SPACE, A NEW FRONTIER. Outer space is an opportunity to try new things. This post looks back at the space topics I was dealing with over 30 years ago in exposing the New World Order. Understanding the extent of the World Order’s deception is necessary to grasp what I was dealing with. I was looking for answers to obvious lies by the system, incl. NASA. For instance, when I asked a NASA employee why the stars in the pictures from the astronauts on the moon were blacked out, he said for security reasons. (Perhaps readers have forgotten that the Russians & Amer. had a joint mission in July, ’75, the joint Soyuz-Apollo mission, which meant both nations knew each other’s crafts.) 
In the early ‘90’s, I interviewed a wide spectrum of people, & had a number of insiders (such as intelligence people, ex-Illum., NASA employees, etc.) confide things to me. Also knowledgeable people, such as scientists who were not insiders but had learned hidden things, confided to me. I sifted through govt. documents. I travelled to sites. I studied books & magazines. And if & when it looked like the weight of evidence landed in a particular direction, then I boldly wrote articles expressing what the reality behind the disinformation appeared to be. Even today, the conclusions I expressed back then cont. to be used to label me as “crazy”. Those who have discovered how much deception is taking place in our news, & how nothing is as it seems, were able to entertain a different view than the politically correct one & follow my research.

Some AREAS OF INVESTIGATION: 1) abductions, 2) govt. flying saucers & their technology & bases, 3) international bases on Mars & the moon, 4) the UFO phenomena prior to dirigibles, 5) the possibility of the Apollo missions being hoaxes. I concluded that the government, using their secret anti-gravity saucers had gone to the moon and Mars; and because this technology was to be part of the New World Order, it has been kept secret from the public & reframed in the controlled media as associated with E.T.s…little green men…which makes everyone who sees a genuine U.S. flying saucer seem crazy. Intelligent sincere people who simply report witnessing flying saucers get worked over by people as being crazy. (By the way, before the Nazis and the U.S.-U.K.-Canada group had flying saucers, there have been UFOs appearing throughout history.) Because the Illuminati had already put together international missions to the moon & Mars, incl. establishing small bases, the Apollo missions & the Mars spacecraft by the U.S. & U.S.S.R. were simply insincere expensive distractions, & a good means to get us in debt to the banksters.

SETTLEMENTS ON MARS FEASIBLE. In a NASA publication, SP-413, (1977) we read in the “Space Settlements—A Design Study” that “The people of Earth have both the knowledge and resources to colonize space.” Another NASA study says there are no “insuperable limitations” and no insolvable problems to living on Mars. Another NASA study SP-414 (1976) says that by genetic engineering oxygen-producing photo synthetic organisms could grow on Mars, which would then turn the atmosphere into something more habitable for man. National Geographic, (Jan. ’77, p. 9), based on Viking II’s findings, reports that Mars had great quantities of flowing water, “Mars had once seen water—incredible amounts of it.” Further, “water also appears to be locked into the ground…” & the polar caps were determined to be water.(p. 12) The Viking instruments showed that Nitrogen in the air was “enough to support veritable jungles of life.” The two moons of Mars also have large amounts of water; Phobo’s structure is carbonaceous chondrite, which contains large volumes of water. U.S. News & World Report’s 8/26/’91 issue had an article “Mars Chronicles” where scientists suggest that Mars harbored life at times in its history. Along this line, Science News, 9/26/92, p. 18, reported that scientists are looking for fossils on Mars.

THE TRILLION $ QUESTION. Clear back in the 1950’s, the big question on everyone’s mind was “Is there life on Mars??” As one NASA employee said, “The existence of life past or present is the main focus of exploring Mars.” But for some reason, multitudes of spacecraft have still not answered the most basic of questions. My articles back in 1993 gave the reason that the answer was not solved even after trillions of dollars & over 50 yrs. of space exploration. For example, the Viking landers conducted biological experiments designed to detect life in the Martian soil (if it existed) w/ tests developed by 3 separate teams. One experiment was positive for the detection of metabolism (current life), but based on the results of the other two experiments that failed to reveal any organic molecules in the soil, most scientists decided that the positive results were caused by non-biological chemical reactions from the highly oxidized soil. At the same time in another area of Mars, another experiment was going on…the PTSNB decided to experiment with a prototype of the future’s Brave New World. It consisted of a Committee of Wise Men to rule it, a class of “designated movers” (technocrat managers), & the workers (mind-controlled slaves). Spacecraft missions to Mars had to insure that this new experimental base was kept secret. That explains why the 1 billion dollar Viking spacecraft (roughly US$3.8 billion in FY14 dollars) (launched 8/20/75 & 8/9/75, arriving 6/19/76 & 8/7/76) was sent with a camera w/ a 100 meter focus (a “cheap quality” camera w/ no range).

THE RED PLANET’S BRAVE NEW WORLD. In my June 1, ’93 Newletter, I wrote a 14 page article about the Mars base. That was a follow up article to a previous May 15, ’93 Newsletter article. This “far-out” concept that there was already a base on Mars came from 2 reliable sources plus 4 other people. That assessment certainly fit all the pieces I was looking at. One family that subscribed to my newsletter wrote me to cancel their subscription because they didn’t want to receive a periodical with such craziness. A knowledgeable CIA agent who was also a friend of that family happened to visit after they wrote me their angry cancellation letter. They told him the story of my article…and he surprised them by saying, “Fritz is right.” They wrote me back & apologized. What I write is merely to the best of my knowledge, which depends upon my sources, my research & analysis.

2 PRINCETON PROFESSORS Gerald K. O’Neill & Brian O’Leary have both studied space settlements in detail. Dr. Gerald O’Neill did an interview that appeared in the L.A. Times (July 11,’77). Discussing space settlements, O’Neill said that the solution to the earth’s overpopulation was “Island 3” a colony on Mars. He says, “There’s really no debate about the technology involved in doing it. That’s been confirmed by NASA’s top people.” What I was told was that an Illuminati policy committee two days later decided to spare his life, even though his Island 3 comment was close to revealing “Alternative 3” (aka Project Eve, aka the Mars colony). Their decision was based on their judgment call that people would view his comment as speculation. One of my sources had seen the Policy Committee’s transcripts of their meetings where they would discuss the Mars base. They maintained written records because the committee was international & they wanted no misunderstandings.

O’LEARY. Brian O’Leary wrote a number of papers & books on space settlements: “The 1977 Ames Summer Study on Space Settlements”, the paper “Food & Raw Material Supply from Space to the Earth” (given at the Seminar on World Scarcity of Food & Raw Materials, Santiago, Chile 1/’77), and the ’79 book “Limits to Growth Implications of Space Settlements (’79), Project Space Station (’83), Mars 1999 (’87), & Exploring Inner & Outer Space (’89). He believed that for an investment of $100-200 billion the entire world’s food supply could be grown in space. O’Leary also worked for NASA as an astronaut-scientist, & has been a consultant to the U.S. House of Interior Committee. His statements on the feasibility of a Mars colony are echoed by others, for instance, National Forum’s Summer ’92 article, “Mars colonization: technically feasible, affordable, and a universal human drive.”

WERNER VON BRAUN and WALT DISNEY. In 1952, ex-Nazi rocket scientist Von Braun proposed using a flotilla of 10 spaceships and 70 crewmen to go to Mars. His method of using a lander, and then blasting off, was the landing concept the Apollo project used. Disney, who I exposed in my Formula book on mind-control, wanted to help Von Braun, and his artists drew up pictures of a Mars base in line with what Von Braun was conceptualizing & put out a series of films in the early ‘50s “Mars & Beyond”. We now have around 64 yrs. of planning for a human presence on Mars. Or was it already accomplished perhaps in the early ‘60’s!! by using anti-gravity craft??

THE DOG & PONY SHOW of FAILURES. 1960-2 Russian craft to Mars-FAILED. 1962-First Russian craft to Mars-FAILED…next try, Mars 1 reaches Mars but FAILED when its communication failed. Russia’s MARS II, III, IV, VII all FAILED. Mars V sent some useless blurry pictures. Mars VI did reach the surface and then lost communication. U.S.’s Mariner 3 (1964) & Mariner 8 (1971) FAILED. Mariner 4 did a long distance flyby and took 22 photographs. Mariner 6 got closer (3,400 km.) and sent back surface temperatures. Mariner 7 got as close as Mariner 6 and send back 200 photos. Russia’s Zond 2 & Zond 3, no real achievements. Phobas 1 (by USSR) FAILED. It’s sister craft Phobas 2 in 1988 did send some photos of Phobas before contact was lost, but overall the mission failed. On 9/25/92 the Mars Observer was launched with instruments to study the geology, climate & geophysics of Mars. I predicted to people in my newsletter that this expensive spacecraft with its high tech equipment would fail because the Mars base was not camouflaged. The mission of Observer would have compromised the base. On 8/22/’93 contact was lost with the spacecraft before it entered an orbit around Mars. Later, the Mars base was finally camouflaged, & then if the reports are at all accurate, it has been shut down. During its history, it had had a series of problems. One other interesting pt., is that some of the equipment used on Mars may have been tested in Antarctica because the climates are similar.

CONCLUSIONS. Real life can be more amazing than fiction. Science pushes the boundaries of what we know. When the World Order keeps its advancements secret, if someone like me tries to report those developments, it can seem fantastic to people. And my reporting is dependent upon how reliable my sources, research & analysis has been. In the case of the Mars colony story, I did receive some confirmations that I was on the right track. Have a great day my friend!


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