The early history of Stalin (born Josef Vissarionvich Djugashvilli, 1878-1953) has been shrouded in mystery & disinfo. (He took the surname Stalin, meaning “steel” after the Communist Revolution; before that, he’d used many aliases. His mom called him Soso.) After the U.S.S.R. collapsed researchers have had access to many documents that have been stored & not seen for many decades, & they have been able to sort out many new facts concerning Stalin. My research for this post is dependent upon Simon Sebag Montefiore’s great book “Young Stalin” and Clifford Shack’s online research: , as well as a few other sources. In my books/lectures, I have pointed out how Stalin joined French Freemasonry, while Churchill & FDR were in English Freemasonry. I have also pointed out that the USSR was run by an oligarchy, and that Illum. kingpins like the Rothschilds financed the Bolshevik revolution w/ millions of dollars, incl. gold.

Circumstantial evidence points to Maurice Ephrussi (Nov. 18, 1849 – Oct. 29, 1916), an Ukrainian-born French Jewish banker who married into the Rothschild family as the father of Stalin. He & Stalin resemble each other as a father & son, & he was at a palace where Stalin’s attractive mother was a cleaning lady when Stalin was conceived. Later in life, she was given a room at the palace. The Ephrussi’s were the Rothschild’s agents to the Tsar. In the early 1880’s, Maurice Ephrussi told the Alphonse de Rothschild & his French branch of the Rothschilds about the oil money to be made in the Baku region of Russia. Baron Alphonse James de Rothschild & Baron Eduard de Rothschild were also active w/ the Caucasian oil fields. The Rothschilds built a railroad & then built up oil facilities incl. a refinery. The Rothschilds’ former palace is now the Azerbaijan Justice Ministry building. Stalin, himself worked for 1.7 rubles/day for the Rothschilds at their Batumi refinery. In Nov. 1901, he proudly told his friends, “I’m working for the Rothschilds.” He also led the Baku Bolshevik revolutionary group which was financed regularly by the Rothschilds. Another Rothschild executive, Dr. Felix Somary, a banker w/ the Austrian branch of the family, went to Baku to settle a strike, which he did by paying Stalin money & Stalin stopped the strike, which built Stalin’s ruthless reputation. Maurice Ephrussi became the French Rothschilds’ top rep in the oil-rich Caucasus. Note also that the Rothschilds had managed to become the Tsar’s official banker. Stalin, in turn, was the top gangster in his area working for revolution. Besides robbing banks, murder & many other crimes, Stalin also had many women & many illegitimate children, incl. 2 children by Lidia Pereprygina, an orphan 13 years old who he seduced.

People who knew Stalin’s mother (“Keke”) knew she liked sex & slept w/ many men, so it is hard w/out genetic evidence to confirm which one provided the sperm. His mother was married to Vissarion “Beso”, an alcoholic who was known to refer to Stalin as his “mother’s bastard”. Besides Ephrussi, other popular candidates for siring Stalin incl. Yakov Egnatashvili (“Kobe”), the local Gori police chief named Damian Davrichewy, the local priest Father Christopher Charkviani, & the famous explorer Nikolai Przhevalsky (who also resembles Stalin). The first 3 candidates all helped Stalin as he grew up, as if they were his father, for instance, Equatashvili paid money for Stalin’s education, & the priest said he was the father so that Stalin could get admission into the church school. The hand of the elite appears to have been on him to elevate Stalin to his role in history. Near Stalin’s birthplace, Stalin’s secret police chief Beria built a Greek temple.

Stalin in turn was vital to the creation of WW 2 for the Illuminati. WW 2 had been planned before Stalin was born. Stalin’s important role in making the war possible incl. the following: 1. For Hitler to have a chance to invade Poland, he had to have the assurance it would not become a two-front war. Stalin made a peace treaty that insured Hitler’s back side (eastern border) w/ the USSR was safe, so he could go to war. Also Stalin supplied much of the raw materials to make it possible for Hitler to go to war, a good portion never paid for by Nazi Ger. Germany knew that if the U.K. & France went to war, a blockade would impede Ger.’s economy, so the assurance of Russian raw materials made war viable. You will note that as soon as Hitler & Stalin made their treaty of cooperation, Hitler invaded Poland as soon as the troops could be moved up, & some preliminary things done by the military. 2. Stalin made it possible for Hitler to invade the USSR by purging most of his good officers, by placing his military in the most vulnerable position in regards to Hitler’s armies, & then not allowing any successful reaction to Hitler’s invasion to take place. First he denounced anyone who brought info about the evidence that Hitler would invade, & then for a time after the invasion, he claimed that there was no invasion, thus preventing the Russians from having a strong defense. Talk about playing a role for a script!! 3. In 1942, it was Stalin who then not only inspired resistance (rather than surrender) to the German invasion, but used secret armies known only to him & his own secret plans to defeat Germany at Stalingrad (a city named after him). There has never been doubt in my mind that Stalin was connected to & most likely an Illum. member. It is therefore very interesting that Hitler was a secret Rothschild descendant; and Stalin too may have been related to the Rothschilds, perhaps even genetically.


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