I was asked to comment on a discussion about Yoko. I decided to answer and use my answer as a post –or should I say provide my answer to everyone who follows my articles. Yoko has received lots of hate, and it is not my purpose to add to that. The role of Yoko Ono in the lives of John Lennon and Paul McCartney is an interesting subject. There are many things happening in the world today, so the subject of Yoko in a sense is not a high priority—but, the sociocultural revolution that she was a part of is an important subject, because it is instructive about how an entire culture can be manipulated.

First, the Beatles were a product of Tavistock, and the band was so good that they were major players in creating a sociocultural revolution. I lived in the ‘50’s and the ‘60’s, and I saw this cultural revolution. It was a big change. The master minds of this revolution had a lot invested in the Beatles, so I doubt that they would have let Yoko Ono just waltz in do whatever she wanted. So who was she?

Yoko had royalty on her Dad’s side, and bankers on her mom’s side. She was born to a wealthy aristocratic Japanese family. Japan has been a fascinating subject for me. The Japanese have a national consensus on how to do everything…there is a certain way (“shikata”) to do everything if you are to be Japanese. When someone goes overseas and picks up foreign ways, that person is somewhat shunned and no longer considered Japanese. Yoko is clearly not Japanese by her actions, but when I have seen her do things, some actions are definitely the result of having been Japanese. In other words, some of her strangeness may be the carryover of the Japanese way of doing things. But she does many things that are NOT Japanese. What is behind that?

She was born in 1933, and came to the U.S. when she was two. So she grew up in California, which back then was liberal compared the rest of the U.S. Just before WW 2, her family went back to Japan…so she got to endure WW 2 in Japan. After ’53, she lived in NYC. For art, CA && NYC are great states…for conservative values they are not. In 1962, at around 29 yrs. old, Yoko was placed in a mental hospital in Japan. Yoko just released the new album “Yes, I’m a Witch too”. One of her previous ones back in 1980 was “Double Fantasy”. (By the way, for those who haven’t read my books, mental hospitals, are used for mind control.)

In regards, to the discussion I was asked to comment on…I entirely disagree that the Beatles purpose was to get people to smoke pot. Ringo in 1966 was saying positive things about LSD. Their song “Yellow Submarines” was about drugs too. It was not about one particular drug, but a mind-set to try drugs and experience them…to “liberate” yourself with their use. It was clearly a “sociocultural revolution” that alienated the younger generation from their parents and mainstream culture. I saw it, I lived through it, I saw the enormous change.

That whole revolution was manipulated. Now people are realizing that the CIA was behind it—well it wasn’t just the CIA…MI6 was behind the Beatles—and further behind it all was the mother of secret societies. So like I said, Yoko was not just going to waltz into John’s life and take control of it. The Beatles were an important thing to many people. Someone had to allow it—or more likely orchestrate it. What was her role? I don’t know the specifics on that—so I will let others speculate on that. I can say this, the controllers like controlled conflict. There is no doubt in my mind, that they took control over the anti-war demonstrations. Yoko played a big role in anti-war demonstrations. The Vietnam War tore America apart. America’s cities were burning. Demonstrators got hurt and even killed. America was being fractured. The war was used to enrich the Military-Industrial Complex, to cause our youth to turn to drugs, and to fracture America. And the Control freaks wanted to control the process. Yoko, representing the iconic Beatles, was going to be heard when she denounced war.

Today, we have the exact same dynamic at work. I have repeatedly warned that the movement to protest Obama and create almost a civil war in this nation is heavily manipulated by the mind-control programmers. I hate to see demonstrations against the New World Order and the WTO and Obama co-opted by these insiders, but that is what is happening. In the 1990’s, my work against the New World Order got no attention from the mainstream media, while some planted agents, who got control of the “movement” received lots of negative attention. The point is that they got attention. In other words, during the Vietnam War protests, protesters they controlled were going to get center stage…while more qualified anti-war protesters were going to get ignored and arrested!



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