STIRRING UP CHAOS: Thoughts on Syria 9 SEP 2015

The controlled mass media has muddled the reporting on Syria so much that in effect its followers must be confused to the pt. they likely accept whatever the U.S. govt. claims. Many western media have connections to intelligence agencies (no surprise) so it’s no surprise our news promotes agendas. The goal of this short article is to help clarify a complex situation. Our govt. & military actions are creating chaos in the region.

ARAB SPRING or NWO meddling? Tunisia, Egypt & Quadhafi in Libya (beginning 2/17/2011) saw their nations turned upside down by revolutions (significantly aided by the World Order) called “Arab Spring”, as if these revolutions were the start of great things. Since its “Spring”, Libya is still in chaos broken up into warring factions. In 2011, Basher al-Assad’s Ba’ath govt. was supposed to be overthrown by an Arab Spring revolution –but he stayed in power, although the nation is now also broken up in warring factions. Both Libya & Syria were not participating in the Illum.’s Central bank system, and at least some of their citizens realized fully what the controlling role of Illum. central banks have on a nation…and they, along with their leaders, did not want to be part of the World Order’s banking system. This is not to imply that the only reason for creating chaos was to bring these nations into the World banking system, there are many reasons behind the turmoil.

QUADHAFI…WHAT WAS HE? The Western press has demonized Quadhafi. In 1979, because my father was helping to operate an experimental ag farm in Libya for the FAO, I spent an entire summer in Quadhafi’s Libya working w/ my father. I saw firsthand Quadhafi’s rule, & heard the man speak over the radio. Overall, I can state a couple of “facts”—Quadhafi was a complex man who was not afraid to act on his visionary ideas which were sometimes unrealistic. (He called his ideas for Libya “Jamahiriya”.) The second thing I noticed was that he sincerely was trying to help his nation, although some of his ideas were counterproductive. He did not want to be part of the Soviet or NATO blocs, but proposed nations be independent of the World System and its dialectic. Children were paid salaries to go to school. Women were paid for giving birth to children. Everyone received a blue Honda pickup from the govt. An example of an idea that back fired…Quadhafi proclaimed if you lived somewhere…you owned the place. Landlords quickly shoved their renters out & put their family into their rentals to retain control. So his proclamation had the effect of making many people homeless. I was listening to him on radio, with a Palestinian translating his speech. Quadhafi said that he wished America would have fought him when he asked for Wheelis AFB (near Tripoli) so he could have had a war w/ America. Either he was a bag of wind, or seriously out of touch w/ reality (or something) to make such a statement…as he his puny military would have lasted perhaps a day against America in a war. So Quadhafi is a complicated figure—difficult to label. Unfortunately, our media gave us a 1-D image of him as a dangerous dictator. Likewise, Assad in Syria is painted in negative terms, when many of his people are supportive of him.

SYRIA. Syria has been a multicultural, multi-religious nation. Assad is about as fair as that region is going to get. Health care & education are free in Syria. Like Libya, he has supported Syria being part of the non-aligned movement & not participating in the elite’s central bank system. Russia (formerly the USSR) has been a supportive ally for years. The nation is governed by codified sharia law, but was basically under martial law for much modern history. Two sensitive areas are the Golan Heights & Hatay Province (now Turkey, but claimed by Syria). The Israelis have realized that the Assad rulers, because they single handedly command things, could any day wake up and decide to attack the Golan Heights to recover what Israel annexed (after conquest) in 1981. Israel definitely wants Assad gone, and could care less the chaos that might create. Turkey has been absorbing refugees (2.1 million of them) & is now bombing Syria along w/ the U.S. The bombing has been a big reason people want to flee, and Syrians are proposing some no fly zones to protect civilians. And I ask, who should decide what govt. Syria has? And what countries have a right to train insurgents to terrorize & destabilize Syria?

TARTUS NAVAL BASE & RECENT TENSION. In 1971, an agreement w/ Syria allowed the Russian Black Sea fleet to est. a naval base for medium size ships at Tartus, Syria on the Mediterranean Sea. It is not capable of docking large warships, & a storm in 2012 ruined the facility. The Russians have been repairing it, and working to make it feasible to bring in larger ships. It was recently used by Russia to enlarge its presence in Syria. Russia has traditionally had a military presence in Syria, so it is indeed hypocritical and bizarre that the U.S. & NATO are raising such a stink about Russia’s recent decision to bomb ISIS. The U.S. & NATO tried to block Russian planes going to Syria flying over Bulgaria & other nations. These silly acts are raising the tension, but are accomplishing nothing productive. The Russians called these acts “strange hysteria”, which is an accurate description.

REFUGEE CRISIS. The Syrian refugees are biggest refugee crisis since many years. Reports for numbers of refugees in various countries: Turkey (2.1 million), Jordan (1.4 million), Lebanon (1.2 million), Iraq (248,000), Germany (105,000 accepted—there are others), U.K. (5,100), Canada (2,400), Brazil (2,077), and the U.S. (1500 as of Mar. ’15). The tragedies of these refugees is enormous. The result of all this is to keep all these traumatized people (in & out of the nation) in a state of fight or flight. One result of all this stress to everyone is to reduce people’s immune systems, setting the stage for more problems. The refugee problem is bound to create a number of further problems.

META-VIEW of the not so wonderful media WONDERLAND. I am tempted to call our media-view of events “Wonderland” as it is a grand fairytale. “Beware lest anyone cheat you through…empty deceit…”(A) “…evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”(B) “Be sober, be vigilant [alert]; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”(C) Part of being vigilant is to not allow the enemy to steal our joy. Another part is not to allow the enemy to tie us up with deceptions. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”(D) Wow, if anything describes our govt.’s involvement is this verse…for they are constantly confusing evil for good and bitter for sweet. One day they claim such & such group is good, & the next day they are a dangerous enemy. Our govt. helped est. ISIS, and now is fighting the monster they created. Al Queda is now being portrayed as a good thing for Syria.

Keep your joy, and have a blessed day my friend.

(A) COL 2:8 (B) 2 TIM 3:13 (C) 1 PTR 5:8 (D) ISA 5:20


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