This post is a brief analysis of the cont. civil war in Syria. Does the war have relevance to Americans? Should Americans care what happens? While the Syrian civil war certainly is not at the top of most Amer.’s list of things to focus on, being aware of the basic situation might be helpful, as it has the potential to lead to serious trouble for America.

Those who have been following the conflict probably are already aware of the multitude of factions that Syria has fractured into. Part of this is because the borders of these Mid East nations were randomly designed by the colonial powers & don’t follow natural ethnic fault lines. Another is that these areas are ancient lands that have complex ethnic settlement patterns. The Syrian Christians have supported the President of Syria Assad who is an Alawite Muslim. Saudi Arabia & Turkey (& the U.S.) are backing the Free Syrian Army (FSA rebels) by supplying weapons & Obama’s admin. just committed to an additional $60 million in “non-lethal” aid. The FSA every so often fights other rebel groups like ISIS which is mostly foreign fighters. Yes, the country is full of mercenaries, from Arab countries as well as from around the world. Iran & Iraq are taking on Turkey & Saudi Arabia in Syria making it a Shia-Sunni proxy war, and the Kurds, who live in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, are using the conflict to improve their situation hoping to someday create their own country. So we have a multi-sided civil war like Lebanon in 1983; and just like Yugoslavia & Lebanon, when these civil wars get brutal, you don’t see these fractured countries return to their normal state…except perhaps w/ the passing of time to next generations.

And those future generations are being damaged. There are two million refugees, traumatized, wounded & ill, that have fled all over the region, and over half of them are children. Definitely a tragedy. For those of us who care about our fellow man, another sad situation. Lord have mercy. The upheavals that are engulfing the entire Mid East are de-stabilizing the region. Also, when people are traumatized you can be guaranteed that the Elite of the Dark side will use that trauma as a foundation to implant lies for the Kingdom of Death. This pattern is why trauma-based mind control is so effective. People are being radicalized & polarized; groups that lived in peace together are now mortal enemies. People are turning increasingly to all kinds of crimes…for example, the rebels kidnapping people. The Sunnis in the past were fairly tolerant & had tight ties to the Sufi orders. The Saudis have been injecting their Wahabi ideas, and Salafi-jihadi ideas are gaining popularity. Where there is a force, an equal opposite force is created in physics, & it happens in human affairs also. A worst case scenario, which is a possibility, is that the destabilizing Shia-Sunni conflict in Syria spreads to Kuwait, Bahrain & even Saudi Arabia. Each has sizable Shi’ite populations. Now we have a situation that will effect you & I directly because this will threaten the movement of oil/gas supplies. In a world that is interdependent, a series of crises anywhere will have repercussions throughout the world. Putin has been appealing directly to the American people by going around the Obama admin. Syria is a pt. of contention between the U.S. govt. & Russia, and he asks the Amer. people to dissuade our govt. from getting involved militarily. Meanwhile our govt. says they “fear the continuation of the Syrian crisis” while continuing to insure it keeps going by supplying/helping the rebels. We are watching another created manipulated crisis w/ millions of innocent people suffering.


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