THE ANTIDOTE: recognizing the solution, achieving wisdom & sense of purpose, & being our best. This post is an explanation why I include “God talk”, yeah, the divine in my lines to you. Two nights ago, I explained to an audience that many people mistakenly think it is merely my construct when I call the trauma-based mind control & the religion of the elite “Satanic”. “That’s just your opinion that they are Satanic,” they unknowingly opine. It has nothing to do w/ my opinion, the Illum.’s mind control & their rituals are Satanic. I have seen a lot of therapeutic art work, & listened to the memories of survivors of their mind control, & consistently they describe Satanic rituals. Furthermore, when someone sees the power of Satan’s kingdom, & then everywhere one goes he sees their symbols, for instance on the Federal bldgs. & the back of a dollar bill, to risk breaking free of the Illuminati, these victims have to see a good power that is greater than the Kingdom of Darkness. Secular therapists will make no headway with the deeper alters of these MPD systems. Positive spiritual power must flow into the healing. But our good & loving God is not just for victims of the Illum.’s Satanism, He offers important resources to all of us, & I hope to explain those to you.

HUMAN RIGHTS. There are some secularists, incl. lawyers & bureaucrats, who see no use for Christ, & often in fact see Christ simply as a tool to legitimize war & exploitation. They proclaim God to be cruel & the enemy of justice. They can point to things like the UN’s Universal Decl. of Human Rights in ’45, as a way to claim God is not needed for human rights. The U.N. declaration contains nice words (actually deriving from ecumenical Christian committees), but their public foundation was not based on Christ, but rather what govt.s do, therefore, the rights of civilians in Iraq were horribly violated by the U.S. govt. under the pretext of protecting our right to security. (There have been countless other human rights violations worldwide, I only select this one as an easy example to explain something.) What third party is in place to stop an individual’s or group’s rights enlarging to the pt. they crowd out & violate someone else’s rights?? The U.N. did not defend the rights of Iraq’s civilians. Is there a universal standard?? God has that moral authority, note that the Word says, “justice is God’s”. (DT 1:17). The God of the Bible defends human rights in EX 22:22-24, & in a number of places explains why any assault on the rights of another person is an assault on his Creator. (cf. GEN 3:22). In line with this, when Israel’s kings used their power to violate the rights of their subjects, God’s prophets called them on it: for example, Kg. David for violating Uriah’s rights (2 SAM 12:7-10) & King Ahab for violating Naboth’s rights (1 KGS 21:17-22). Additionally, God set down rules to break the cycles of abuse (cf. EX 23:9). While we don’t immediately see God’s justice, we are reminded that it will happen (PS 96:13). You are a sovereign soul created in the “image of God”, not some corporate chattel name.

DOES IT REALLY MATTER TO HAVE GOD IN OUR LIVES? Who will reveal who we are? Typically people don’t honestly look in the mirror at their own shortcomings. God’s Spirit reveals our own soul to us, which is one thing we must discover before we can find soul mates. The Biblical sage said the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. PRV 1:7. Wisdom, the ability to succeed in life is vital. Without defining “fear of God” it is clear that the advice here is for us to have a correct relationship in respect to our Creator. We can achieve our full potential, our full personhood by participation in the life of God. To quote the Word, “…as His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life & godliness…that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature…” 2 PTR 1:3-4 So the reign of God begins here in our hearts, bringing heaven to earth. You become the light of the World and your words His words. “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, & glorify your Father which is in heaven.” MT 5:16

So I see some attempting to find wisdom w/out God, often going to the World as their source & rebelling in the latest fashionable way. I see young rebels, in between playing computer games, calling for modern society to be burned down, the population reduced to a few millions, & that we return to the state of being noble savages. The thing is that they have no clue about real life. They haven’t grown crops only to watch bugs & the weather destroy it all. Savages in many places have in reality not been noble. In New Guinea, they spent much of their free time killing neighboring tribes & kidnapping their women (not to mention their cannibalism that only stopped because of white man’s horrible civilization). I have seen numerous studies & polls of primitive peoples all over the world where they make it clear that they know that the modern world has it better than they do. They don’t see their lives as noble, but rather as lives of tragedy & suffering. In fact, when I lived in Nepal the life expectancy was short & infant mortality rates were high. In these modern rebels eyes, Christ is merely a tool of oppression created by the oligarchs, farmers are raping & abusing the land, & oil companies are ruthlessly stealing & exploiting to steal the oil from the ground (never mind that lots of oil/gas is pumped from remote areas & many people are happy for the employment). They want to destroy everything, because everyone seems to be a destroyer (i.e. people pollute & breed). What are they lacking in their perspectives?? The divine love that comes when we get to know our Creator’s love.

Let’s go back to the mechanics of redemption, in short it is not a reconciliation between a holy God & an unholy sinner…but thru the blood of Christ, the destruction of evil in the heart so that the Spirit of Truth can find rest & naturally bear fruit. The person is plugged into the divine, or to use Biblical imagery is attached to the vine to bear fruit. This is why John the Baptist & Yahshua began with the words “repent” and spoke of “the fruits of repentance”. “Now the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life: & he that winneth souls is wise.” PRV 11:30. There are several important things in this verse. First, the concept of winning souls in ancient times most likely had broader application than our concept of people accepting Christ. It probably meant both winning them as friends, & winning them as friends of God. So here we see how we ourselves become channels of blessings to the world; we ourselves are the instruments that God uses to turn men from the power of Satan to the power of God. 1 COR 9:19-23. Christ taught people as they were able to hear (MK 4:33) & accommodated himself to them (MK 31-34). Likewise, Paul said he was all things to all men to win them. The godly neighbor wins the guy nearby by her patient energy of faith & love. JS 5:19-20. “The wise shall shine as the brightness of the sky; & they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever…” DAN 12:3 Not only does wisdom help those around us, but it is said to help us protect ourselves from evil people (for instance PRV 2:12). A specific example is when the Word warns us not to be security for another person’s debt! PROV 22.

WHERE DO WE GO FOR ANSWERS? My posts have consistently encouraged people not to throw away ancient wisdom, & not to reject God’s loving Spirit of Truth. We need what is noble & good in our lives. People in the World System need to see the power of good, the power of divine love. To reject God is to reject the answers, and may leave us in a frustrated mode, perhaps wanting to destroy everything.


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