Sitchin, Sci-fi & other Stary Scares 16 MAR 2013

Sitchin, Sci-fi & other Stary Scares. The hot air from these cosmic disaster stories are more dangerous than any possibility of them happening. You have never seen me publicly address these various unearthly scares that grip so many people. Oh, for 23 years I have answered hundreds of people who have asked me about my opinion of Sitchin, & occasionally talked one-on-one with people about astronomical events, but I have never written about these subjects. Tonight I will. Hold onto your seat as we blast off into controversy. This post may create something of a supernova reaction! I mean all for the best.

The level of understanding about the cosmos has mushroomed during my lifetime. The astronomy textbooks are mind-boggling from what they were in my day. And I believe some information is withheld from us, but even so there is a staggering amount of new info on our solar system & universe. And new ways of looking at things; for instance, now some scientists are thinking Mars had life before the Earth. The level of various cosmic threats has been studied in detail.

First you can forget about Black Holes, Cosmic Rays, CME’s, Gamma Ray Bursts, & Supernovas. These things are absolutely no threat to us because for starters they are not close enough to be a threat. However, we do have a star close to us—the sun—and it does pose danger…solar flares caused by the complexity of its powerfully changing magnetic field have caused problems. Solar flares have knocked out civilian satellites, the military has hardened many of theirs to the threat. The American space station Skylap was knocked out of space by the effects of a solar flare. Also, a lot has been written linking solar flares (which themselves are linked to an 11 year sun spot cycle) to all kinds of negative events here on earth. Obviously, we have a fragile ecology and economic system. A major polar shift would give everything a bad day.

Next, long story short, Sitchin’s info is bogus. There may be some items of value, but overall his concepts are deeply flawed, and some people seriously question—well, I’ll let you look into his claims yourself. That being said, the most dangerous astronomical event that we face would be a comet coming out of space & impacting us. While the odds may be less than 1 in a half-million that such an event would occur in our life (in other words unlikely), if it did, God would have to start over. A similar event would be an asteroid hitting us. In this case, we do have an asteroid (99942 Apophis) coming a little too close for comfort in the near future (4/13/2029). It will come closer than some of our weather & communications satellites, close enough to be affected by the earth’s gravity. The B612 Foundation is a group of specialists trying to figure out ways to prevent such things from impacting us in any way. Because asteroids are easier to see & track than comets there is some possibility if they head for us, some type of near explosion or rocket power might slide their trajectory enough to spare us. While the odds are against it, the possibility exists that Apophis’s orbit will be changed by our gravity and the next time it comes around in 2036, there will be a big splat. You can’t do anything about its orbit, the odds are against its orbit changing to hit us in ‘36, so there is no sense in fretting. God give us the serenity to accept what we can’t change. As they say, “That’s life.” Plus my focus is more on the Heavenly Kingdom than these exaggerated heavenly threats.

That leaves us with a mock-alien invasion used in conjunction with other deceptions. This event is still a card in the Illuminati’s deck.

Overall, I am more concerned about the threats to us that are here already—ever present dangers, than extremely unlikely cosmic events which we have no control over anyway.


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