This is an introductory report on MEMS technology, the wave of the future. Between now & 2017 large fortunes will be made as billions of 14 mm chips are sold & implanted into people right below their collarbones just under the skin’s surface. This particular tiny 14 mm MEMS chip can monitor 51 indicators for heart disease using 7 biosensors that are powered by the fluctuations in body heat.

MEMS HISTORY. MEMS (micro-electrical-medical-sensors) have been around for a while, their importance now stems from the incredible improvements that have been made in the technology. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada seems to be the leader in MEMS, but Sandia Nat. Labs, Texas Instruments, Honeywell, & SUMMiT V are examples of others who are producing MEMS. Georgia Tech’s offshoot CardioMEMS produces a MEMS called Champion. Belgium’s IMEC has been selling a MEMS that detects cancer called Miracle. Movea’s IMU is a strap on MEMS that helps with body rehab and fitness. There is even a journal called MEMS Journal to keep those interested knowledgeable about the field. Carl Sanders, who worked in China on implants, went nationwide during the early ‘90s warning that the implants that were being designed were powered by body heat changes, & that they would serve the function of the Mark of the Beast. Carl had to quit speaking because he was hounded as a fake by people who objected to him using Dr. before his name. An apology & public explanation was not enough for these angry people. The Chinese had given him an honorary doctorate, and for some people that meant in their eyes that he was a fake for having used Dr. before his name. From my vantage point, Billy Graham’s doctorate is also an honorary doctorate, but people don’t call him a fake for having used the title Dr. I was disappointed that someone with first hand info who was trying to warn Americans was made to shut up over such a trivial issue as an honorary doctorate. Carl would be warning about MEMS if he were talking.

MEMS FUTURE. MEMS will soon become a standard medical feature, which means at some point doctors will require them across the board. Should one refuse them because their potential misuse as a Mark of the Beast? At this point, they are simply tiny highly accurate sensor/diagnoses machines that may indeed go a long ways towards eliminating all diseases. To oppose something so beneficial would look quite backwards. However, for those of us who want to retain our liberty—the potential misuse of these implants should motivate us to research and pay attention to what is happening with these MEMS. Already the MEMS have the ability to network with your smart phone, to send data to your doctor’s office, and to communicate with a global MEMS network, which is used for tracking & researching disease. The producers have already referred to the latest MEMS as “digital vaccine”…which of course is not going to have the calming affect for many that they think it will have. No matter what one’s first impression is, MEMS are here to stay, & they will be the wave of medical future. There is no doubt that the army will want to use them on a large scale.

His infernal majesty’s world will reward compliance, & God Almighty rewards obedience. At some pt. we get to choose between the two. Will this be the issue? Have a blessed day my friend.


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