to make an appraisal & quick in an emergency. The word “dynamic” comes to mind. He has a poise, dignity & self-assurance. He knows he is important & worthy of attention. He appreciates the importance of his work. [For instance, a portfolio of $15 billion was created with the Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation to control famine, disease & health care. And another foundation received $21 billion to create better education worldwide.] Actually part of his sense of personal worth is based on the knowledge that he lines up in thoughts & actions to the set of standards he has adopted as his pattern for living. He is both spontaneous & flexible, yet adheres to what he believes. He’s responsible & sincere. His creativity plays a role in his leadership also. [His subordinate said, “Momentous ideas are continuously flowing thru his mind.” The handwriting validates that.] He has the ability to provide leadership without the quest for power.

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