Mediums use spirit guides, familiars, & occult means to give information. This is a preliminary expose of psychics & psychic shops especially focused on their connection to t.b.m.c. This article is geared to those who want to see t.b.m.c. & high level occultism shut down. There are many local occult activities which can seem unrelated to the bigger picture, but are indeed tied in to the Illuminati World Order. (This is why I exposed hundreds of covens & ritual sites in my out-of-print book on spiritual warfare “Ezekiel 6:3″—because many of these little groups tie back to trauma-based mind control & wealthy Illuminati families. I gave examples of ties in the book.) The Illuminati have special gifted mediums who can conjure important entities for rituals whose identities are kept secret.

SOME FAMOUS MEDIUMS… PLAYING DICE W/ DEMONS… But there are also some mediums with ties to the Illuminati who have been known—Jeanne Dixon (1904-1997) who was a conduit for them to Billy Graham (I originally exposed their connection in the 1991 Be Wise As Serpents book). Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) is especially admired by the Illuminati hierarchy…and is quite famous. (By the way, in the ‘30s he predicted America’s moral decay & that Russia –free of communism–would lead the world in religious development & would give us “the hope of the world”.) Mediums Jeanne Dixon & Joan C. Quigley advised Ronald & Nancy Reagan. Joan Quigley in her book “What Does Joan Say?” says: “Not since the days of the Roman emperors—and never in the history of the United States Presidency—has an astrologer played such a significant role in the nation’s affairs of State.” Dixon was the unofficial advisor to other presidents & governors too. Sir Oliver Lodge, a Fabian Society mmbr, who lived near Stonehenge, is a famous medium from England’s recent past. He was into magic & a mmbr. of the Ghost Club. James & Diane Pike popularized Spiritism (mediumship) in America. Eileen Garrett (pres. Amer. Soc. for Psychical Research) and David N. Bubar (an ex-Baptist pastor who uses spirits) are two other well-known mediums.

MAJOR EXPOSE DESTROYED. Harry Price (a psychic who conjured) made it a life work to expose fraudulent mediums. He & psychic researcher Eric Dingwall re-published an anonymous work written by a former medium entitled “Revelations of a Spirit Medium” (1922) which exposed the tricks of mediumship & the fraudulent methods of producing “spirit hands”. All the copies of the book were then bought up by spiritualists & deliberately destroyed. Dean Radin, Sr. Scientist at the Inst. of Noetic Sciences, where psychics are studied, said, “The best psychic averages about 3 in 10, like the best baseball hitters .300, the rest of us bat about 1 or 2 in 10.”(A)

MY EXPOSE IN THIS POST. Have you noticed the psychic shop in your city seems to have no visible means of support? We have a few here in Portland. The areas of Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas & New Orleans have quite a few psychic shops, as well as plenty of t.b.m.c. programming going on…and there is a connection of some of these psychic shops to the t.b.m.c., magic, & drug deals. In other words, their primary money making is not telling fortunes…but making fortunes off a child sexual slavery & drugs. One of the centers of psychic shops is DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C. where Donna, Charlie, Christine, Mrs. Fatina, Jacky & other psychics operate. Durham, NC, another occult hotbed, has a couple psychic shops. Remember the Grande Dame Dorris Duke (now deceased via an Illuminati ritual) was very prominent in that area with Illuminati t.b.m.c. slaves. At one psychic shop, signals to t.b.m.c. slaves is seen in their signage. At least one shop works with handlers. New t.b.m.c. slave handlers are given a package: housing, cash & a car through the shop. In the San Diego area the abusers are driving around in white Chrysler luxury 300’s.

ARMY INTELLIGENCE & CIA USE MEDIUMS & ARE INVOLVED IN SATANISM & T.B.M.C. My books on m.c. have exposed the both U.S. army’s involvement w/ Satanism & t.b.m.c. and the CIA’s. I only touched on their specific uses of mediums. SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and Princeton fronted a lot of research for them. The U.S. govt. upgraded the name of psychic or medium to “remote viewer”. RV is a structured approach to clairvoyance. The results of the tens of millions of dollars paid to psychics doing remote viewing are classified secrets. Army Intel had Detachment G at Bldg. 2560 & 2561 at Ft. Meade, who looked at & evaluated RV candidates for the Army RV unit at Ft. Meade called “Stargate Project”. It was overseen by Lt. Frederick H. “Skip” Atwater & Maj. Gen. A. Stubblebine. (By the way, David Marks in his book The Psychology of the Psychic (2000) discussed the flaws in the Stargate Project in detail. Marks concluded the project was nothing more than a “subjective delusion” & after two decades of research had failed to reveal any scientific evidence for RV.) One of the CIA’s psychic experts was Dr. Kenneth A. Kress. Their GONDOLA WISH program evaluated RV candidates. I have spoken with a no. of programmed multiples who the CIA wanted in their RV program. At least some of them were given an option. You can easily realize that a CIA which did research into the capabilities of the mind (& m.c.) would be interested in mediums.

ORGANIZATIONS. David Hill, in the manuscript he died for, made connections between Arthur Ford’s Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship & the elite. Arthur Ford was an ordained minister & medium. Famous medium Ruth Montgomery was a protégée of Arthur Ford. Her many books were allegedly channeled from her spirit guides & Arthur. When I was a child her books & Jeanne Dixon were famous & making lots of end time prophecies in the 1960’s. There are psychic registers, the Psychic News Newspaper out of England and New Realities magazine (on psychics) out of Wash., D.C., etc. The last group I want to mention is the Psychic Science International Special Interest Group (PSISIG) founded by Mensa members in 1976. PSISIG has a lending library for the public & investigates Out-of-body experiences, psychic phenomena, MPD (DID), ET’s and other subjects. I am curious how far they have gotten in their MPD research. They should get my books.

FINAL THOUGHT. I will let the Word of God have the final say in this expose: “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer…or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD.”(B)

(A) “The scientific edge, UNLV professor explores the link between mind and matter” by Mary Manning, LAS VEGAS SUN, 14 Sep 1996. (B) DT 18:10-11


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