A dummy’s guide to the history of rights. I will never forget the moment a black man told me Martin Luther King was the one who freed the slaves. I looked to see if he was serious, & he was. This post is an important remedial tutorial of information that everyone should know. In teaching & talking to Americans, I have been repeatedly made aware of the general lack of understanding of basic historical & geographical facts. What is worse is that I repeatedly talk with Christian Patriots who want to maintain their rights, who have total confusion about what the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and Bill of Rights are.

FACT…THE BIBLE WAS THE FOUNDATIONAL TOOL HISTORICALLY FOR MANKIND TO GAIN RIGHTS. There seems to be a real lack of knowledge about the Bible & how it has historically been the most powerful tool anywhere anytime for bringing in laws supporting human rights. To remove the Christian scriptures is to remove the main tool that has supported & created laws that give human rights. (No wonder the World Order is intent on removing it from schools & outlawing it publicly.) Yes, I am aware that the public has stupidly bought the silly ridiculous lie that Christians are responsible for all the wars of history, and other silly nonsense. (Has anyone ever heard that Communism was atheism and Communist leaders like Stalin killed people & started wars?? In communist countries there has been no freedom of religion—you had better be an atheist if you want to avoid persecution. The millions of people Stalin tortured & murdered for having forbidden religions makes the Salem witch trials look like a joke, but you rarely hear of Stalin’s persecutions done by the religion of atheism compared to the Salem Witch Trials in which 20 people are reported executed.)

Considering that many Americans don’t know what nation we fought to gain our independence, or what war that was, it is no surprise that Americans can be fed pure garbage by the World Order and soak it up as truth. I also realize that the Internet mixes up the Decl. of Ind., & Constitution & other things. If you do a word search for the Decl. the search also gives you the Constitution & Bill of Rights…which is in line with the general confusion now-a-days.

TEST. If you can’t answer all these 5 questions correctly—you are failing to know facts everyone should know.
A. Which of these two documents declared our right to “life, liberty &pursuit of happiness” to the King of England? The Declaration of Independence or the Constitution?
B. Why was the U.S. Constitution created?
C. What is the Articles of Confederation?
D. What was Abraham Lincoln’s attitude toward slavery?
E. Can you cite a Biblical principle or reference to defend human rights and the right to life by an unborn child?

ANSWERS. A. ans.: The Declaration of Independence. BASIC IMPORTANT FACTS: The Declaration of Independence established the United States of America as a nation. It was ratified on July 4th, 1776…which is why that is called the birthday of the USA. The first draft of the document was put together by Thomas Jefferson. (I exposed in 1992 that almost the entire document was plagiarized from other documents that Jefferson had in his library.) The Declaration of Independence declared that “all men are created equal” and futher “and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”. The first Woman’s Rights Convention (1848) and Lincoln’s famous Gettyburg’s Address (1863) both referred to the Declaration of Independence’s statement that “all men are created equal”. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two separate documents that are unrelated. The Constitution had NOTHING to do with declaring our rights to the King of England. The two documents were established at different time periods. The Declaration of Independence came in 1776 when we were a variety of colonies belonging to the King of England and English corporations. The Constitution was ratified in 1788, and put into force in 1789, thirteen years AFTER the USA had become a nation.

EXTRA KNOWLEDGE FOR FUN…A SIDENOTE: Originally, there were presidents of the U.S. that were actually merely presidents of the assembled Congress (like a chairman of a committee), then later there “Presidents of the US” that functioned during the period our nation operated under the Articles of Confederation. George Washington’s first term was under the Articles of Confederation, which made him the 8th president –not the first. Although the highest power of the land, the powers of the President under the Articles were different than under the Constitution, their title was the same. Washington was the first President to serve under the Constitution, which was adopted after he became president. Arthur St. Clair was one of the early Presidents of the United States before Washington, & was of the Illum.’s 13th Merovingian bloodline.

B. ans. The Constitution was proposed & created to establish a strong central government…in other words, big government. Opponents to the Constitution foresaw exactly that it would lead to the tyranny that we have today where Big Government steals and outlaws all human rights. In order to placate the American people and get them to accept the Constitution, the American people were promised amendments (additional changes tacked onto the Constitution) which became known as the Bill of Rights. These were attached as promised in 1791. When people talk about their Constitutional Rights—they are almost always referring to the rights guaranteed to the American people by the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments) which guarantee such politically incorrect, unpopular ideas as freedom (& right) of speech & freedom (& right) to bear arms. The Constitution (along with its attached Bill of Rights & other amendments) is supposed to be the supreme law of the land. Today’s govt. only gives lip service to it…in practical terms it is dead. A foreign born person like Obama cannot legally serve as President.

C. The Articles of Confederation were the first foundational framework of government that the United States had. The ratification process took from 1777 to 1781. It was superseded (abolished) by the ratification & enforcement of the Constitution in 1788-89. The Articles of Confederation was what the American military fought for during the American Revolution. There was no Constitution. The Americans did not fight for the Constitution, and most would not have fought if that had been the stated goal. Americans fought for the concept of liberty, even if some of their leaders hoped to sidetrack the end result of the Revolution to older forms of government that were less representative. The Articles of Confederation (1781) has nothing to do with the Confederate States of America (1861). Both the U.S.A. and the C.S.A. began as confederations of 13 states (i.e. states had rights)…In fact, the wording of the Constitution supports state’s rights, but most practical thinkers realized that the power delegated to the Federal govt. would eventually destroy the real rights of the different states and would lead to a big tyrannical central govt. It did.

D. ans. Abraham Lincoln was solidly against slavery. He abhorred it. He was also a practical politician who realized that many of his countrymen were not against slavery. He viewed his legal responsibility as preserving the nation…and because slavery was legal at that time…this is why he made comments (to paraphrase) like, “I will preserve the nation whether with or without slavery I don’t care, whatever will work to preserve it.” He was not referring to his personal beliefs, but what he felt he needed to do to carry out the job to preserve the nation as one nation and not let it split into 2 (or more). The American Civil War was not going well for Lincoln until July 4, 1863, when 2 major victories (Vicksburg & Gettysburg) allowed Lincoln to broaden the purpose of the war. Essentially everyone knew the war was about slavery, even though there were other reasons contributing to the war, and the liberty of the black slaves was not an official written goal of the Civil War. This is why the Confederate govt. rejected using blacks in their military, even though they needed the manpower. (They finally allowed it at the very end just before their main army surrendered.) To allow blacks to fight would have been to have renounced the unstated purpose of the war—which was to maintain slavery.

F. Ans. The Word of God (Christian Scriptures) teaches us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. It also teaches that everyone is his brother’s keeper.(A) It then further teaches that one’s neighbor is anyone in need!(B) It clarifies that life begins at conception—not at birth, and that murder of the innocent is wrong.(C) When others are in need, to merely give lip service, or to merely pray when we can help is wrong. (D) The Bible instructs that slaves should obey their masters, not because slavery is right, but because God wants the slave to convert the master to a higher moral level, rather than merely fight or flight. This is the concept of assertively taking the moral higher ground.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Christian patriots want to tell “strange ideas” to people in authority. If you want to quote some strange idea (even if it may be true), then you need to have some reference to back it up. For instance, if you are going to claim an automobile is not an auto vehicle—you need to back it up by Black’s Law Dictionary, such & such edition, page blah blah. You also need to understand the context and history of things. Black’s Law Dictionary is American law, and all these people who quote it to British officials…apparently don’t realize its definitions are specific to American law. Words have different meanings in specific contexts. In physics the word “heat” is different than everyday usage. Likewise, legal terms have specific special meanings, which are quite often even opposite of common usage. It is scary how confused so many patriots are on basic details. And that is not even bringing into account that many details of history are different than common popular ideas, for instance, the Boston Tea Party was not called that for half a century, and it was not done over high taxes, but over lowered taxes which were going to disturb the illegal profits of the Masonic lodges that were smuggling. Ahh, the myths that so many people live by.

A. GEN 4:9-10 and others (B) LK 10:25-27 and others (C) PS 51:5, LK 1:15,41…murder is forbidden in many places including the 10 commandments at EX 20 (D) JAS 2:15-16


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