The HOUSE OF SAVOY & other no. Italian nodes of power 5 JUN 2014

This post is a sequel to my recent post “Universal Power without Unity” as well as previous articles on the House of Viscounti, Venice, the Pope, and Knights Templars. It also builds upon my book Bloodlines of the Illuminati (available from my website The House of Savoy is the oldest ruling house in Europe dating back to 1000 A.D. When studying the history of the World Order & the Illuminati, I have repeatedly bumped into the House of Savoy, traditional rulers of a small territory in NW Italy named Savoy w/ its capital Turin, whose desc. pop up all over Europe. For instance, the Illuminati Mother of Darkness hierarchy castle Chateau des Amerois in Belgium was owned by Dennis Savoy when I was exposing it in the ‘90’s. Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy was Governor of the Netherlands (1555-1559). The current head of the House of Savoy Victor Emmanuel (aka Vittorio Emanuele de Savoia) is a P2 Freemason, Knight of Malta, banker, arms dealer, with a mother who was a Princess of Belgium. He claims the title King of Jerusalem, although the Spanish king (by way of the Habsburgs) also claims this. After a dinner with King Juan Carlos 1 of Spain, Victor Emmanuel punched his rival claimant to the head of the House of Savoy twice in the face! These punches reflect the theme of this post, which will continue to describe the disunity w/in the elite.

COMPETING NODES OF POWER. Europe for many years was divided between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, similar to the cold war between NATO & the Communist world. The House of Savoy was on both sides, sometimes both sides at the same time. The House of Savoy intermarried with the Houses of Plantagenets & Capets (Royalty of France). French King Philippe IV le Bel, who burned the Grand Master of the Knights Templar Jacque DeMoley at the stake was a Savoy. His son-in-law, Edward II of England, also a Savoy (his father’s mother was a Savoy & he was married to a Savoy), tried to protect the Order of Knights Templar. One of the co-founders of the Templars was a gnostic Cathar. Edward 1’s mother’s uncle was head of the gnostic Albigensians & had Cathars as his advisors. His cousin Philippe IV’s minister, descended from the Albigenians, called for a United League of Europe.

LEAGUE OF EUROPE. Many years after that call, there was a League of Europe called the League of Cambrai which allied in 1508 to fight another northern Italian node of power to the east of Savoy, the Republic of Venice. That war is called War of the League of Cambrai. It has some interesting things about it. The League incl. the Catholic nations in France, England, Spain, Germany & the Pope w/ the Papal States (central Italy). Cambrai where they concluded their alliance was in the Netherlands. Venice has a 16th cent. painting in the Hall of the Doge’s palace celebrating their victory over the European League…which portrays Europe as a woman riding a bull, the same symbol used by the modern EU for Europe. German troops were coming from the north, and French from the west. United Europe would have beat Venice except the Pope switched sides in Feb. 1510, & his banker, Agostino Chigi, loaned Venice 40,000 ducats which allowed them to rebuild their defeated army. The Pope’s decision to switch sides was purely for carnal reasons, as the Venetian Empire, known for its wealth & power, was very reprobate spiritually. Homosexuality was so prevalent as a life style, female prostitutes had a hard time making a living there. The Pope had excommunicated the entire Venetian population before he declared war on Venice in 1508. The Pope was not a popular figure in Venice, but out of desperation they took his help. Yrs. later, Venice reneged on their contract to Chigi (angering the Pope who excommunicated 50 Venetian nobles), & after yrs. of wrangling in the courts & after Chigi had died, a settlement in favor of Venice was concluded. You would have thought there would have been some gratitude for the money that saved their Venice! After the war, Venice to survive did the same as Savoy, played off various rivals. And by the way, after 8 yrs. of war & shifting alliances boundaries ended as they had been at the start.

METHODS OF ASSASSINATION. You will note that Pope Clement & King Philippe who put DeMoley to death died themselves soon afterwards! The Medici family preferred poison & stabbing, & the Viscounti by torture & hanging. The Savoys killed “cleanly”. However, the Savoys did get a reputation for killing large groups of people, for instance, the Waldensians in the Easter massacre of 1655. Freemason Garibaldi, disciple of Mazzini, worked w/ the House of Savoy to unify Italy. The House then provided the kings of Italy. Many are not aware that the King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel, put Mussolini into power, & was still king while Mussolini ran things. Because of that, the Italian people rejected the House of Savoy in 1946, & forbid them to enter Italian territory. The ban continues. 14 of their palaces & castles in the Turin-Piedmont area are special UNESCO sites kept up by the state. Three of these that catch my attention are the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) which has a bldg. built by the Savoys to house the Shroud of Turin, Castello del Valentino which has the relics of St. Valentine, and the beautiful Villa della Regina (Queen’s palace).

A FEW MORE TIDBITS. Some other Savoys of note incl.: the Nemours of France; Franz, Duke of Bavaria; Boniface of Savoy who was the Archbishop of Canterbury & the son of the Count of Savoy. The House of Stuart married into the House of Savoy when Anna Maria married Duke Amadeus II. The world famous iconic 5-star Savoy Hotel in London was built by Illuminati mmbr James C. Stewart (who also built UT’s state capital bldg.) Illum. kingpin Onassis lived at the Savoy when WW 2 broke out. The current head of the House (Victor Emmanuel), who grew up on an estate in Merlinge, Switz. now resides in Geneva. Aimone of Savoy-Aosta married the Greek Princess Olga in 2008.

CONCLUSION. This post has spotlighted the House of Savoy and used this to re-emphasize the divided nature of the elite who run things. Savoyards allied themselves with different power factions, sometimes even with both sides at once. There is also a connection to Gnosticism and the Illum., yet not as noticeable as with some bloodlines. It is not surprising that the oldest ruling house of Europe which intermarried w/ other elite houses would have some connections.


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