The Turkish foreign minister said that Turkey & Saudi Arabia could launch a ground operation, they are already using aircraft and artillery. Saudi war jets have been deployed to the semi-secret American airbase at Incirlik in Turkey, already being used by Britain, France & the US to carry out cross-border air raids. I was at that American base at Incirlik, Turkey when I was in the army. Again we see the approval of the American govt. for what the Saudis are doing. The Syrian “civil war” is even worse than the Spanish Civil War which was fought by the German Nazis & Italian Fascists against the Soviets & communist volunteers from around the world in Spain. That war led directly to WW 2.

Let us take a moment to step back, the world went through the debacles of WW 1 & 2, where perhaps 100 million soldiers & civilians died. In the aftermath of WW 2, the elite call together the United Nations to outlaw the use of militaries as a way of foreign policy. Things are to be done by peaceful means. War was renounced, and only to be used as a last resort for defending oneself. But now leave that picture, and look at today…the U.S., China, & Russia…3 of the U.N. Security Council members and each very powerful, and each use military aggression as an instrument of foreign policy no different than was done by nations prior to WW 1. With such a penchant for war, can it be long before they drag us into another world war like they did in 1914 and 1939??? All 3 have military contingents involved in the Syrian conflict.

China already has 1,000 elite troops in Syria. China gained Egyptian approval to allow 12 Chinese ships carrying military equipment to pass through the Suez Canal, and these vessels will reach the Syrian ports of Tartous & Latakia in two weeks’ time or less. So now after the Saudis have massed their large army on Syria’s south side… Russia, China, Iran & Syria are going to conduct their own “exercise” in Syria using 400 warplanes, navy & 90,000 ground troops with 1,000 tanks. Russia has sent a new patrol ship armed with cruise missiles into the Mediterranean bound for Syria to join its fleet in the area.


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