The Future 8 FEB 2013

The Future. Some things today were absurd to think about in the past. Maybe that is why some forecasters say absurd things. It’s been easier to see upcoming things, than to predict the timing of their arrival. In ’92, I anticipated another Mid-East conflict in 2000, it arrived instead in 2003. Nor do forecasted events always show up as expected. I forecast nuclear energy would be discredited…Chernobyl and Fukashima (both manipulated events) caused widespread physical damage, but have been relatively ignored for their potential to discredit nuclear energy. (By the way, here in western USA, we continue to receive unhealthy doses of Fukashima radiation.) So is there any value in forecasting? The early ‘90’s warning that schools, theaters, malls and churches would be shot up is now valuable in retrospect for truthers. Based on insider reports (filtered through my own understanding), here are a few more forecast events (planned by the Powers that Should Not Be) that have not happened yet:
The division politically into 3 world regions (a multipolar replacement of a bipolar cold-war world) in competition took place…but the next one, dividing into 10 regions hasn’t. Nor do I automatically see 10 divisions, for there are 8 that obviously come to mind: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Mid-East, India, East Asia, and Oceania.
Poisoned candy has yet to be distributed to school children, nor have Federal buildings and federal records been attacked.
The destruction of economies worldwide along with the U.S. dollar has yet to happen. We have yet to go onto an “energy” standard behind the world’s money, although China is stockpiling natural energy, gas, coal, etc. to back the upcoming unified East Asian currency.
Will insider fighting unravel the NWO? Hey, who doesn’t have trouble? And give them enough rope…who knows? But I remain skeptical because historically nations like nazi German, Japan in the ‘30’s, and modern Israel have all had serious infighting, yet continued forward on their agendas. And Illum. infighting has gone on for years. At any rate, God says to “Be of good courage” and you can’t beat His advice. So what is the future an opportunity for?…


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