THE HIDDEN PRICE OF WAR CRIMES. In studying history, it is apparent that war criminals usually have little comprehension that the crimes they perpetrate will cost their own side dearly. The hidden costs of war crimes can exact their toll for generations. This post is an impartial survey of the hidden expensive penalty that comes upon the perpetrator’s group which commits war crimes. (A warning…readers who justify war crimes on my thread will find their comments removed. It’s bad enough these crimes against humanity have happened without being reveled in & justified.) As most of this post’s readers are Americans, the sample of war crimes will focus on America’s, but humanity’s participation in war crimes against humanity is ongoing as I write & global.

The global extent of war crimes, even in countries that should know better, looks rather suspicious, as if we are seeing Hegelian Dialectics at work. Combatants are to differentiate between civilians & military, and indiscriminate attacks on civilians are prohibited. This has been recognized as a principle for centuries. The 4th Geneva Convention of ’49 protected civilians from being senselessly killed by the military, and an explicit ban on carpet bombing was codified into international law in 1977 in Protocol I. Protocol II explicitly prohibits targeting civilians for the primary purpose to terrorize the civilian population (which by the way, was what the Allied bombing campaigns against Germany & Japan in WW 2 were primarily about.) Henry Kissinger, author of the war crime of the ten-day 1972 Christmas carpet bombing of Hanoi & Haiphong, was working for the Illuminati at the time. (All that was needed was to bomb the huge dredge keeping Haiphong harbor from silting up…this obvious answer was prohibited to American pilots.) George Bush, Sr., when he carpet bombed southern Iraq in ‘91 including the city of Basra w/ B-52s, was an Illuminati member. Was carpet bombing civilians in southern Iraq proportional to the military advantage gained? NO. Because international war crimes have been basically going unpunished globally, the International Criminal Court was legally created by 120 countries in 1998, and was granted legal power in 2002 when the required 60 nations ratified the international treaty. U.S. political leaders, not wanting to come under its rules have been hostile to the court. When major nations like the U.S., U.K., Russia, & China are all committing war crimes off & on, it is like begging for the globe to have a one world dictatorship, which, as you know, is an Illuminati goal. When the same elite create the problem & the solution, I get suspicious.

LOSING THE MORAL HIGH GROUND. American POWs in several wars have been turned against the USA—you might think brainwashing was needed—no, in many instances the Americans were simply shown American history where atrocities and war crimes were done!! Many Americans operate from patriotic myths & know little real history and some of them have been quite shocked to learn the truth. This is one of the hidden costs of war crimes, it can steal the moral high ground from a nation for a long time. And along with losing the moral high ground can come economic costs. In China today, the Chinese will buy American cars before better built Japanese autos because of the incredible Japanese war crimes during the ‘30s & ‘40s. Likewise, America has paid a price for supporting Israeli war crimes for over half a century. The shadow of Nazi crimes is so overpowering, even today someone loving Germany will be branded a Nazi. The Crusaders had plenty of “justification” in their minds for what they did because of the atrocities that the Moslems had previously done, but the moral high ground they lost has reverberated down through the centuries.

Other examples in history exist. The Hutu tribe genocided 800,000 Tutsi in Rwanda. The U.N. did nothing while this happened. 100,000 armed Hutu fled the Tutsi backlash into Zaire. They only had to go a few miles to safety in another country. After 2 yrs. of fruitless negotiations with the U.N. to bring these perpetrators of genocide to justice, the Tutsi’s army got some countries to support them and in turn invaded Zaire. Now an entire new set of extreme war crimes took place even worse than the original with over 2 million dying in the next round of killing. While the war officially ended in Apr. 2003, due to a peace agreement brokered by So. Africa, everyone in the region will be paying the high price for war crimes for decades. Many soldiers had AIDS & raped any women found, who in turn spread AIDS further, and this in a region which doesn’t even have condoms let alone anti-retroviral drugs. The infrastructure & health of the region was destroyed. The traumatization of children, many who were forced to fight as soldiers, will affect their minds the rest of their lives. All sides to these extensive criminal campaigns have damaged the entire region for who knows how long. It isn’t the first war where rape has spread STD among the victors.

WARS OF AGGRESSION. Most people would be shocked to learn that the UN charter forbids the use of force by one state against another. UN peacekeepers deployed to promote peace are in line with the charter, but wars of aggression are war crimes. Germany’s wars of aggression in WW 2 against other countries were branded war crimes at Nuremberg by the Allies. By these standards, Geo. Bush, Jr’s wars against Iraq & Afghanistan were criminal wars of aggression. So it is not surprising that many other war crimes were perpetrated in conducting them. Torture, the use of forbidden gas, and the targeting of civilians being some of them. Many of the Afghani warlords the Americans used in Afghanistan to fight our war on the ground were criminals, and not just run-of-the-mill criminals but connected to the opium trade. It was: Fight for the U.S. & you can be a gangster protected by the U.S. When U.N. inspection teams tried to view secret U.S. detention facilities where people were tortured & killed, they were blocked by the U.S. How does it help Afghanistan for the USA to put criminals into power? How does it help the world to ramp up the opium trade? How many lives are being destroyed by the narcotics the Bush administration has helped to spread worldwide?? Bush, Jr. declared the 9-11 attack was an “act of war”, but the sloppy use of language went over the heads of most people. Acts of war are acts committed between nations, not individuals. If someone robs Safeway at gunpoint, even shooting someone, that is not an act of war. No nation declared war on us over 9-11. There are legal procedures in place to extradite murderers. Bush had plenty of legal options besides illegally attacking Iraq & Afghanistan. Somehow all those many legal options were forgotten in the midst of the administration’s “propaganda war”.

(By the way, speaking of illegal but supposedly safe gas, Russia has also used CWC gas. They used an agent that supposedly “calms” people when their Spatsnez troops tried to rescue hostages in a Moscow theater, & over 120 hostages died from the supposedly safe gas. Non-lethal gases banned from war have also killed American rioters.)

Lincoln created the Lieber Code for the U.S. Army to protect certain cultural properties. A similar but more extensive code was the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property. It seems that once war is declared, such niceties get forgotten, for instance, the Amer.-Brit. destruction of Dresden, a defenseless European cultural center when Germany was near defeat. Only a few pilots opted out due to their conscience. Once gone, the cultural center is lost to everyone. One of the victims of war are the consciences of the participants, not to mention their sanity. The U.S. used defoilants (agent orange) in Vietnam & radioactive depleted uranium weapons in Iraq. The destruction of these environments will persist. Both Vietnam & Iraq had spikes in the number of birth defects in the contaminated regions. Again this is prohibited by the Geneva Convention, Article 35. Perhaps I should quote it, “It is prohibited to employ methods or means of warfare which are intended, or may be expected, to cause widespread, long-term and severe damage to the environment.” It is spelled out in detail in Article 55. But as Bush repeatedly said, the rules are for others, not his America! Enlightened people will not buy such rubbish. We all live on one globe. The destruction of the environment anywhere is a war crime against humanity. Like a drunk man setting fire to his own house out of irrational rage, the destruction & carnage of war keeps getting justified. My goal with this post has been to remind people that the price of war crimes boomerangs back upon the perpetrators in numerous destructive spiritual, mental & physical ways. Lord have mercy on us!


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