This article is a continuation of about ten previous articles & reveals Illuminati plans for a reset in October, 2015. As I have mentioned before, Christine LaGarde, head of the IMF, is on the 7 member Illuminati Board of Directors that functions like the Illuminati’s Council of 13 previously did. She has repeatedly warned of a global financial reset. Her right hand man is a globalist from China, Dr. Min Zhu. For years, I have described China’s steps to become the world’s reserve currency, for instance, secretly stockpiling over 5,000 tons of gold, and their secret negotiations with other nations, and Singapore’s secret backing of this. I have written how ATMs in China no longer take dollar based plastic cards. I have written how our leaders continue to sabotage our dollar, & how the IMF’s SDRs work.

CHINA’S FAILURE OF 2010 NO LONGER PERTAINS. The Illuminati had seriously considered a reserve currency reset in 2010 in which China’s currency would have been elevated to reserve status, and one of my inside sources had thought it most likely. In the event, the Illuminati financial gurus felt that China’s economy needed to get stronger before it was ready to take on the responsibility of being a world reserve currency. China had secretly prepared the Red Plum SE Asian currency—similar to the Euro for this purpose. But plans were put on hold. A person in the IMF now says China’s economy passes the test to be a global reserve currency. Illuminata Christine LaGarde has made it clear that China’s currency will become a world reserve currency. To quote her exactly, she unequivocally said, “It is not a question of IF, it is a question of WHEN!” Her right hand man, Zhu Min, has told people that China’s currency would be recognized as a world reserve currency this year by the IMF. The IMF’s internal calendar of meetings & events points to the 3rd week in October, 2015 as the point in time to announce China’s yuan as a global reserve currency. Now bear in mind, currently the U.S. dollar is only functioning 62% of the time as a reserve currency…38% of the time, the other major currencies like the British pound, the Euro, and Canadian, Australian dollars and the Japanese Yen, and IMF SDRs fill the bill. The dollar will still play a role as a reserve currency AFTER this anticipated announcement, however, after the announcement the dollar will no longer be the same. Bankers who are insiders are preparing for this. 40 central banks have invested in the Chinese yuan. Illum. banks like HSBC & Deutsche Bank are trading & investing in the yuan.

THIS RESET MEANS A FINANCIAL STORM FOR DOLLAR HOLDERS. If your savings or retirement is in dollars, this reset will wipe you out. I discussed how the Swiss challenged the concept of fiat money in Nov. 30th, 2014 to back their money with gold. On 1/15/2015, Switz.’s Central bank stopped their currency pegging with the Franc and everyone in Europe dumped their Swiss Francs for Euros. If you had a loan in Swiss Franc’s it increased in value 40%, thereby ruining you. The world’s currency markets made big shifts in relation to the Swiss Franc, and interestingly, some people like Questra Capital obviously knew what was going to happen and made out like bandits. Likewise, you can prepare for this new reset by switching your assets to things that the reset will not damage. While silver & gold are fairly stable, there will be other things that are better investments. I will let you figure this out, as I do not want to put myself in the place of your financial advisor.

CONNECTIONS TO OTHER EVENTS. I believe that Jade Helm 15 may be connected to the rise of China’s currency & the collapse of ours. My opinion,… and this is merely my informed opinion,… is that Jade Helm is merely a precursor exercise to the real thing, to mute our sensitivity to these things. As I have written before, in WW2 the Allies did large air raids that were similar to D-Day, so that the Germans would have their guard down when the real event happened. In the event, the Germans were totally surprised, & did indeed disregard signs of the impending Grossinvasion. There needs to be some caution about overstating what Jade Helm is, lest people think we are calling “wolf, wolf” and tune us out when the wolf comes. On the other hand, it definitely is a sign of something serious on the horizon.



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