How many are aware that if you send a patent to the U.S. Patent Office it can be legally confiscated & suppressed & a gag order placed upon everyone who knows about the invention? Reportedly over 4,000 unnumbered patent applications have been confiscated & suppressed by a 9 person screening committee since the early ‘50’s. Some are advanced energy technologies. For those who break the gag order, they receive a 20 year Federal prison sentence. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, whose work was outrageously & violently suppressed had his written material confiscated & destroyed. He died in Federal prison after only 8 months in prison.
Some inventions see the light of day & then are suppressed. In ’47, Preston Tucker invented the Tucker 48 car that was 30 years ahead of things, & the big 3 auto manufacturers destroyed him by buying up the material & using politics to prevent him from getting the raw materials he needed to produce his Tucker car. Next, they used their financial influence to bring a SEC fraud investigation down on him on the bogus charge that he never intended to make the car. He scrapped together the material to build 51 cars to prove that his car company was sincere, thereby barely escaping prison. The technology (disk brakes, independent suspension, padded dash, standard seat belts, fuel injection, roll bar in roof, a directional third head light for corners, etc.) got suppressed. A movie starring Jeff Bridges, “Tucker: The Man & His Dream” (1988) tells the story. (When it came out, people told me I reminded them of Tucker…and that was before I began writing books exposing the World Order.) By the way, over 1¼ million fatalities from vehicle accidents happened before Congressman Roberts in ‘56 investigated if automobile designs contributed to car accident fatalities…the self-proclaimed watchdog (our news media) had covered this fact up for 57 years. They covered up his investigation, & safe vehicle design (like Tucker had tried to give us in ’48) was not talked about in the media til 1965, when GM was found illegally investigating Ralph Nader’s private life.
Tucker’s wasn’t alone… other suppressed cars include: 70’s…VW turbocharged Rabbit getting over 75 mpg, disappears from market; Late ‘90s…General Motors EV1, 1st massed produced electric car. After alleged oil company pressure, GM hunted down all the EV1s & destroyed them; 2000…Volkswagen Lupo 3L TDI, a diesel powered car that drove around the world in 80 days starting July 8, 2000 and averaging 99 mpg was limited in sales in part due to Amer. Auto manufacturing pressure who claimed that Americans have no interest in small, fuel efficient cars; Stan Meyer’s water-fueled dune-buggy getting 100 mpg,…the inventor after refusing to sell the patents or quit research mysteriously died. The Bush Admin. announced that 80 mpg for cars was unrealistic. Volkswagen, just to show it could be done, built a roadworthy prototype of the Volkswagen IL Concept which gets 235 mpg. (No models are for sale.)
Henry Ford & Geo. Eastman. In 1908, the Model T was Ford’s first serious production model after Models A thru S were created. In 1911, Ford won a lawsuit to quit paying royalties to George Selden who had held the patent for cars (dating to 1877). Up to then, American car manufacturers had had to pay Seldon patent royalties to his holding company ALAM. In 1913-14, Ford & Edison paired up to invent an electric car, but due to WWI dropped the idea after 2 prototypes were built. In 1927, Henry Ford came out with his successful Model A; note that Henry started over with the alphabet which is why we got the Model A after the T!
In 1927, Henry Ford & George Eastman (fndr. of Kodak) paired up to create smart technology for car engines. Two prototypes were created, but because the technology was “ahead of its time” it was suppressed & only recently did the Ford Company go back & dig up the concepts from that “computerized car” to create the new models that give something like 40 m.p.g. (for instance the 2014 Ford Focus). I am told that the reason the 1927 “smart” technology was suppressed was its good gas mileage. I was told that one of the prototypes went to the Ford museum in Greenfield, Michigan which has the first model of every Ford vehicle produced, and the other went to the Smithsonian.
There was an early dependable American electric car. The company began as Anderson Carriage Co. & changed its name to Detroit Electric. From 1906-1939 they made over 12,300 electric cars that had a good reputation.
Those who are familiar w/ the Bilderbergers, CFR, & Trilaterialists (all Illum. groups), will not be surprised that the chairmen & directors of American & European auto manufacturers are within these groups. Here is a sampling of the tie-ins. I know the late Giovanni Agnelli, President of Fiat attended Bilderberger meetings from ’68 to ’96. The chairman of Fiat L.C. di Montezemolo has been a TL. Ford Motor Co., Volkswagen of Amer., and Rolls-Royce of NA are corporate members of the CFR, while Ford’s Pres. Odom & their Executive Director of Research, William Francis Powers, Jr. were also CFR. Their past chairman Henry Ford II was a Bilderberger. The directors of Chrysler & General Motors were CFR, and DaimlerChrysler Chrmn. Of the Board Juergen E. Schrempp is a Bilderberger attending at least in 2005 & 2006. With auto manufacturers connected so tightly with the PTSNB, one is not surprised they help the oil companies out, & take part in the controlled release of technology.
George Eastman definitely worked w/ the system & gave to their causes, for instance donating each year $22,050 to the Amer. Eugenics Soc. Henry Ford was also definitely a heavy weight. When I think how even the ideas of these rich powerful men could be put on the shelf for 80 years, it adds emphasis in my mind to how technology can be suppressed if it is not “time” for it to arrive.
I’m sure this post only scratches the surface of this large topic.


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