The World immerses us in philosophies, organizations, teachings, churches, salesmen, mind manipulation, propaganda and so forth. So many voices want our attention & devotion. May the Spirit of God use these few words to help you recognize the works of God because you understand the structures God builds. The foundation of this post is the living Word of God. This post is contrasting divine revelation with human wisdom.

HUMANS ARE ATTRACTED TO OUR OWN CLEVERNESS. Human wisdom is attractive, yet its fruit is pride, division, deception & disappointment. There is a way that seems really intelligent, but is clever satanic wisdom that leads to death. The fruit of human wisdom is for instance, the two party system of Democrats v. Republicans. It is, for instance, a church split on theological hairs. It is a changing twisting set of “truths”. While the USSR did not have a two-party split, the ever changing atheistic, God-hating party line of the Communist party was, of course, still human wisdom. Here we see a small example of how legalistic thinking—how technical definitions and technical micromanaging things by human reasoning is not life-giving faith that comes from divine wisdom. This lines up with the Word teaching us that the Spirit gives life, and the letter of the law gives death. Legalistic thinking—quite prevalent in Christendom—is not a structure built by God. God’s structures redeem & give life. God’s power was shown to Nebuchadnezzar (the Babylonian Ruler) when he went insane, so that he would repent of his pride, and have the healing power & testimony of God in his life.

DESCRIBING GOD’S STRUCTURES. God builds true understanding, divine wisdom, life, stability, the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, faith, gentleness, peace, longsuffering…) as He develops His creation. For instance, God’s structures will be stable, will be life giving, and will promote peace.

STABLE. These structures are described as having a sure foundation. In my public talks, I showed the intrinsic difference between the cube & the diamond (a double pyramid structure). It is why YHWH God has created cubic structures, and the satanic World is enamored with pyramids. God’s structures…for instance His temples in Jerusalem were built by volunteers, while Pharaoh’s temples & pyramids were built with slave labor. Unless God builds the structures in your life, you labor in vain. When God builds structures in our lives, we need to cooperate with His will. In the World, especially when things are built by demonic or Illuminati designs, there are many magical controls & manipulations. God simply wants you to line up with what He wants to do. That is why there is an element of rest in being a godly person. Both the Hebrew & Greek scriptures mention this rest that God gives us. Not my will but thine be done. Rather than having to build the foundation & develop the plans, instead we use those provided by God. Yes, the wisdom of God is referred to as a mystery. But not a mystery like mysteries of the mystery religions that make you dependent upon their control. God’s wisdom should empower you to have a full abundant life, not dependent upon some hierarchy. Those religions that make you a pawn to a hierarchy of control are obviously NOT the way God builds a structure. Moses was a servant of God…not a dictator, not the lawgiving president (or pope) of a denomination. Christ called men, but they followed him by their free-will, not because they were hired or conscripted. God placed one of His life-giving attributes: nurturing, into women. When a woman nurtures she is exercising that divine gift. We are called to be stewards of the mysteries of God. When a woman humbly nurtures, using her divinely built abilities to love & nurture, then she is being a proper steward of the Mysteries of God. In fact, we are even told that great is the mystery of godliness (1 TIM 3:6). Even though we are stewards of God’s mysteries, we must realize that we see things through dark cloudy lenses—our understandings are still not very focused. To make an analogy…our understanding spiritually is almost like how people of science thought about things before good microscopes were available.

LINE UPON LINE. Life is a process of growth. One cell is built upon another. In God’s kingdom, one precept must be upon a previous precept, and a line upon another line. This is why we see progressive revelation. Many of God’s revelations are fresh in a life giving way—but they are not totally new. Many of the things Christ revealed had been said before, but he revealed them in a fresh life giving way. (In the occult world, within comparative mythology you see a mish mash of contradictory ideas which are acted on as the World & the occult do not hold truth to be a single divine thing, but truth is relative to the believer’s opinions.)

Each cell is a duplicate of the life before it. When I heard about phase-conjugate mirrors which do a “real-time holographic process” or a “time-reversal of light” where by optical phase conjugation they reverse a beam of light, I thought, yes this is a picture of the divine. There are many holograms within God’s world, as He replicates things, for instance, Christ in a believer. The divine functions outside of time, outside of gender (there is no gender in heaven), and outside of some of the other structures we operate in. That is why when I prayed for a specific amount of money, God had already miraculously got it in the mail (twice) BEFORE I prayed for that exact amount. Also you do not need to be aware of growing & life for it to happen. The Spirit of God will place understanding in you that you may not be aware of. God will build structures in your life without you realizing it. This also pertains to the rest we have. The Sabbath of God is important to honor Him as Creator, and to realize that it is not by our power, not by our might, BUT by the Spirit of God that these good structures in our life will be built.

SATANIC STRONGHOLDS. Trauma is used the demonic-directed World to instill lies. With each trauma comes at least one lie attached. These traumas are designed for us to reject some part of God & his Kingdom’s structures. Imagine all the traumas that a war like WW 2 put hundreds of millions of people through, and you can see the great benefits the God-rejecting controllers gain from all the satanic strongholds that get build. Germany once had many men of faith, post-WW 2 Germany has little faith.
HEAVENLY v. DEMONIC WISDOM. “Who is wise & understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom. But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing will be there. 
“But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” JAS 3:13-18


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