In response to a request for my point of view on these subjects, I am providing this post. There are a number of books both ancient & modern entitled “The Book of Enoch”; the inquiry was obviously about the First Book of Enoch which mentions in chapters 1 thru 36 about fallen angels & the nephalim. The 1st Book of Enoch is in turn 5 books: The Book of Watchers, the Book of Similitudes, the Book of Astronomical Writings, the Book of Dream Visions, & the Epistle of Enoch. In c. 400 A.D., the Book of Similitudes replaced the Book of Giants, which has then been lost over time, so we don’t have the complete original. First Enoch, an ancient book, is perhaps the best ancient reference we have about the control & manipulation of humanity by evil non-human entities.
The book was originally written in part in Hebrew, in part in Aramaic most likely beginning c. 200 B.C. and then other parts c. 100 B.C. It was written by Jews, who were dissident priests from the priestly establishment. These Enochic Jews are thought by some to have been the parents of the Essenes & grandparents of the Qumran Community. The Dead Sea scrolls have provided us with older manuscripts of First Book of Enoch, as well as other books that use it, like the Book of Jubilees. The early Christian church & church fathers valued the book as if it were Scripture, the Bible Book Jude quotes it (Jude 1:14+) and refers twice to it, & the Ethiopian Christians placed it in their Bible as Scripture. The book was also quoted in many non-biblical writings such as the Epistle of Barnabas & the Testimony of the 12 Patriarchs. For about 500 years it was held in high regard in the Middle East until it was lost. The book in complete form was found in Ethiopia & brought to Europe in 1773 by a Scotsman, J. Bruce. Prior to this, scholars were aware that it had existed from quotes in other books, just as there are 12 books referred to in the O.T. but now lost.
One of the important themes in the Book of Watchers part of the 1st Book of Enoch is its explanation that fallen angels drew mankind into evil during the time period before Noah. These fallen angels needed to reproduce and in order to do so mated with women. (1 EN 6:26, 7:1-3) They also had a lust for women. (1 EN 6:1-16:4, 1 EN 40:7, 54:6, 2 EN 18). They also mated w/ women to take control of humanity in spite of God. (2 EN 29:4+). In their hatred of man’s Creator, these fallen angels gave mankind technology to create dynamics in human culture to their own benefit. They taught men how to use metals & make weapons. They taught mankind the use of drugs (“magical medicine”), cosmetics (hooked on consumer products of pride) and adultery (perverted sex). The offspring of these fallen angels & women were giants, and because the giants took large quantities of food, the common people had to depend more on eating meat & blood to survive. In the book, God tells Enoch, “Do not fear, Enoch, righteous man…” and he is told that at some point these evil angels will be finally judged & stopped.
While I do not believe Enoch wrote the book, I can see someone thinking, “hmmm, I have something important to say and I am a nobody, but if I attribute my book to Enoch people will pay attention to its message.” Interestingly, people who are in the stream of faith, that we are in, gave credibility to the book’s message. Written prior to Messiah coming, 1 EN 37-71 speaks about the Messiah, actually using the term at 1 EN 48:10, 52:4, as well as using other messianic titles: Son of Man, the Righteous One, and the Elect One. We don’t have much hard evidence about the non-human entities that appear to control the Illuminati from behind the scenes. For that reason, the First Book of Enoch provides interesting circumstantial evidence that mankind has been manipulated by fallen angels & hybrids since antiquity.


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