A report based upon my Illum. research & Jesse Ventura’s excellent book “They Killed Our President” (2013). Until 9/11 came along, I considered the conspiracy to kill JFK the best tool to wake people up to the Matrix we live in. Ventura’s book documents how the CIA, Military-Industrial Complex, the big oil men, the vice-pres., the Italian & Corsican mobs, the Secret Service, the FBI, parts of the U.S. govt. in Wash., D.C., and the Dallas police were all in on the conspiracy. If one studies my material, one becomes aware that the only overarching secret societies that could take take in & manipulate such a vast array of constituents/actors would be the Illuminati (or perhaps Freemasonry or the CIA).

HIERARCHY MEMBERS CLAIM THE ILLUM. DID IT. Over the last 25 years various hierarchy members (both those disenchanted & those still active) have shared with me that it was common knowledge within the Illum. hierarchy that they gave the order to assassinate JFK. In my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, in the Onassis bloodline chapter (originally written as an article c. ’92), I discuss Aristotle Onassis giving the order to kill JFK. Allow me to call your attention to some very significant info that came out prior to my 1991 Be Wise As Serpents book… which consisted of Bruce Roberts’ 1000 handwritten pages (1975) given to Mae Brussell. These were condensed into what was called “The Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File”(1976). The Skeleton Key in various forms is all that survived. These docs first exposed Onassis’ leadership in the assassination. A decade later, a disgruntled OTO Grand Master Brunelle built upon this with his “Illuminati Research Paper”(c.1985). Still later, Jim Keith in his book “The Gemstone File”(1992) & Gerald A. Carroll’s “Project Seek”(1994) both provide information why the Gemstone Files seem legitimate.

JFK GOES HIS OWN DIRECTION AS PRES. JFK’s father no longer supervised him & his brother Bobby who was helping him as attorney general; & it is known for sure that JFK began shutting down the Illuminati’s various agendas. Considering all the things JFK was doing on his own as president: pulling out of Vietnam, shutting down the military industrial complex, printing U.S. money rather than using the Illum.’s Federal Reserve Notes, refusing to assassinate Castro, to nuke Russia & to begin WW 3, going after organized crime, shutting down the CIA, standing against racism, inspiring positives like peace, etc. etc.—it would be very surprising if the Illuminati had not done something!! On 11/12/63, there was a secret meeting where the plans for the Dallas assassination were finalized. Two of the participants were men I know were Illum. mmbrs; John McCloy (chrmn. Chase Manhattan & head of the Ford Foundation) and George Brown (fndr. Brown & Root, now Halliburton).(A) 33 degree Mason/FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was also there. Banker/Dallas mayor/philanthropist Robert Lee Thornton was also present. (ibid.) Sadly, JFK’s popularity today is not high within those blinded by the Matrix, they fail to realize he was really a martyr for this nation. He really lived up to his famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

VENTURA’S BOOK. Ventura (written w/ Dick Russell & David Wayne) does an impressive job at organizing and documenting the conspiracy that killed JFK. They say the book gives 63 documented reasons that JFK’s death was the product of a conspiracy. (I didn’t count.) For instance modern voice technologies verify that Oswald was telling the truth when he denied shooting JFK. They begin the book with the Justice dept. Katzenbach memo (written by the dep. Attorney General) which was sent out two days after JFK’s murder directing govt. employees to stick to the “Oswald-did-it-alone theme”. So much for looking for the real murderers of the biggest assassination in modern times! Ventura’s book documents the previous plots to assassinate JFK at Chicago, Tampa, which were virtually identical to what happened in Dallas. Loyal Americans were able to stop both of those plots, and what is interesting, a special military intelligence rescue team, who called themselves an “abort team” flew into Dallas to try to stop the assassination at Dealey Plaza. They arrived slightly late to stop it. Afterwards, members of the team were sent to prison on bogus charges.

What I was interested in, was how Ventura & his co-authors’ research stacked up beside what I had learned. It tied in nicely. Lois Gibson (known as the “World’s Most Successful Forensic Artist”) identified the three tramps (see Chap. 25 of Ventura’s book) at the Plaza. They were Chauncey Holt (who worked for both the CIA & mob, & was an assoc. w/ Oswald), Charles Rogers (a CIA cold-blooded killer, aka Richard Montoya, who had even chopped up his parents) and Charles Harrelson (a professional hit man). They served in a support role that day & each later in life claimed to have taken part in the assassination. Ventura’s Chap. 24 discusses the Umbrella Man and the dark complexioned Radio Man, who were key men in the Illum.’s assassination of JFK. An imitation Umbrella Man, L.S. Witt, came forward to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations to deflect attention away from this key assassination figure. His story of that day was silly, complete B.S., esp. that he held the umbrella up to make JFK angry that his dad had been pro-German. (The controlled media ran with Witt’s silly story…and they claim conspiracy theorists believe bizarre things!) The real Umbrella man, thrust his umbrella up in the air, and opened & closed it as an obvious signal, while the radio man waved his hands. He soon spoke into the radio, hid it, and walked away…both men acting totally different than the onlookers who were hitting the ground and hiding each other from being hit by more bullets. Ventura gives the url of Russ Baker’s article on the umbrella man:…/11/28/ny-times%E2%80%99-umbrella-man-expo…/.

FINAL THOUGHTS. If you want to study the JFK assassination more, then I would recommend Jesse Ventura’s book “They Killed Our President”. Jesse makes no mention of any of the Gemstone File material, which has had secondary confirmation, but I believe that the original information which was bought from sources around the world by Bruce Roberts, often w/ rubies & sapphires, is an honest reflection of the facts as Roberts could decipher them. Roberts himself had had connections to Onassis & JFK. I recommend readers study Project Seek for a better grasp of the credibility of Robert’s material. A number of people assoc. with the material were killed, again revealing its importance. May we not forget the sacrifice of Kennedy, Roberts & others. May those in the Matrix realize how JFK’s presidential record/legacy has been downplayed by the PTSNB. John F. Kennedy was no saint, & he was from the Illuminati Kennedy bloodline, but he was a true patriot saving this nation from the globalist elite. And by the way, as some of you know, his bloodline is no longer is a top Illum. bloodline.

(A) This is discussed in Ventura’s They Killed Our President on pg.271, and references the book Texas in the Morning: The Love Story of Madeleine Brown and President Lyndon Baines Johnson (Conservatory Press: 1971), p. 166. It also uses Spartacus Educational,



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