Money is used to cause things to move the direction the World System wants—”greasing the skids” as it’s called. Secret illegally gained slush funds of incredible amounts exist for the intelligence agencies. These slush funds are rarely spent protecting us, but used for lots of nefarious projects. Watergate involved a slush fund. The Illuminati find it handy that they can do anything under the disguise of national security. When we realize that MI-6 had British aristocracy like Baron Rothschild as one of the top leaders, and America’s OSS & CIA have been heavily staffed at the top with Yale & Ivy leaguers, esp. the secret society types, one begins to realize why some of the disillusioned agents have written exposes saying that these agencies are prostitutes for the elite and spend much of their efforts on economic efforts…for instance, spying on corporations and running illegal drugs.
An example of how intelligence is used to make money is the Mossad who had an Asian operation that did little real intelligence but worked business deals. At one point Sri Lanka had no diplomatic relations w/ Israel; in fact had an official embargo on them. Mossad identified that the govt. feared the farmers, so they developed a plan for the Sri Lankan govt. to move the farmers from their land…it was called the Mahaweli Project, which ostensibly would double the nations hydro-electric power, and supply water to ¾ million acres of dry land on the other side of the country from the Mahaweli River. World Bank loans were arranged and Israeli specialists were contracted to do the project. Of course neither Israel nor Sri Lanka wanted the project to succeed, as it was simply done to displace the farmers. Israel also supplied the govt. w/ weapons, and then supplied their enemies the Tamil rebels weapons to fight back. So Sri Lanka got PT boats from Israel, and the Tamils got anti-PT boat weapons from them.
So how do the Illuminati kingpins have so much money? Actually historically, most of their money has come from “carry trade”. For thousands of years, they have dominated and owned the trade routes and the shipping to carry the trade. The real money is made everywhere there is a difference of value: if spice is cheap one place & expensive another, or if the price of money to borrow is cheap one place and expensive another (i.e. interest rates). So you can see how much power they gained when the Illuminati kingpins created the Federal Reserve where they can manipulate interest rates & inflation & money supplies worldwide. The carry trade is easy to do and makes them lots of money legally. Of course they can’t simply stop there. Driven by their god, our adversary, they are driven to extend their trade to smuggling. The drug war, prohibition & wars where money can be made by smuggling are great for these Illuminati kingpins. Astor made it big in the War of 1812. The Rothschilds have sponsored such ventures, for instance, Don Carlos was a successful Amer. Civil War blockade runner they sponsored who became their agent in Brownsville, TX. Brownsville sat across from Matamoros, Mexico and was an ideal spot for the Confederacy to bring in goods.

But even smuggling is too tame. Over the years, they have resorted to theft. One Grand Master of the Illuminati that I know about made a career of marrying rich widows & killing them. He would be married to several at once, & managed to successfully marry & kill 39 of them, without any prosecution. Part of his money went to Swiss bank accounts. Obviously, he had help getting the intelligence as to who was a good victim to marry, and had help to escape prosecution. Typically, the elite hiding behind governments have used war to justify pillaging other countries. This is as old as history. Look at Goering’s theft of European art as an obvious example. A tamer form of theft is interest taking (what used to be called usury before the word had its meaning changed to “illegal rates of interest”). Fractional banking (the system we have) dates all the way back to Babylon…but the banks we have today are investing in FOREX and making more money that way than anything. FOREX is basically carry trade income…that means, taking advantage of different values of trade.
Another way to make money is exploitation (slavery) of workers. Slaves have been used for thousands of years, & have been great for the elite for mining, and plantations (sugar, cotton & tobacco). Another way to exploit the common man is to create a monopoly. One day in the early ‘90’s I came across info that showed me that Safeway and its competitor Fred Meyers were owned by the same people. The competition was an illusion. There are lots of illusions of competition. For instance, Union officials & company management often plot behind the workers’ backs. Insider knowledge, like all the profits that were made from 9-11 is another vehicle. Insider knowledge helps a lot in land sales. However, pretending to have inside knowledge is sometimes used as a scheme to rob investors also!
And once they have these slush funds…then what? Money seems to flow where it needs. The Rothschilds got money to Charles Taze Russell (founder of the J.W.’s Watchtower Society) who travelled a lot and was the first Zionist. Sometimes I wonder about Rev. Jesse Jackson (of the Ill. tainted Chicago Theological Society) who also constantly travels by running off to Syria, Cuba, Iraq, Palestine, Kenya, Yugoslavia, etc., etc. He was in the unpaid position of Wash. D.C.’s shadow U.S. senator. Yeah, perhaps you didn’t realize since the District of Columbia can’t officially have a senator, they created one anyway, and Jesse got to be it from ’91-’97, although the position claims to be unpaid. Those that the World system feeds had better toe the line; buck the system, & they have the means to take you down. 35 Congressmen have been convicted of public corruption while in office, like Louisiana’s Rep. Jefferson, in 2009, convicted of bribery.
So incredible amounts of hidden slush funds are available to the world’s elite to use via their intelligence agencies, …agencies who in reality are nightmares for the common person & secret societies for those who join and can’t leave. What they don’t make legally in carry trade, they make in less honorable methods. One can have one’s money make money for you, or you can make money the hard way by working for it. Guess which way they use.



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