The Internet has given a mass media platform to the rising voice of the waking-up-people. True freedom of the press came w/ the improved Internet; let us not squander this opportunity. This post surveys problems in reporting, both for the consumer of news & the bearer of news, many of us are both. Do we want Free speech or Free newspeak?? If this post is successful it will provoke thinking on how the “truth movement” can be truthful.

First, let’s discuss biased wording, for instance, “radical abortion protestors”. The word “radical” demonizes an entire set of people…is it radical to hate murder?? Question, do we do the same to entire groups of people?? I notice recently that people have stereotyped judgments about the elite where they project only the worst motives on an entire set of people & refuse to believe that any individual could possibly want to turn from evil. I was only able to help people leave the Illuminati in the ‘90’s because I took a loving non-judgmental attitude. Some of these people felt horrible for what they had participated in & the problem was that deep down they did not feel worthy of anything good. And the attitudes that a few Christians took that they were better than these survivors of SRA who they viewed as scum was not going to help. I could see why God called me to that work of love. The controlled media & Hollywood have stereotyped Christians as bigoted, hypocrites, frauds, overbearing & harsh, unloving & cheats (I’m sure my list has missed some of the other stereotypical negatives). People have hated me for trying to open people’s mind that certain people can have a change of heart. Healthy skepticism is fine. Bigotry & prejudice is not; it is what is being used against God’s people. One wrong doesn’t deserve another.

FOLLOW THE LEADER. In general, my friends & the awake community can be praised for thinking for themselves!! A common tool of mass mind control, advertising, etc. is to say, “Everyone’s doing it, so let’s follow the herd & the leader.” The act is called “jumping on the bandwagon”. (Christendom loves to do this, they follow fads just like the World.) Using the Bandwagon is why the World gives us all these role models, & has important people endorse products.

T.V. PROGRAMS. Another method is to use “entertainment” to feed values & political correct attitudes to the masses. People don’t have their guard up because they incorrectly think they are watching something designed to make them laugh, not indoctrinate them. So their minds are brainwashed & molded by what seems like innocent comedic drama. The power of this for the programmers is that the molding is subconscious so that people think the new ways of thinking are their own. They will swear that they are not being taken in by movies & ads. To explain the controller’s pattern…it goes like this: have interesting characters have a problem. There is all this drama as the viewer & the actors seek for solutions. The search is entertaining. The choice in the end promotes the programmer’s value system, his choice for the viewer. The viewer files the episode away, & will subconsciously use the movie’s answer when facing something similar. I have one word for mass control methods: “ENOUGH!” Hopefully, others are also tired of the manipulation, spins & conning. In fact, some experts believe that long term exposure to media speak damages a person’s ability to have critical thinking.

SENSATIONALISM & DEFAMATION. We seem to have ethical anarchy in the truth movement. Sometimes it seems like first liar doesn’t stand a chance with extreme sensational reports. And when it comes to defamation, I have received plenty from the movement. Question: Who was the original slanderer? Anyone know? We need to have love & compassion when we report on events & people. I know that the concept of having compassion for the people who you report on would chafe & vex your standard worldly reporter. The World should not be our role model. The loving thing to do is to confront someone one on one, not slander them behind their back or publicly ambush them like we often see. Our goal is to build people up into better people with constructive character building not w/ malicious gossip/slander.

OBJECTIVITY OR SUBJECTIVITY? How often do we see reports by the government, military or military-industrial complex merely rubber stamped by reporters as if these agencies never spin or distort the truth. On the other hand, sometimes what they say is mind-blowing, like today the head of the NSA & ex-CIA director General Michael Hayden said, “We kill people based on metadata”. Oh really?? Metadata refers to info gathered by the NSA from Amer. & “suspected militants” anywhere. Then the data is used to select targets for drone strikes & wet ops around the world. According to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the agency analyzes metadata as well as mobile-tracking technology to determine targets, w/out employing human intelligence to confirm a suspect’s identity.

SOUNDING THE TRUMPET. When danger approaches, those in a position to warn about it have a duty. (I have repeatedly warned about many things, incl. the coming dollar crash. I try to do these things in a calm, constructive way, as one might announce on a ship to go to your lifeboat stations.) If something is est. by 2 or more witnesses, this crash is est. by numerous witnesses. Here’s another. Marc Faber, the noted Swiss economist & investor, has cont. to warn about the upcoming dollar crash numerous times during recent media appearances, “I think somewhere down the line we will have a massive wealth destruction. I would say that well-to-do people may lose up to 50 percent of their total wealth.” He said that the odds for a world economic meltdown were 100%. Many leading economic figures are saying the real crash is coming, & are pulling their money out of the USA.

In REVIEW. Currently the Alternative media faces a wonderful opportunity with the Internet. We need to protect this opportunity & not squander it by making the same mistakes that the mainstream media make, for instance: lacking compassion for people, lacking objectivity, using prejudicial words, carelessly defaming people, and pretending to be honest instead of sticking to the truth. We want to blow the trumpet to help warn people, but we want to avoid sensationalism. Two or three witnesses help establish a matter.


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