Some of you have heard me say that often the multitude of tiny details which we learn about a subject may contradict each other

Some of you have heard me say that often the multitude of tiny details which we learn about a subject may contradict each other, especially when people report things, so the important thing is to see the overall process going on. For instance, the overall process is to move things to the center of this nation…so a recent report that the CIA has moved their HQ to Denver would be in line with that process. I can’t vouch for the report, perhaps others have something solid on it.
Another process is to prepare things to eliminate troublemakers, and to that end red, yellow, and blue lists have been prepared. Over the years I have written about this, as well as the color coding on the back of signs that lead one to suspicious installations, which look like they are waiting for martial law. On Kathy Rubio’s “Heads Up Warriors” show today it was mentioned that people are reporting that red, blue or yellow patches are being painted on their curbs or mailboxes. Has anyone reading this witnessed these color patches? It is reported that when they get painted over, they are repainted.
Another process is to elevate the importance of China & Australia. Along that line, I find it interesting that Rupert Murdoch, who is so powerful in America’s media, is an Aussie with a Chinese wife, Wendi Deng, who worked for Li’s Star TV. Murdoch is close to China, and his wife is helpful for working with China. Murdoch’s father, Sir Keith Murdoch, was connected; and beginning at 19 Rupert began visiting with American presidents…all of whom he has met personally since Truman. In fact, Obama in his first Pres. campaign, in a servant mode, visited Murdoch at the Waldorf-Astoria. Tony Blair has also looked up to him as a servant would. For those who don’t know about Murdoch’s media power, he has the Dow Jones, and their paper the Wall Street Journal. Typically, the Wall Street Journal has been run by Illuminati types. Murdoch also has the Times of London, the Herald Sun of Melbourne, Australia, as well as his News Corp w/ HQ in NY, L.A., London… Murdoch has been called a “cruel Machiavellian AntiChrist”. It is commonly said that he has no friends, (yet Michael Milken is said to have been his friend). Yet, one notes that the Boston Brahmin family of Bancrofts who controlled Dow Jones, sold the Dow Jones to him, when years earlier they had turned down no less than Joseph Patrick Kennedy.
Reports of violence in Egypt by the Moslem Brotherhood, volcanoes in Alaska, and 19 burned dead firefighters in Arizona leave the sense that an agenda is being speeded up. We are going to get details & rumors coming in, some will be true, some may be contradictory, and we should look beyond those details to see a deeper process at work.


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