An update on Theta Programming. Recent conversations w/ individuals have brought to my attention a need to update what the public knows about the Theta programming of the Illuminati trauma-based Mind Control (aka MK Ultra, Monarch programming, etc.). Decades ago, I revealed for instance that the Delta Teams used telepathy & psychic killing from a distance. Theta programming continues to be operationally employed, and this post will provide fresh info beyond what I gave in my previous books.

MY GROUNDBREAKING “FORMULA” BOOK IN 1996 LAID A FOUNDATION. Having been put out of circulation for 8 yrs. in prison, I figured that while I was gone, awake people would be updating their awareness of the Theta programming (w/out me) & disseminating it via the Internet. While t.b. mind control in Hollywood has cont. to be exposed (great job everyone!), updates on Theta programming do not appear to have happened while I was in captivity. In my groundbreaking book “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave”, I had introduced Theta programming on pages 83, 313-320. The book listed 17 groups that did Theta programming research. I listed two of its leading programmers: Dr. Sydney Gottlieb & Lt. Col. John Alexander, and also gave quite a bit of coverage to one of the main military units that employed Theta programming, which was the army’s First Earth Battalion (see pgs. 18, 315-317, 325, 380). By the way, Col. J. Alexander is deeply into the occult, an old friend of Al Gore, & an advisor to NATO, the CIA & Los Alamos. Some of the innovations being used today can be seen in their earlier stages in the ‘70’s, ‘80’s, & ‘90’s, & in my original coverage. While the trauma-based mind control is used in the entertainment industry (incl. pro sports), the Theta programming gets real life use in the U.S. Army. There are Illum. members who are civilians with Theta programming, but the opportunities of their employment is less than those in the govt.’s military/intelligence. (By govt. I mean the U.S./U.K./Can./Austr./NZ combine.)

BEGINNINGS. In 1953, DCI CIA Allen Dulles announced to a Princeton Alumni audience, “Mind warfare is the great battlefield of the Cold War, and we have to do whatever it takes to win.” He appointed Sidney Gottlieb (1918-1999), a Jewish expert on drugs & poisons to run the psychic spy/warfare aspect of MK Ultra (operated for the Illum.) While Gottlieb was running things, his areas of responsibility kept increasing… programs kept expanding under areas he administered. He worked with the Rockefeller Foundation (& other institutions) to carry out the MK Ultra. He also supervised the secret Phoenix Program (’65-’72) which involved both programmed Americans to do assassinations & experimental mind control techniques on prisoners. With the active involvement of America in the Vietnam War phasing out, Gottlieb retired in ’72, and his programs were given to others to administer. Part of the Theta programming came under the jurisdiction of Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine III, who commanded a (secret) military psychic unit at Ft. Meade, MD from ’81-’84. He was into witchcraft. Stubblebine would report-cooperate with the Dep. Dir. CIA & the Chief of Staff, Army. He was the commander of the Army’s INSCOM (Intelligence & Security Command) which had 16,000 men. INSCOM has used many programmed multiples, & was operating psychic spy units, reg. spy units using programmed multiples, and signals intel. which also used prg. men. Army intelligence has had close connections with Satanism, for instance many Temple of Set members were in army intelligence (see my books for details).

EARLY 70’s. In the early ‘70’s, the army began several projects that used Theta programming. The Green Berets began the Jedi Warrior program using occult means to help create super soldiers. The soldiers were to enhance their sniper/scout abilities by using special mental powers to become instantly aware of the details of their surroundings. (This was LEVEL 1.) The next level (2), was to build your instincts, intuition & mental visualization abilities. The third level was to psychically make yourself invisible. I have read accounts of snipers who had this ability. The fourth level was to be able to mentally kill. This psychic killing ability was also a goal of the First Earth Battalion, which also introduced its members to these 4 Theta levels of ability. As the reader may be aware, martial arts (which is taught to/used by the Green Berets & First Earth Battalion) has the practitioner use a spirit to gain strength…so it is a natural progression to use “spiritual” strength to kill. Fort Bragg had a run-down rickety old bldg. dating from WW 2 in a wooded area reached by a dirt track that was used for practicing psychic killing by bursting the heart of the animal. Later used on men. The First Earth Battalion of the army carried out rituals in robes & hoods. Members of the Green Berets (while at Ft. Lewis) did an occult blood sacrifice at night. Jim Channon, commander of the First Earth Battalion wrote their manual. He has networked with all the New Age groups, had worked closely with Michael Murphy (fndr. Esalen Inst.) & Marilyn Fergusion (New Age author of the Aquarian Conspiracy). An eyewitness reported his house has hanging paintings of the Illum. all-seeing eye on pyramids. His goal was to turn his Battalion into warrior-monks. 300 soldiers of Delta Force commanded by Col. Frank Burns have also got into these things, incl. doing occult rituals. (Delta Force has killers with Delta alters, but the Delta Force should not be confused with Delta programming which is given to many civilian mind-controlled slaves to give them a lethal ability to kill.)

DEVELOPMENTS. A brain-training machine which connects to people via electrodes on their head was used by Dr. Jim Hardt, who worked with Theta programming in the army. Alpha waves of the connected person would be modulated. Two people hooked up to the machine simultaneous are able to read each other’s minds. They have also been tracking the brain waves to identify what the person is thinking. When mind-controlled victims are in touch with “astral plane beings” (spirits-demons-angels) a distinct set of brain wave patterns can be seen. Many of the ideas that Channon & Alexander got involved with are not Theta programming, for instance, “Death Holograms” where a targeted individual sees the ghost of their dead rival so that they are scared to death. (So far, there has been only one instance where the Illum. apparently used a hologram where I was living.) Army psyops that involve Theta programming can be benevolent or hurtful (just as there is black & white magic). A white magic form would be remote viewing. The dark side of army psyops is torture, such as the world learned about at Abu Ghraib, Afghan. and Gitmo, Cuba. It was the satanic brass of military intelligence that ordered the torture at these places. Ft. Bragg (HQ for the Green Berets & First Earth Battalion) was also where Col. Jack N. Summe commanded the 4th Psyop Airborne unit. There has always been some Theta programming for the Illum. Delta programmed assassins. But in recent yrs. they have tried to enhance the Theta programming of Delta assassins so that if they were dropped into an area they could psychically locate their victim. They are also taught how to project fear into a victim to immobilize him/her.

MORMON CONNECTION. It should not surprise people who are aware of ongoing high level Satanic rituals in the Mormon hierarchy, the large no.s of mind-controlled slaves created under the auspices of the Mormon churches, and the large no. of Mormon CIA & FBI recruits, that the army has a secret all-Mormon psyop unit based in UT.

REMOTE VIEWING. The Army/CIA/NSA/Navy have some remote viewing teams. Some earlier psychic spies whose names became known incl. Major Ed Dames (of Art Bell show fame), Sgt. Lyn Buchanan, Joe McMoneagle (a leader w/ the Ft. Meade unit), Pat Price and David Morehouse. Lyn Buchanan wrote an autobiography “The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a Psychic Spy for the U.S. Military”. The publicity Ed Dames gave the program resulted in an “official” termination of remote viewing…previous units were disbanded…yet it still continues with several new units…just lower key. Remote viewing was used a great deal with end time Armageddon propaganda. My Formula book revealed that Theta programming was also not only connected with the spirit world but the End Time programming (called Alex & Janus programming). What is the spirit world transmitting about End Times to those with Theta programming?!


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