A look at pedophilia and the occult in Savannah, GA area. This post is designed to present patterns, which also appear at other locations. I have not dealt that much with the deep South, in part because I am at the opposite end of the nation. However, Georgia & South Carolina do grab my attention every now & then, for instance, John Todd was arrested at Columbia, SC…and the Georgia Guidestones are located at Elbertson, GA,…and in the early 90’s I exposed Hilton Head, SC which is very close to the area under discussion in this article. In public talks, I’ve mentioned the trauma-based programming done by NASA at Huntsville, AL as well as the air force bases, of which there are seven bases located in GA & SC, incl. one at Savannah, all of which are part the Air Force’s Region 7. The Army’s Hunter Army Air Field on the south side of Savannah plays a role in this corruption also.

PORT CITIES. Major port cities, for instance: Bruges (Belg)., London, Venice, Long Island (NY), Marseilles (Fr.), Macao, Hong Kong, Houston, Charleston (SC) have long active histories in corruption. Savannah at first glance may not line up with that pattern because it is so low key, but it does. Savannah was the first city of Georgia, a colony created by the British to protect their border with Spain’s Florida by shipping inmates from prison to settle the land. Charleston, SC just to the north, has been a major HQ for the Scottish Rite. Movement of human sex slaves has incl. ships & planes, for instance, one in the Savannah area which has operated with fake tail numbers.

REMOTE LOCATIONS. A great deal of occult sexual rituals with children occurs in locations that are discreet, the one involved in the Savannah area is just across the river in wooded territory. If one takes Rt. 17’s Talmadge Memorial Bridge over the Savanna River into SC, one very soon arrives at Delta Plantation, a ritual site. Hilton Head Island to the east and then even further east one finds Tucker Town, Bermuda, both examples of discreet watering holes of the elite. (By the way, Tucker Town, developed by the elite during the depression, has an exclusive elite male club.)

YOUTH INSTITUTIONS. Quite often institutions purportedly to help troubled youth are used by the network to supply the occult’s elite with children for recreational sex, ritual sex, or worse. In this case, it was Anneewakee Mental Health Facility in Douglasville, GA to the NW of Savannah. The owner/founder of Anneewakee was Louis J. Poetter. It was started in 1962. Poetter promoted sex between his staff and the boys at his institution, as well as regularly molesting the boys himself for years. (He had an institution for girls at Rockmart, GA.) Witnesses repeatedly tried to report what was happening, but the state covered up the alleged sexual misconduct. Finally in 1970, the Dept. of Human Resources due to secret investigations of allegations required Poetter quit being the administrator, but he stayed on as the director! And they did not disclose their findings of sexual misconduct to the public.

VICTORY FOR THE VICTIMS. In 1986, the scandalous child molestation activity was so intense that 10 staff people associated with Anneewakee got indicted, including Louis J. Poetter, who pled guilty to 19 counts of sodomy of the boys at the institution. Anneewakee officials Louis Poetter, Jim Parham, and Jimmy Webb (all involved with the child abuse) had powerful friends in the region. Judges, politicians, and law enforcement came to help protect them & soften their penalties w/ “good ole boy’s justice”. It is no surprise that Parham, while chairman in 1986, did not report sexual abuse to the police when another board member reported it to him. He was part of it all. That same Jim Parham, was put in charge of Georgia’s Dept. of Human Resources in 1971 by Jimmy Carter! The DHR had oversight of Anneewakee and Parham immediately moved to dismiss any allegations & charges connected to the institution. Robert D”Agostino, Dean of the John Marshall School of Law after being a counselor at Anneewakee, had tried to expose the child abuse back in 1969 (!), but Poetter was already too rich & too well connected for him to succeed. It took seventeen years & many witnesses to finally prevail against the corrupt system. Some of these people involved with Anneewakee were involved with an extortionist ring, Children of the Underground, which profited from the sale & capture of small children.

BLOOD MONEY PROFITS USED TO FOUND ANOTHER INSTITUTION. 3 Poetter family members were indicted in the Anneewakee affair, and witnesses to the sadistic rapes & other abuse saw family members participate. The Annewakee Institution made large sums of money, and some of this was then used to found the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) located in Savannah by two of the Poetter family. The college also branched out to Atlanta, Hong Kong & France. It bills itself as a “home away from home” for students. Paula Wallace, the pres. of SCAD, got her money from Anneewakee, and is in the middle of all this. SCAD itself states it has 70 locations in Savannah and some say it owns 40% of downtown Savannah. SCAD is intimately involved with occult covens, sex rituals, and taking SCAD students to parties where they are paid for sex or at times raped. This is where Delta Plantation comes in with its ritual Ashera poles. The rape parties are called “scady parties” by students.

BLOODLINES TIE IN. The Palmer family (3 Palmers in the Skull & Bones, & 3 in CFR) and the Rothschild family and some other elite connect in with all this. The Savannah area coven group involved calls themselves the “Circle of friends”. One of the participants has had a habit of spending thousands of dollars in $2 bills. Nearby Clemson Univ. in SC has a tradition of spending $2 bills when they play away games, so perhaps the idea of spending $2 bills came from that… One of the few lower level members of the group to be exposed was Tony Thomas, Savannah’s District 6 Alderman. Besides calling attention to himself with scandalous financial shenanigans (for instance with Delta Land Corp. & the Windsor Forest Country Club), he got in trouble legally for molesting boys. He would try to impress boys he wanted by stories of being in the Army Rangers & the Delta Force. While there is a real Gen. Tony Thomas, that is a different Tony Thomas. According to press reports, the alderman made up these hero stories to enhance his attempts to take advantage of boys. 600 army rangers are stationed just to the south at Hunter Army Airfield near Savannah, & Alderman Thomas has worked at being close to them. Someone wealthy anonymously donated the money to have Savannah’s dome plated with real gold!

LARGER IMPACT. Some of the victims of these brutal rapes have themselves gone on to commit horrible crimes. Some of the witnesses have died (suicided?). 700 children left in the care of GA state’s child protection services have died. When the Anneewakee scandal finally went public, a local paper ran a picture taken by an adult at the facility where about a dozen naked boys are in some kind of ceremonial line. Their genitals were blurred in the picture. Drugs, hypnosis & mind control are also involved in this abuse, so we are actually discussing a small part of a systemic problem across this nation by a large network of powerful abusers. Just today, I saw the news that Georgia is going to create a Gay Pride elementary school for pre-K to 8th grade so that children can be exposed to the gay life style & protected from homophobia.


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