This is a short post exposing what appears to be an Illuminati temple hidden in Damascus, Oregon. Records say the temple was founded in 2009, is privately owned, earns an est. $260,000 in annual revenue, and employs 3 people. A few years ago, a friend took me to the gate of this property where people have spotted hooded people doing rituals.(See pictures of both the gate & the hooded people in the thread). The road to it was at one time a one-lane road with expensive houses with big garages and is forested & ends in a cul-de-sac. It reminded me of an Illuminati neighborhood that I had exposed years ago. I sensed that we were being watched from the point we entered the road that leads to the property. Some strangers actually have their vehicles followed. The little used road takes off from Hwy 212 (the main street of Damascus) & goes SE. When you approach the gate, it is obviously an entrance to a temple with pyramids. A 23 foot marble statue of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet can be seen through the gate. The gate is guarded by a pair of lions (Aker). This post is a discussion of this ritual site.

DAMASCUS. Between Babylon & Jerusalem is the city of Damascus, which was referred to in Egyptian writing as far back as the 15th century B.C. Damascus is a very significant city for Freemasons, which is why so many Damascus Lodges exist. The highest ranking Freemason to become a Christian, Jim Shaw, told me that in the 33rd degree rituals they ask you whether you want to go to Jerusalem or Damascus. If you say “Jerusalem”, they know you have religious scruples…If you say “Damascus”, they know you have occult leanings and will put you on the occult fast track to more occult knowledge. Damascus, Oregon was named in the 1860’s, perhaps by an early Freemason settler, and had a post office est. there in 1867. It is a small town to the SE of Portland on hwy. 212.

SEKHMET. Sekhmet is an ancient Egyptian goddess that ranks up there with Kali and Lilith. She loved to drink blood. Her name means “the one who is powerful”. She was the ancient Egyptian goddess of war, and the protector of the man-god Pharaoh. She would lead Pharaoh into war. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead we learn she had power over the Underworld (what Christians call hell). Sekhmet is a lioness, and during t.b.m.c. programming, alters that see themselves as cats are at times given the identity of Sekhmet. There is a “Temple of Goddess Spirituality” in southern NV that is dedicated to Sekhmet also. In the comic book ’’Beasts of Burden: The Unfamiliar” witches summon Sekhmet. She is part of the Temple of Set’s lore, which is heavily involved with trauma-based mind control.

AKER. Aker is the guardian of the underworld (hell). Aker carries the nocturnal bark of Ra to the underworld. The name means “He who is beneath”. An Illuminati mother of darkness told me that two lions guarding a gate mean that it is an Illuminati house and may have rituals done there. That does not preclude someone buying such a place or installing lions unwittingly…but the few places w/ such guard lions that I could find info on all were Illuminati…occasionally persons living there were programmed multiples—so you can see what ran through my head when I saw the twin lions (called Aker in Egyptian mythology) guarding this temple’s gate.

THE OCULUS ANUBIS TEMPLE IN DAMASCUS. When I first saw it, I went home & discovered the property was blurred on Google Earth. Now who has the power to get Google Earth to blur a forested property?? It was not like you were going to see that much through the trees anyway! The property has paths through the woods with other statues of Egyptian gods & goddesses. A Dr. Neal & family live on the property. They keep themselves low key. The family is said to have bought the property in 1971. The cover story is that they simply find Egypt interesting and they have lots of money. There are two houses on the property which are connected by tunnels. They received permits from the county to build heated tunnels. The extensive tunnels (see picture in thread) go to underground rooms and represent the underworld, and have ritual purposes. Extensive masonry was done all over the property, and a sample can be seen on the gate. There is no doubt that millions of dollars were sunk into creating all this. To the west is Drake Rd. The word ‘’Drake’’ has occult significance also. So what we have here is a Temple which has a Gate of the Dawn to the underworld (tunnels). Or Christians would call it a Gate to Hell. I would expect the Temple would honor Sehkmet with the Festival of Intoxication at the beginning of the year. I have not tried to hang out to see what other ritual dates they use the temple for.


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